Here we are at episode two of this show and I’m not even sure how to start off these reviews so let’s just get to it.

We immediately follow up with the cliffhanger from last episode with the robot cat suddenly talking. Cat explains that it brought them all there to have them complete a certain job for them. They were compensated for rescuing Cutthroat, and that whole mission served as a sort of test to see whether they really were worthy of taking part in the plan Cat had for them. Craziness happens in between when we actually hear the next job, worth a billion, and that is to steal certain cargo from the Shinkansen. With all of its technology and crazy amount of security, the mission sounds pretty much impossible but they all have to work together and combine their abilities to complete it, or…well, they’ll die.

I’m surprised that Cat didn’t say anything about Swindler (I’m just going to call her that now) since she was never part of the plan, and her record is clean. I guess the same can be said about Hoodlum since he’s only got four years to his name and is just as “normal” as Swindler. He’s not as maniacal as the others and he doesn’t have any special skill it seems, the worst thing he’s done being theft and blackmail. Honestly, he’s just as screwed as Swindler but he’s really built himself up to be this dangerous guy. I guess Cat just thinks the more the merrier, or they see they might be able to be of use because they survived that whole battle in the underground? I’m not sure, but it is funny seeing Hoodlum and Swindler freak out together because they both know everyone around them is insane and they kind of have to go with the flow or else they’ll die. Really, they have no choice now. And while they’re not exactly Akudama, they may as well be now. They’re taking part in this and working with Akudama, stealing buses, killing people, and blowing up a hotel. They’re both accomplices in all this so they’re basically real Akudama now. These two poor idiots…

The plot was pretty scarce this episode but we did get that little puppet show talking about the war between the Kanto and Kansai regions and how each area was affected. It also really drives the importance of the Shinkansen that connects them and why Swindler was shocked they’d have to go after it. So while the plot is basically a reverse Avengers…so, Suicide Squad? (i haven’t seen that movie), at least it’s still exciting and the worldbuilding is pretty good.

And so is the humor. The interactions between the characters is just as fun. Cutthroat is just so…strange. He’s so obsessed with the color red, so of course he loves blood, but the obsession gets so bad that he loses his mind and will just go after anything that’s the color red. And his logic for falling for Swindler is so dumb but not dumb. Hmm, she’s pink which is just a lighter shade of red, but it’s still a shade of red so I like her! It’s like…yeah, you’re not totally wrong there I guess. I feel a little bad for Swindler because a literal psychopath is all over her but she’s surrounded by psychopaths anyways!

We got to meet two new characters this episode as well, Master and Pupil. They’re the Akudama Executioners and they freaking fight with light sabers, it’s pretty amazing. They both seem pretty cool and there’s not much else to say other than that. They have cool character designs and weapons and they’re definitely going to be reoccurring characters. The whole fight scene in the hotel room was very well done with the choreography and the colors, I’m glad that Pierrot is keeping up with the quality and I’m hoping that it won’t diminish. One of the show’s strengths is its visuals so I hope they continue to be strong. The executioners having the same type of intro as the Akudama was great and I just love the style.

A pretty simple but still insanely chaotic episode. It looks like the group is going to go ahead with the Shinkansen mission next time, and I’m looking forward to whatever the hell Swindler is going to do as Cat had a special job for her. She gave herself some attention for the Seal Center comment, so she’s going to have to prove herself…somehow.

Also I’m glad other people think the same, but Hoodlum definitely reminds me of Leorio from Hunter x Hunter so I think I’ll at least like him.


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  1. Vance

    From what I could tell of from last episode and this episode, Swindler works at Kansai station and has an access card, so her role in Cat’s plan will probably be to get everyone inside Kansai station without a hassle. She also might come up in handy later because she’s a courageous girl in pressure situations given how she saved Courier in the premiere and threw a broken piece of the building at Pupil to allow him to have time to get away from her.

    Hoodlum actually did something this episode. He made Pupil hesitate with his bluffs, and that helped Courier get a shot at Pupil once she moved into a position that was favourable for him to shoot at. Although Courier said he wouldn’t thank Swindler for her help last episode, I think he might have really tried to save her and pay her back for what she did in the first episode.

    1. Berry

      The ability to bluff, and the ability to be courageous. Not as fancy as the others, but can still be useful. 🙂

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