What an incredible way to start the third season! I don’t know if it’s actually a good thing or bad thing that I haven’t read this volume yet because I was able to enjoy the wholesome introduction of Wiene’s character. She is a ‘Vouire’ species, and Bell encountered her bloodied and injured while she was being hunted by another Familia on the nineteenth floor. When he saw her, he did what he would always done when he sees a girl in tears, protect her. Call him naive, but I adore this part of Bell’s character. He didn’t hesitate to protect her both from a monster he was originally pursuing and another Familia, and decided right then and there that he was going to bring her home.

Frankly Bell is really lucky to have Hestia as his Goddess because she’s so aloof that when he brought Wiene home and asked if she could stay, Hestia was like, “An intelligent monster? NO PROBLEM!” He is equally as lucky to have a team who justifiably were on guard, but eventually agreed to take Wiene out of the dungeon. Though one can argue the only likely reason they did was because she caught them all off-guard by the fact she is intelligent enough to able to communicate with them.

BUT OH MY FREAKING GOSH WIENE IS SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH~! PROTECT HER!!!!! Life has been so stressful lately, and she comes in and just heals the heart! For the entire time, I gushed about her precious personality and cuteness overload. I mean, how could you not love her? THE WAY SHE FREAKING DOES EVERYTHING, LOOK AT THE SUN, THE FOOD, THE WAY SHE POKED AND SQUASHED BELL’S FACE! All of it warmed my heart. And what makes it all the more sweeter is how everyone in Hestia’s Familia has taken such a liking to her! (Especially Haruhime, she is very fond of her.)

Of course Bell wanted to name her Vergine, a name of a divine spirit from the heroic tales. Although the team didn’t agree with it, I thought it is a very pretty name. Despite being the one to say Bell was responsible for naming her, Hestia suggested Wiene, to shorten it haha!

It was so incredibly charming to see Wiene interact with the surface and everyone. Although we don’t exactly know how “young” she is (since the last we saw her she had (if my memory serves me right) spawned from the Dungeon’s walls), she really is like a child they have taken under their wing. We saw how she had accidentally clawed Bell’s arm when she was cuddling with him. Both Haruhime and Bell handled the bloody situation like a champ. Neither of them blamed or scolded her for it. Wiene was in tears the moment it happened, startled and immediately remorseful for the accident. They calmed her down by letting her know it’s alright, and Bell taking her hand after that was probably the most important thing to do at the moment. But I have to say, I honestly think Haruhime was the best person to be present when that happened because she and Bell are on the same wavelength when it comes to understanding others. For instance, had it been Lili she probably would have lashed out.

That isn’t to say everyone fully trusts her though. Both Welf and Lili are on guard, and understandably so considering she’s a monster from the Dungeons. But it’s Lili who is the most concerned about the inevitable storm that will cause great a disturbance. And Wiene’s terrifying dream about attacking people, she claw at people she doesn’t know, tearing them to pieces. Lots of people get hurt but there were also people protecting her from those who tried to kill her. It certainly indicates that’s exactly what will soon happen. It was so detailed that it seems she could see the event that will happen in the future. The struggle between the Humans who vilify the Monsters, and those who are willing to try and co-exist by fighting alongside them. This world is a complicated place, and despite the tales of the time long before the Gods descended this world, when Monsters (regarded as the ultimate evil) fought against Humanity, Wiene proves nothing is purely black and white. Mikoto really said it best, when she talked about how Wiene’s smile doesn’t look any different than theirs, and if possible it would be nice if they could continue to cultivate their bonds this way.

Given this is the first time they have encountered an intelligent Monster, it makes sense for Hestia to tell the team to investigate whether there are more cases like this, and consulted her most trusted allies (Hephaistios’s, Miach’s and Take’s Familias). While they searched for information, Welf overheard two guys talking about an armed monster appearing in the middle floor, and not even two seconds after that he witnesses the report being posted on the guild’s bulletin board. (Though in all fairness it wouldn’t be the first time we have witnessed a monster with a weapon, ie: the Freya’s Minotaur.) Elsewhere Lili sought out information at her usual place while rocking the blonde elf disguise (she looked awesome!) where she got information from Madl, who was also hired to be investigating a similar case regarding intelligent monsters who can communicate with Humans. She shared how voices can be heard coming from the dungeon. Sometimes it’s as though they hear singing and/or multiple people talking. And sure enough, Madl is affiliated with Hermes Familia, who is currently investigating on behalf of Ouranos. There is an on-going investigation regarding smuggled monsters seemingly to have been provided by Ikelos Familia. They found them chained up in the basement of a mansion belonging to a noble Elurian family.

We were introduced to Ouranos, who is keeping track of everything going on. He is accompanied by Fel, who reported to him how a monster with intelligence (Wiene) has made contact with an adventurer (Bell) and will soon leave Babel. They knew it was Bell from Hestia’s Familia, but it seems they will be waiting to see how things play out. Ouranos mused about Bell being Hermes favourite (as we learned last season) and whether Hestia’s family can become their “hope” or not. It is unclear whether he is referring to the path of harmony between Humans and Monsters or the opposite, if so I would hope for the former, especially when we take into the beginning narration of “Humans cannot forgive them”, and “even Gods cannot save them.”

There’s also the matter of the Blue-Gold Eyed Owl who was watching Wiene and Bell in the courtyard from above. I’m not sure who its affiliated with, but Bell noticed and we can all agree trouble is already on it’s way.

There is a lot to look forward to this season, and I couldn’t be more hyped for it! Although I am working with a very constrained schedule at the moment, I really want to cover this so I am going to try and make this work. And because of that, I will not be able to pick up anymore new titles this season.

Last but not least, I have mentioned I would go into this season with full knowledge of this arc: So I must must confess, I have not done that yet, (you’d think I would have done that during the four months Lock-Down, but I was too engrossed with Animal Crossing New Horizons). But while I did kick myself for not catching up to the volumes as intended (especially with how fast paced this premiere was), there was also a part of me that was glad that I didn’t. However considering how much details were left out last season, I would to like try and squeeze some time into catching up on my reading back-log so I have more information to work with this time round…It will depend if I have the time to do so.

Possibility of Blogging: High
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed


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