Healin’ Good Precure Episode 29

Before I begin, I wanted to follow up and expand on last week’s topic about the Panthogerms. When we learned about the origins of the Terra Pathogerms, there were three things the stuck out. One is the fact we learned Daruizen, Guaiwaru, Shindoine, Batetemoda are all Pathogerms who were born out of parasite seeds (produced by Mega Pathogerms) who have successfully find a live host to enable their growth, (which is either a Human or Animal). Second is the King’s comment about the “hateful Healing Animals”, and the third point was Latte’s comment about how the Pathogerm that was planted inside of Nodoka was “suffering”.

All of these points made me stop and think more deeply about the Pathogerm’s motives and struggle they face, and suddenly things weren’t so black and white anymore. When the King described the Healing Animals as “hateful”, and announced to make the world their own, perhaps the Pathogerms are envious of what the Healing Animals have, and they all wish to create a place where they can finally belong. That’s why I found the scene of Nodoka and Rabbirin both shouting, “GET OUT” (of her body) did a great job of painting the picture of the kind of struggle Pathogerms face. It is so easy to slap on the label of the “Bad Guys” on them when the other party (Healing Animals) are considered as the “Good Guys” because they can heal. When you look at it that way, the Pathogerms have quite a tragic fate. After-all, is it their fault for being born as a disease with no choice but to find a host be it plant, animals or Humans just to survive?

And this is precisely why I find it so interesting that this week’s conflict resolved around releasing the burden of blame. Nodoka blamed herself for enabling Daruizen to evolve into the form he has today, so in attempt to take responsibility for that, she was rushing to become stronger. But while she thinks that way, everyone knows it wasn’t her fault because she was merely selected as the host, and had to tell her that.

Now bearing that in mind, the same could be said about the Pathogerms. They didn’t choose this fate, they were born this way, and this may be their only means to survive.

Of course there is still much to learn about the Pathogerms, so there is still a lot of speculation involved. But if the story does go in this direction, it will create a grey area that adds more depth to the motives of the Pathogerms, and offers an opportunity for the girls to look for a new solution. Actually now that I think of it, just as the Pathogerms are a threat to killing both Humans, Animals and Elements, I think it also worth pointing out that the current “cleansing” process literally kills the Pathogerms too considering we never saw Batetemoda’s body afterwards. With this kind of struggle of life and death between the two parties, I am sure many of us are hoping for a solution that can help the Pathogerms without straight-up eliminating them. I also would like to believe this is why Daruizen and Nodoka have this kind of unique connection where their fates are intertwined with each other.

Overall, this was a fantastic way to follow up last week’s development. And now that the girls have obtained the Sound Element Bottle, they have completed their Element Bottle collection just on time for the Generals will doing yet another ambush as a group, this time at a zoo. Apart from Asumi, the girls will definitely need that power up now (but who am I kidding? Of course she will get a power up too.) Personally I would really like it if the girls were able to get individual buffs so they can more readily fight the generals one on one. That would be nice.

That being said, I wish they didn’t include that clip with Shindoine at the very end of the preview. I think that would have been a really great surprise, especially since she hasn’t done anything particularly impressive lately. In fact she looks pretty ticked off, so I am interested to see who or what gotten under her skin. I wonder if this means we are finally going to get good taste of what the Generals are truly capable of when they get serious. She also might go to the extreme of planting the Mega Parts into her own body to buff herself up even further. There is a history of Precure antagonists doing such a thing, unless the King decides to “bless” her, that would be pretty cool to see too (though we also have seen that being a double-edge sword, so I guess we need to be careful what we wish for, hahaha…) I am also excited to see Daruizen and Nodoka confronting each other again (look at that smirk on his face), heheheh, I can’t wait. I was a bit surprise we didn’t see Guaiwaru in the preview, but I suspect he will probably be there too. Actually the guy has been in a been on a bit of an idiocy streak, or maybe he really is just that stupid for the sake of humor. Personally I would like to see him smarten up again, even it if means acting selfishly as he had with Batetemoda. But considering he isn’t in the position to push anyone round, that might be why we haven’t seen him pull any of those stunts lately.

I am kind of hoping this event will finally give the King what he needs to fulfill his awakening. I don’t know about you, but I really want to see him hahaha! Until next week, gosh Saturday can’t come soon enough!


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