Happy Halloween everyone from Fling Posse to you! What a fun coincidence that we would get a Halloween episode on Halloween. I say this because this show was delayed because of COVID and was supposed to air in the summer season, so they planned a Halloween episode for the summer? I did think the show airing the division episodes out of order was a little weird, so maybe they specifically changed the order around on purpose? Who knows, but this was a fun surprise.

We meet the last of the four divisions, Fling Posse. I was pretty excited for them since the three of them have such different personalities and yet they get along pretty well. They’re a very weird but chaotic group and this episode was just as lighthearted as them. I was also looking forward to Fling Posse mostly because of Ramuda himself. The first time I ever saw his character design, I thought “Huh, he’s really cute. And yet he looks like he would kill me…” and that first scene sort of proved my suspicions…more or less. There’s definitely something he’s hiding and it might be huge if the person he was talking to was one of the Chuoku ladies. I can’t think of anyone else it could be, so hmm…

But that angry tongue click aside, Ramuda happily bounces around with that sugary voice of his. It still cracks me up that it’s also Yamato from i7 talking considering how different they are. Anyway, we suddenly get a ghost hunting episode with them when the boys watch a news program on TV about a ghost sighting. I had no idea that Ramuda was such a huge scaredy-cat and I thought he was putting on an act the whole time, but it turns out he really wasn’t. Enabling Dice’s awful gambling addiction (well, it’s his job? He sure is shit at it), Gentaro creates a bet between Ramuda and Dice whether ghosts exist or not and Ramuda begrudgingly accepts it and it was funny seeing the two tall guys carry the tiny pink boy. It still shocks me that Ramuda is 24 years old but okie dokie.

This was easily the most lighthearted episode we’ve gotten, as we went from a terrorist attack, an attempted framed murder, a drug deal and hostage situation, to…a silly ghost hunt because in the end there never were any ghosts. OR WERE THERE?!

Fling Posse happen upon an empty club full of candles and a gaunt-looking man, and while the show teased it would be the creepy place it was simply because the owner is saving money on electricity and the dude doesn’t have enough to eat. Poor guy. Wanting more people to come, he asks Fling Posse to perform there for him and they agree. Even after advertising so much, only our three foreign food-loving photographers arrive. Thanks to the Buster Bros, it turns out the club and many others in Shibuya aren’t getting business because they’re all being “haunted by ghosts” except for one club who’s getting all the business.

It’s pretty cool to see the hypnosis mics being used a little differently, even though we don’t actually get to see it. So far we’ve only seen the hypnosis mics being used in combat, but hypnosis mics can also be used to mess with people psychologically/mentally, so the owners of Club Colony used their mics to make people hallucinate that the other clubs were haunted. The more we learn about hypnosis mics, the scarier they sound. I feel like so many awful things can happen and I wonder how the government can even keep things under control.

Knowing how everything worked out, Fling Posse was able to handle the owners easily. I have to say, whatever that dance was from them…I’m not even sure what to say lol. It just happened and I had to accept whatever the fuck that was, and I guess that was supposed to be them trying to make the others hallucinate. Even though they didn’t use…the mics…ah, okay. FP’s song was fine, the visuals were extremely adorable and fun with the ghosts and typical Halloween imagery, as well as Gentaro and Dice’s stands hypmic attacks. I continue to appreciate how visually pleasing this show continues to be! So in the end, Fling Posse (and Buster Bros a bit) save the day and Ramuda supposedly wins the bet. Though…there was a spirit photo at the end. Wah wah waaaah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A very fun episode this was, and very different from the previous ones. Fling Posse is so energetic so I did like how less serious it was. Ramuda is still suspicious though, and Dice is cool when he’s not destroying his life through gambling because dear god his addiction drives me crazy. Gentaro is my favorite for sure. His passive attitude and many lies are entertaining, especially when he told the ghost story while in the cab. They all bring their own fun so it’ll be great to see more of their interactions. I also found it really fun that each division episode had a quick cameo from one other group, giving us a little tease of the relationship between the groups, namely the leaders since they all used to be part of The Dirty Dawg. And now that the division episodes are over…

We should get to the division rap battle next time! We’ve had lots of rap so far, but not necessarily battles as the fights have been pretty one-sided. So it’ll be great to see actual battles between the different divisions, as well as the personal beef between Ichiro/Samatoki and Ramuda/Jakurai. I also hope when we get to the battles we’ll hear some of the songs from the franchise, especially Division Battle Anthem since I really love that one. But we’ll see!


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  1. magicconan14 (Aria)

    I got this weird feeling that this episode was just marked “Fling Posse episode” in someone’s schedule and, due to COVID, they went, “It airs on Halloween now. Let’s make it a Halloween episode.” That’s gonna date this episode real fast once the season is over – Boueibu, in comparison, had all these seasonal episodes out of their respective holidays, but at least made the effort to show an entire year with the Defence Club (and it seems by season 2, that was the plan).

    This episode was a bit of a low point, personally speaking. Seeing Ramuda is the reason I got into HypMic in the first place – he was previously in Boueibu’s LOVE! seasons and is currently in Idolish7 – so I do appreciate his existence, but his high-pitched voice is a bit of a pain to listen to, /especially/ the fact he was screaming a bunch in this episode…If you’re wondering, Gentaro is my 2nd favourite (Jakurai is 1st) and he didn’t seem to have a lot going on aside from the whole “harmless teasing” thing, which might also add to my mood.

    Since Halloween is the birthday of Sasara (which you (Berry) probably would have seen around since you’re an ARB player), I almost thought they would tie things to DH and/or BAT, but…they tied it back to Buster Bros. Oh well, it’s likely the anime staff didn’t know about DH and BAT at the time of making the anime.

    The different uses of Hypnosis Mics, and the control thereof, do mean something later. FP are more about randomness than any of the other divisions and their sad stuff most likely won’t be covered until later, if at all, so watch this space…

    1. Berry

      Haha I really wonder about that, it depends how far into production they were back when the show was supposed to air in the summer. Then again, some anime episodes aren’t completed until the very week it airs so maybe they were able to specifically make a Halloween episode when the show was delayed until fall.

      I appreciate that the episode was a little different than the others, but I will say that maybe it was the weakest of all the division episodes. Gentaro got a good impression out of me so I can’t wait to see more of his character. Ramuda’s voice is going to have to be one to get used to with how high-pitched and sing songy it is. And yeah the screaming didn’t help. But every time he acts cutesy my mind still thinks of Yamato so it’s just hilarious to me, as dumb as that sounds.

      I do know Sasara, his birthday card in the game is nice! I also have some little figures of DH and BAT, as well as BB and FP that I was lucky enough to get~ (* ^ ω ^)
      I take it that they don’t want to touch on DH or BAT just yet as they wanna totally focus on the original four divisions for now and follow their storyline. I’m not sure when they come in but I’m guessing it’s after the first D.R.B.

      1. magicconan14 (Aria)

        Watching Idolish7 season 2 ep 5 last week reminded me that Ramuda and Yamato are voiced by the same person and it makes you do a double take as to how wide some of these voice actors’ range really is…thinks about “today I offer you Asanuma’s voice range” and similar YouTube videos

        I appreciate it was different, but…the other divisions solved crimes with rap. FP left the crime-solving to BB and that’s probably why it felt like such a weird note to leave this cycle of introductions on.

        Yeah, DH and BAT came in last year to my memory. I think I know which figures you’re talking about – they’re probably the Suwarasetai ones (someone did a review of those on WordPress). In terms of figures, I just have a small keychain/figure gachapon Jakurai…who hasn’seen the sun much, due to me acquiring him just before COVID lockdown.

        I still think it’s a missed opportunity that Sasara isn’t wearing his Extra Wardrobe or a different outfit for his birthday card. (I forgot to switch my birthday login character to Jakurai – since my in-game birthday is a few days off from Sasara’s and I was looking for a certain voice line which I knew wasn’t Jakurai’s – and now I’m slightly disappointed I have to hang on for several more months to see my boi in his birthday outfit – I was hoping to quit ARB when things opened up again, but I grew too attached to it during lockdown…) DH and BAT get teased in all the manga so I guess I was just kind of expecting the same thing.

        1. Berry

          Asanuma’s range from Samatoki to Ensemble Stars’ Leo is probably the most hilariously terrifying one yet.

          Yes those are the ones! They’re really cute and I can’t wait to finally display them when we move to our new house. And well, at least you have Jakurai with you, but yeah we’re all sadly in the same boat.

          It really would have been nice if he did! I kind of wanted to try getting his card since I had no luck in the DH gacha, but I spent everything on the Halloween gacha. Amazingly I got Samatoki twice…
          It could be possible that both groups could possibly get a quick cameo at the end of the season if they plan on making another season. :O

          1. magicconan14 (Aria)

            I got a Rei and a Jyushi from the DH & BAT gacha. The DH & BAT manga made me a Jyushi fan, but he has this one screaming line that makes me hit mute immediately…MTC SSRs are my most common duplicates to my memory (ARB Riou and VS Samatoki against ARB Doppo).

            Generally, I don’t have any luck with the birthday gacha, but that SR they put into Sasara’s means I’m walking away from it happy regardless (thank you, guaranteed SR for 10 spins!). I try not to spend everything I have and prioritise pools that are leaving first and/or pools that have high chances of giving me what I want. New SR cards are probably the easiest to get, thanks to the guarantee.

            That’s true. They do appear at the end of the FP & M manga to my memory.

            1. Berry

              Ooh lucky! I only managed to get Kuko’s SSR so that wasn’t too bad, I’ll probably get the others eventually. The Halloween one was so tempting and I just love Halloween so I couldn’t help myself. The holiday-specific ones are always ones to look out for~

              1. magicconan14 (Aria)

                If there’s one of those SSRs that you can trade for (like the Ichiro in the Halloween event), I always make sure to get it. COVID gave me the chance to, plus I have far too many cassettes from the half-anniversary event. I still think Demon King Jakurai was a missed opportunity, but while the unevolved version of priest Jakurai wasn’t bad, the evolved version was one of the ones I wouldn’t mind passing on (<- says the Jakurai stan), so even though all I got from this Halloween event was 2 Ichiros (I got one from box 1 and the tradeable one), I’m coming away from it happy. (The SAO and game console parodies in one of the early chapters were great, though.)

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