The Hestia Familia has been officially entrusted with the mission by Ouranos to help bridge the relationship between Humans and Monsters so they can finally walk on the path to co-existence. Unlike quests, no Familia can turn down a mission that has been entrusted to them by the Guild. This is monumental task for this small Familia, and it’s one that will comes with much pressure and so much responsibility. Furthermore, they were tasked to escort Wiene to the 20th Floor of the Dungeon, an area which they have yet to explore. Since they are on a secret mission, they are unable to recruit help from outsiders, such as Ryu.

And we saw how Bell felt guilty for dragging his Familia into this. Had he not insisted to bring Wiene to the surface, none of this probably would have happened. But since he did, now the whole Familia is caught in the mix of a noble objective that will change their lives forever. Alas, at this point the team, Wiene is family and they will do whatever it takes to protect her. It was very heartwarming to see the way the team came together to protect Wiene from the (trial) attacks. Both Lili and Haruhime shielded her with their bodies, while Mikoto and Welf jumped into block Lyd’s heavy blow, giving Bell just enough time to set up Argonaut punch. It’s worth mentioning Lyd is pretty darn strong to have been able to take the hit and then laugh it off.

And speaking of which: AHAHAHAHA OH MY GOSH, the Xenos are so funny! Bell’s and gang’s reaction to their greetings was so on point. It is an understatement to say they are still getting used to this new reality of communicating with monsters, and it is quite overwhelming to be suddenly having a conversation with one that was previously attacking them as part of a testing their intentions.

The Xenos are a group of intelligent monsters Ouranos and the Guild are providing aid under the guise of protection. I suppose he was referring to sending Hestia’s children on the mission to escort Wiene to the village so they can get into contact and form a relationship. This is probably the “help” he was referring to. Among them are Rei the Harpy, whom they had met before, and Lyd a friendly Lizardman who is already eager to get to know Bell to the point of nicknaming him Bell-cchi. It was absolutely adorable and hilarious when Lyd asked to shake hands with him while Bell is justifiably freaked out and unsure whether he can really trust him or not. But he did it, he shook his hand and the next thing he knows, everyone wants to have a turn. I freaking died when the rabbit monster (I forget what they are called) jumped on him. Of course it would be that monster hahaha!

Though I have to admit, the warm welcome was a tad jarring when you take a moment to reflect on the fact Bell and the others had just literally killed a mob of monsters that were attacking them on the 19th Floor and the earlier levels as well. Then there is also the part where while they established that Xenos are a group of monsters of their own caliber to be given a unique name just for them, there are also monsters among them like the rabbit who tackled Bell and learns she couldn’t talk, that’s when I can’t help but scratch me head a bit. I suppose she would might classify as one of those “tamable” monsters who serves as companions (albeit, she is wearing a coat, so I suppose she might have a different type intelligence). Needless to say, it is probably better not to overthink it and nitpick the details.

That being said, as charming and fun as it was to see Bell and the others be welcomed into Xenos’ secret village, boy I am so stressed out right now. We already know the Ikelos was onto Hestia’s Familia, and then we are given some strong implications that they have set out to follow them. I am deeply concerned that if they have successfully tailed them to the location of the secret village, they are going to make it their prime spot to attack and abduct the monsters. Ugh! We also know that Hermes’s gang is probably lurking somewhere in the shadows somewhere keeping tabs on everyone, hopefully prepared to serve as backup if it comes down to it. Supposedly this is is part of Ouranos’ grand plan of luring Ikelos out, but GAHHHHHHHH! THIS IS GOING TO GET REAL UGLY AND BLOODY REAL FAST!!!


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  1. zztop

    I’m of the opinion that Bell’s heart of gold is both his greatest strength and weakness. What do you think?

    Also, are there plans to cover either Yashahime or Moriarty the Patriot? The former’s been dripping in nostalgia (right down to some very 80s-90s designs) and the latter shows some intriuging promise (Moriarty’s an antihero, with his crimes aiming to expose and overthrow the tyranny of the British nobility and finally “equalise society”.)

    1. Eva

      Oh I absolutely agree, it’s a double-edge sword alright. I would say that is what makes his character so appealing.

      Originally Yashahime was going to be picked up by Shadow, but due to schedule conflict she couldn’t find the extra time to cover it. As for Moriarty the Patriot, I know there was a lot of interest around that one, but again we have the same problem where we can’t fit it in our schedules. The struggle is real when all of the shows of interest airs on the same day or period. XD;

      1. zztop

        The perils of scheduling conflict 😛

        I’ve a suggestion – assuming the Angryanime team members will still be watching (but not weekly episode covering) Yashahime and Moriarty, would it be feasible to do a midseason review for both titles?
        I’m aware Moriarty will be a split 2-cour (12 eps now, the next 12 in April 2021), and rumour is Yashahime will be 20+ eps.

        1. Eva

          Hm, that’s not a bad idea. I’ll pitch it to the team and see what they think and if anyone has the time to do it. 😉

          Another idea that has been floating was putting together a group post in a similar format of the season preview where we all discuss (short and sweet) about the shows we are watching this season. Obviously this one would probably take longer, but it could be fun too if we have the time to put it together.

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