Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 2

After such an action-packed episode last time, we slow things down to see the aftermath of Itadori’s situation. Things are moving along at a pretty good pace and are getting a little exciting.

We get lots of Gojou this time as he made his proper appearance, and I already like him. He’s incredibly strong but he’s so carefree, a nice cleanser to the serious Fushiguro. He easily fends off Sukuna and he kind of goes to Itadori’s aid as he explains his circumstances, purposely delaying his execution date. His plan is a little cruel though, not going to lie, though it does make sense.

No matter how hard they try, the jujutsu sorcerers aren’t able to destroy the fingers of Sukuna’s. To make matters worse, there are twenty fingers in total, as Sukuna had four arms, and they only possess six with Itadori eating one (now two). Killing Itadori would actually kill the curse along with him, but why get rid of one of the curses when they can use Itadori as a vessel for the rest of the fingers and kill two birds with one stone? Either way, Itadori is going to die no matter what, which is a dark thought to think about for the ending. So the choice is whether to die immediately or help the jujutsu sorcerers out before dying. It’s a big decision to make, but of course Itadori goes for the latter. His reasons are simple and they make sense. He’s honoring his grandfather’s last wish, and he also wants to save as many people as he can from the curses, like he was able to for his friends.

His nonchalant attitude towards this really goes along with his philosophy on death. To him, this’ll be a proper death for him since he’ll be able to save others and choose the way he dies. So him not being scared or at least a little sad makes a lot of sense. But I’m shocked that he didn’t even bother asking whether he’ll be able to survive! Yes, he was lucky to survive ingesting the first finger, and he’s strong enough to take control of his body and keep Sukuna (mostly) at bay, but who’s to say that he’ll even survive ingesting the rest of the fingers? He had a strong response to the second one and thankfully made it out okay, but there’s still so many more out there. It’s possible that the amount of curse inside his body could kill him, or on the other hand just make Sukuna inside him even more powerful and it’s possible that Sukuna can get strong enough to completely take over his body. The fact that Itadori is so lax on his own death probably explains why he didn’t bother asking, but it’s still something to think about.

Next we move on to SCHOOL! Because every shounen has school, especially special schools with people with special powers. I’m not complaining too much, but like I said last time, this really is following typical shounen story beats. Gojou takes Itadori to the school he’ll have to attend from now on, Jujutsu Tech. He meets with the principal and has to pass the interview, which he does after fighting against a hilarious doll the principal makes and imbues his curses in. Just for that, I already like this guy. And while he was really tough on Itadori, it made sense. So with him getting comfy in his dorm, Itadori starts his new life, but we still have more characters to meet!

Lots of exposition but it was really well done and fun, and the addition of Gojou is great and I’m looking forward to token female friend in shounen group to show up next time. I wonder how often Sukuna is going to show up, though I find it kind of cool that he can pop out from the markings on Itadori’s face Parasyte style. It’s creepy and gross and it’s great. Also I have to mention the ED, it’s breathtaking. I always love it when we get openings/endings where it’s upbeat and the characters dance to it. I didn’t really expect it from this show, but it’s a cute surprise.


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  1. Although eating all 20 fingers is the plan, I don’t think Itadori is strong enough to do that without Sukuna taking over completely. I believe they will need to execute him sooner than that.

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