Aww man. With that ending I can see what’s going to happen next and…damn. Let’s hope for the best for Fushiguro but I’m just preparing myself for the worst. Dude has insane amounts of death flags and they did say that someone was going to die, so… :/

Well things went badly pretty quickly, and much gorier than I was expecting. Just their luck, the trio have to go head to head with a special grade curse, and it’s absolutely no joke how strong it was. Truthfully their mission for the day was to locate survivors in the detention facility, but with the curse on their asses there was no chance to complete their mission or even follow what they were told: If it’s a special grade curse, you either run or you die. With Nobara in her own jam, the boys have to do what they can. HOWEVER…why the hell were three newbies even sent on a mission like this? I understand that they said that they were short on people, but they couldn’t find people that are sort of close to the same level as Gojou? Especially with Itadori on the team, who is extremely new to all this, these three were screwed from the start so I just think it’s so strange.

I felt like the set up of the episode was a little strange as we were just thrown into the mission immediately. It felt fast and I wish we could have gotten a scene or two before the beginning where they were heading to the mission, or something. Because of the abrupt start the episode just felt a little off to me the whole time.

There were still some pretty great moments. There was some clash between Itadori and Fushiguro and their ideals. Fushiguro is of the type to not save those that don’t need to be saved, or are not deserving of it such as with the inmate of the detention center whose mother was worried for him. Whereas Itadori is of the type to want to save everyone give them the proper death, even if they’re already gone (bringing the mother the corpse of her son). I feel like these ideals are going to come up again, at least with Fushiguro next time. Itadori questioned his own ideals this episode as he faced the special grade curse on his own while Fushiguro went to rescue Nobara. Itadori’s reaction to everything was pretty human, and here I thought that maybe he didn’t fear death with the way he nonchalantly talked about it. But in this moment he felt so much fear and confusion, begging not to die and thinking how silly and naive he was before. And I can’t blame him for feeling this way as he’s never been put in this position before so he was free to feel and think a little naively. There’s still so much he hasn’t experienced and doesn’t know how to do, so this is going to be a tough road for him. I do like that, just for a bit, he did regret swallowing Sukuna’s finger. Again, a very human response to the terrifying reality of maybe dying.

And speaking of Sukuna, holy crap. The special grade was nothing to him, so weak that he just played around with it. Even with only a couple fingers digested, Sukuna is still stronger than that thing. But it’s also amazing that Gojou is stronger than Sukuna, so: 1) Gojou could have handled this mission easily, and 2) how freaking strong is Gojou?! Though I imagine as Itadori ingests more fingers, Sukuna’s power is just going to get even greater. His special ability was pretty amazing and it was cool seeing his strength.

However, this isn’t good. It was silly to think that Itadori could always switch back no problem, especially with how tired he was beforehand. Itadori is still new to all this so to think he could control Sukuna all the time is ridiculous. With Sukuna fully in control, I just know things are going to go pretty terribly in the next episode, especially when the preview shows him and Fushiguro fighting. As evil and dark Sukuna is, I actually hope the story doesn’t change that about him. I had thought about what they were going to do with Sukuna, and they could do two things. Have Sukuna soften up as he makes friends with Itadori, or just leave Sukuna to be an evil monster and I hope they stick with the latter. We’ve seen the former done in anime already, so I’d love it if Sukuna continued to be a terrifying evil force within Itadori and keep this risk factor all the time. It would definitely keep things exciting.

We have one special grade curse down, but we still have that womb curse as well as Sukuna on the loose. Nothing is looking good for next time. I’m sorry Fushiguro, and now he only has one dog too. D:


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  1. Vance

    Fushiguro is so screwed. There’s no way he’s a match for Sukuna, and Sukuna is going to kill him even if Itadori can subconsciously influence Sukuna and not allow him to fight at a level that he wants even if Itadori can’t take back control yet. I said last episode that Fushigoro’s lack of backstory probably meant that he would be the one to die, and that appears to be the case.

    I’m still not convinced that Itadori can actually eat all 20 of Sukuna’s fingers, as even with 2 in his body and the one finger that Sukuna picked up, that’s enough for Sukuna to take control. Maybe you’re right, Berry, that Itadori is just too tired to be able to take control at this time, but I think the way things are going, Sukuna will kill Fushiguro, and Itadori’s execution will be moved up because Itadori allowed for an ally to be killed. The plan right now may be for him to eat all 20 fingers, but that plan could certainly change with new information/developments, and if the higher ups do decide to order his execution early, I wonder how Gojou will justify saving Itadori after Gojou returns from whatever he was doing. Yeah, Itadori will probably not be executed since Jujutsu Kaisen is a 2-cour anime, meaning there’s still way more to the story, but I still wonder if Itadori’s execution can be punted later down the road with a logical reason instead of happening “just because” aka a silly shounen reason.

    1. Berry

      Yeahhh, Fushiguro is as good as gone T_T

      I’m not sure that Itadori can handle all 20 fingers either. Sukuna is just going to get stronger with each finger he ingests, and that could mean that he’ll also slowly get more control over Itadori’s body. Itadori is strong but he’s still just a kid. He can get more training of course but who knows if that’ll be enough. And yeah, the execution is another thing to worry about if (or basically, when) Itadori allows Sukuna to kill Fushiguro. I really do wonder what the excuse will be when it comes to that.

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