Episode 19: Admittedly I don’t have too much to say about this one, but don’t get me wrong because I really enjoyed watching it from start to finish (and is was arguably a lot more entertaining than episode 20). At first I did thought it was a bit of a shame that it wasn’t that Neil didn’t use Kaizo’s data to use against Yuuga, but fortunately his own A.I. Sebastian was just as entertaining. First of all, the fact he was a freaking massage chair who acted as a butler with the name Sebastian, who possessed a demonic chair deck, (which if I may add, had a fantastic designs! Super creepy, yet it was pretty badass!) It was even better how he kept on going on about serving as the “King’s Throne”. But apart from the hilarious jokes, not much happened. And man, I was laughing so hard, I was almost in tears. Albeit, poor Kaizo keeps on being trolled by Yuuga and the gang, first serving as the robot’s crotch and then being “upgraded” to be located butt, and then the whole, “KAIZO IS ALWAYS BY OUR SIDE” to “HE’S UNRELIABLE BUT WE LOVE HIM ANYWAYS”, which was an accurate description of Kaizo’s character. I seriously love this robot, he is fantastic.

As for Episode 20, while it wasn’t nearly as funny as the last one, I liked it for different reasons. I appreciated that Mimi’s secret came to light, more specifically about her age (37) and true identity as Yoshiro’s mother. Both Yuuga and Romin already knew Mimi was a Goha agent having connected the dots of her familiar voice and were able to confirm it thanks to her party-all-night deck. It was pretty understandable and funny how they were in disbelief to learn she was actually an adult. Yuuga’s first thought was she might be using special effects make-up, which was something that probably could have been done instead of making a 37 years old looking like a fourth grade elementary student by default. Nevertheless, the problem still remains that even though she isn’t a “creeper”, it is still super weird. That is also probably why I am not typically excited for episodes that involves Mimi’s character (even though her silly shenanigans are quite amusing to watch). Actually if anything, what this episode did prove is that I enjoy Mimi’s character when she is just trying to be a mom. She decided to fight Yuga’s team with the intention to pursue her dream and set a good example for her kid after hearing he didn’t have a dream of his own. Only too bad for her, she had to duel against her own kid because he slipped in with the rest and decided to take up the challenge (which he won). It was pretty funny to see her struggle focusing on her own victory while being a proud mama.

Alas at the end of the day, because Neil’s system considers her affiliated with Yuuga’s team, her loss meant a strike for Yuuga and everyone else. This allowed us to see for the first time the extent of how far the penalty affected Yuuga’s circle, and we quickly discovered it meant everyone who is considered to be affiliated with him (ie: Newspaper and Research Club, Roa, Ramen Ninja, Mimi and her kid), which is pretty ridiculous. Nonetheless, Yuuga wasn’t fazed, in fact he respected the rule because he recognizes they are in Neil’s providence, therefore he is the one who determines how the game goes.

Next week will be a duel with our Ramen Ninja against an… alien? (I swear to god the preview seems to allude they are going to pull an E.T. joke!) I suppose he must introduce her to the wonders of Ramen… which means I should really make sure I have ramen in stock for myself because every. single. time. I watch an episode featuring ramen, I don’t have any in the pantry!!!!!


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  1. Sanokal

    Probably Close Encounters of the Third Kind as opposed to E.T., given the title.

    Did you catch the uh…Donald Trump cameo in episode 19? I found that one a little on-the-nose, but I’ve been enjoying these episodes.

    1. Eva

      Haven’t seen that movie so that explains why i didn’t catch the reference LOL.
      Nope I didn’t catch that! xDDDD;;;

      1. Sanokal

        He showed up during Sebastian’s lecture about world leaders. I forget what the first one was, but the Queen (or at the very least a Queen of England) was the second. Trump was the third.

  2. Dave Aristide

    Something that alot of people seem to be glossing over is that there is a system tracking the people Yuga has made friends with and lumping them all together. If ANY OF THEM lose a Duel, it’s a penalty for all of them. We’ve officially stepped in a bizzaro world where the power of friendship might actually screw our heroes in the end.

    Also, seeing Yoshio finish the duel without his suit was badass.

    1. Eva

      Oh shit, now that you mention it, you’re absolutely right. I’m kicking myself right now because I remember it being presented right in front of us with Yoshio being included as the affiliation too (basically ally VS ally). So that means they can add up to 6 strikes at any given time. Man that’s messy. Yikes. It’ll be interesting to see if more penalties suddenly appear next week.

  3. Eva

    Notice: Ep 21 entry will be released in a double-post next week!

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