I think we all knew what was going to happen, but it still didn’t make it less exciting and sad. Master Executioner does his best to redeem himself and uphold his ideals, faces off in a huge clash with the Akudama and ended his life with one last fight with Brawler, and vice versa. Even with this loss, the group managed to take the children to their destination.

Man, that shot of Hoodlum standing over Brawler’s body was very emotional. It’s interesting that Brawler and Hoodlum kind of also represent what the Boss was talking about with the reckless strength and feelings, with Pupil and Hoodlum representing the “feelings” in the duo. They each had some sort of bond with each other and actually cared for the other, hoping to stop the other from being too careless and risking death. But in the end, both of them chose what they wanted and neither died with regret, especially with Master dying with a peaceful smile on his face. Sadly they leave behind those that cared for them, and that kind of hurts. Brawler was so stupidly simple-minded and the dude was crazy, but I couldn’t stop myself from liking him. The bromance between him and Hoodlum was funny and the “Bro tackle” was equally hilarious, so it’s sad. That whole scene on the bridge was done so well with conveying the somber emotions, but honestly the use of colors and the fight choreography was nothing short of fantastic.

I will say, I wish maybe they had left out Hoodlum from the preview so we all could have been on the edge of our seats. When he picked up the beam sword, I was worried that Hoodlum was just going to off himself right there and die with Brawler, but then he charged at Pupil and the scene cuts to black. I, and I think most people, thought that Hoodlum got himself killed right there but surprisingly he was able to hurt Pupil’s eye and get out of there without a scratch! That’s…insane. But yes, I really would have liked if they didn’t show him in the preview so we all could have pondered over what happened.

This was a very fun and crazy episode, and at first it looked like things were going horribly. Even though Master was still hurting from the previous fight, he was doing quite the number on everyone else. Doctor is so OP, I think the only way she can die is if they cut off both of her arms and then slice off her head or something. The fact that she was literally sliced in half and could still stitch herself together is insane, and kind of funny. Same with Cutthroat throwing himself around like nothing without his legs, but I’m glad we saw this craziness from him. And because of Cutthroat, I was about to get an answer about Brother (I guess that’s what we’ll call him now). He has a regenerative ability, and in the preview we see him on an operating table so it seems my theory about him and Sister being human experiments might be true. The Rabbit and Shark segment this time seemed to be a lead-in to the underground city they were looking for, but I wonder if they were tests specifically for the underground people so they could safely live on the surface again. Or, it could be something bigger and I have no idea what it could be. I wonder why they were supposed to be sent to Kanto, however.

It’s funny why Swindler would even ask why Cutthroat would use Brother as a shield. Did she forget that she’s surrounded by complete lunatics, and Cutthroat is easily the biggest psychopathic maniac in the group? Especially when he has such a huge obsession with her? It’s funny, of course he’s despicable. Still, I let out a big HAH when she slapped him. I know I gave Swindler a lot of crap in the first episode for her stupid decisions, but she’s grown on me a lot and that slap kind of tipped me over into loving her. Imagine slapping the most dangerous and deranged Akudama with almost 1,000 years of possible jail time on his name? That’s ballsy and she doesn’t give a crap, and that’s kind of amazing.

I don’t find it surprising that she calls the boy Brother (and I’m assuming the girl Sister) since she acts like their older sister, but weird that she called him “onii-san” and not “ototo” as that means little brother. I don’t know if that’s something I should pay attention to, but worth noting.

A very entertaining episode, and visually fun and gorgeous. We learned a bit about stuff, we’re only getting more questions when it comes to the kids, and sadly we lost someone. I’m curious to see what’s going to happen with Pupil after this, as I’m sure she’s going to want to go after the Akudama for revenge for her Master. Whether she’ll go as an executioner or not, we’ll have to see. Personally, I’m mostly excited to see the underground city next week!


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  1. magicconan14 (Aria)

    A lot of the shots were accelerated this week, to the point where it felt like I was watching the video on 2x speed when it actually wasn’t…I wish they didn’t speed it up, as that would have made the episode a heck of a lot more entertaining. (Director’s Cut when?)

    I was expecting Brawler to die, but not Master. It’s kinda sad, because his face without the mask is quite pretty, even with the scar. (…Sorry, I’m just basic like that.)

    I don’t think I got the movie reference in this episode’s title – normally you can easily google what the movie is, but this one had “Brothers” come up and I don’t know if it was referring to that, to be honest.

    1. Berry

      Nothing wrong with that, I can be just as simple. My tastes are actually pretty predictable. ;>_>

      I didn’t really notice whether the shots were going too fast this time since I always felt they were pretty fast haha. Also I’m not sure of the movie reference, since I found two different films. I’d wager it’s the Hollywood film since all the references have been Hollywood films.

  2. barano

    Late to the party, but just a comment on Swindler calling the boy “oniisan” – it’s not out of kinship to the siblings or anything, it’s just that she doesn’t know his name, and the kind of Japanese she uses avoids using personal pronouns. So basically it’s “oniisan” because he is an older brother, not because she regards him as her own brother, older or otherwise. Kind of like how she calls the others Hakobiya-san, Kenkaya-san, etc. In English it would be more or less along the lines of calling him “little boy”. It’s kind of like when in the first episode the takoyaki seller called Swindler “oneesan”, it wasn’t because of any feeling of kinship, or that she was actually younger than her. It’s just a way of saying “hey, lady”.

    1. Berry

      Makes sense, thanks for letting me know! 🙂

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