Hello everyone and we’re back to covering Heartcatch Precure. I’m sorry I had to start this a little later than planned because of various circumstances. I really needed that extra two weeks of breather.
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Episode 27
Flower of the Episode: Lavenders

I’m not crying… it’s…..it’s… okay I’m crying. Today the girls went back to Tsubomi’s hometown where she grew up with her grandmother. There they meet her childhood friend Mitsuru and learn about grandmother’s love story with her grandfather.

This episode was emotional the first time watching it, but I suppose it hit a lot harder this time because of the recent loss of loved ones (both my cat (in September), and most recently one of my dogs from an unexpected illness (just 4 weeks apart)) and I can relate to right now. I pretty much burst into tears when she turned to the lavender field and said she will be waiting for him again. Ugh my heart, they were soulmates!!! The tale of her first love with Sora was a bittersweet one. It started off loving and wholesome, and even though we barely knew the two, just the small snippet of their story was enough to make me care. But then it became sad when she shared how Sora didn’t live long enough to see the fruition of their promise (the lavender garden) and see their son grow up, get married and meet his granddaughter Tsubomi.

And goodness, Sora was such a smooth guy! No wonder Kaoruko fell in love with him. Their first meeting was basically an improvised first date— you can’t tell me it wasn’t, it had such a romantic air, not to mention he was a cello player so he had that music going, gifted her a music box he made, and the rest was history!

It was brought to our attention how Sora does share a splitting image with the mysterious handsome man who swoops to Tsubomi’s and the girls’ rescue in the time of need. As noted in the beginning, I didn’t remember much of his origins to begin with, but after watching this episode, it suddenly came back to me. Now it’s pretty hard to tip-toe around until the true reveal, because I have to say, what the writers did with his character, was pretty shrewd. I really don’t want to spoil it for those who don’t know the secrets behind his character, so my lips are sealed until then!

I also enjoyed learning a bit more about Kaoruko’s past as a character as well. Man she was a badass! She trained alone in the mountains, and even slept out in the woods, and she would later become the youngest person to become a champion in the Japan Karate Association. Geez, no wonder she was so powerful as Cure Flower, she already was an extremely skilled fighter! You go girl! It was after that she pursued her studies in Botany and eventually married Sora, leading to the beautiful family we know today.

As for Tsubomi’s childhood friend Mitsuru, he was a sweet boy. Although it didn’t go anywhere, I also enjoyed seeing him try to confess his feelings to Tsubomi. He clearly has a crush on her (both her grandmother, and Erika saw right through him), but the poor boy just couldn’t muster the courage to do so. That blows a bit considering he was likely mistaking Itsuki to be a boy (just as Tsubomi had, who ironically fell for her at first sight too, hahaha!), but I suppose considering how oblivious Tsubomi is to his love, perhaps it was just better this way.

Episode 28

This week was a fairly simple and straight-forward episode, but it sure gave me a good kick. Erika’s stubbornness to hold off doing her summer homework until the very last day of vacation is something I can relate to on a spiritual level. I was that kid who hated homework, so I would almost always leave it to the last minute— including down to the wire where I would hastily finish it or wing it (depends on the assignment) in the library before classes started in the morning.

So it was pretty relatable and equally as funny to see Erika be so conflicted between agreeing with almost everything Cobraja was saying about how much summer homework sucks. We also saw how she wasn’t in her usual tip-top condition today, making it difficult to fight against her opponents (albeit, they were stronger today, and required to stack the special attack from each of them in order to purify the Heart Flowers that have molded into one crazy monster). The fairies thought it was because Erika didn’t eat breakfast, but I beg to differ. Their powers are stems from their convictions, and Erika’s indecisiveness to wholeheartedly disagree Cobraja’s case was what weakened her power. I mean, when Cobraja made the pitch to go and destroy the elementary school, Erika hilariously asked if they could destroy the middle school too, which we all cry out, “ERIKA, PLEASE!”

And speaking of the devil, can we just give Cobraja some credit? Because man, he really put in the work today. He took full advantage of the the kids’ frustration with their summer homework, and created a freaking swarm that really gave the girls a real headache. But my favourite part (apart from Erika’s procrastination of her summer homework), was actually the eerie start to the episode. We saw a mother is trying to tell the kids to do their homework and chores, and warns them that if they don’t they will be turned into a Desertian — and sure enough, they did. It was so chilling to see the transition from a noisy apartment to sudden dead silence due to everyone’s heart flowers being stolen away. Even more so when the same happen at the park, and then all the sudden the mob shows up. I would have to say this was Cobraja’s greatest feat yet.

Last but not least, it was good to see the Perfume make an appearance again. Honestly it is a real shame we don’t see them use it more often since it is a handy tool to utilize.


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