Flower of the Week: White Lily
RIP Cologne Q____Q

God damn it, my emotions, it made me cry all over again. Cologne’s story is just too sad, but as much as I would have loved to see him be revived, I am also glad they didn’t because it was more important for Yuri to overcome her trauma and let go of her guilt and grief so she could finally heal her broken heart. And I absolutely love Cologne because even though we didn’t get to see much of him, he is such a cool and mature fairy (which makes sense since he is the other three’s senior)! Had he survived after protecting Yuri from Sabakku’s attack, I am sure he would have become a lifelong partner as Coupe is to Kaoruko . That’s the kind of vibe I got from him. So when I think about that, it pains me that he didn’t hug Yuri (in spirit) before his spirit had completely passed on.

…Actually just thinking about it made me burst into tears all over again. I understand why he didn’t, but man, it might have been easier on the heart if they were able to hug each other one last time. Crap now, now the tears won’t stop!

Yuri was able to become a Precure once not because of the Heart Mirage, but rather because of the miracle produced by the Heart Seeds in the Heartpot. What they did use it for was to see the state of Yuri’s (wilted) Heartflower, and then use its warping feature to fast travel to the Heart Tree before the Dark Precure could stop her.

With Cure Moonlight’s return to the scene, it left the Desertians scrambling, and for a good reason. While Yuri may not be as strong as Kaoruko was, she still isn’t someone to be trifled with. We can see the experience difference between her and the girls, and her addition to the squad comes at a much needed time when the enemy are now using the Dark Bracelets. Everyone wanted to pick a fight with her, but the one who was the most furious and frustrated about her return was of course the Dark Precure.

We did get a bit of an explanation about what she is so obsessed with Yuri, but frankly speaking it didn’t really surprise me that much when she went on to say she is the “Dark side of the Moon” who seeks to swallow the light (Yuri). In a lot of ways that makes sense, considering before the other three came into the picture, Yuri was her only rival.

But had the Desertian known the girls have Heartcatch Mirage in their hands now, this whole battle today may have been a lot more intense. Not that it wasn’t, in fact it was pretty wild. The action was awesome, especially since we got a glimpse of how other three generals would behave like when they actually decide to fight more seriously (though I would argue that’s more on Sasorina considering she was the biggest slacker, even before she was initially partially-purified). We also need to take a moment to appreciate the soundtrack (which has been strong since the very beginning) because the tracks for these two episodes were [chef’s kiss] absolutely fantastic!

Now that Yuri has allowed herself to heal and open herself to others, we are finally going to see her interact have some more positive and uplifting interactions with the other three. I look forward to seeing the fashion show again now that Yuri had agreed to be their special guest model! Girls are going to have to crunch to make the deadline for her outfits though! FIGHTING!


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