Episode 24

Neil is such a piece of shit. My god, his smug attitude and the audacity he had to boast exploiting the blank space Yuuga had intentionally left blank so he could add more rules and features in the future, oh man that made me soooooo mad on his behalf. Like how dare you.

But I have to say, I was surprised with the way they went about Otes’ duel against the trio. And while it would have been cool to see them all tag-team together, I think they made a very practical decision. Gakuto was the only one we hadn’t seen participate in this event, so it makes perfect sense to focus on him instead of Rook and Romin. This arrangement also allowed them to keep up the pace without needlessly dragging things out when their goal with the strikes were clear.

What was also great was that obtaining the hint wasn’t as simple as beating Otes. Not only did all three of them have to win while showing him their resolve, but regardless of who won, they would still receive three strikes. That’s because Neil included him in Yuuga’s fraction and he he fought the three of them individually (at the same time).

That being said, it because the duel was so pragmatic, it lasted two turns, and that was the end of it. But as mildly disappointing as it was, it does makes sense though considering they simply couldn’t afford Otes to have another turn because of Inferno Fire Blast, which knocked them down to 1600LP on his first turn. That being said, it was cool to see him use Red-Eyes Black Dragon. But that’s it is a bit of a shame that the duel was so short. It had one turn cameo and that was it. Who knows, we might see it in action again in the future, provided if they were to one day end up dueling Otes in person.

I also really appreciated that we got to see more of Roa to really start fleshing out his friendship with Yuuga. Originally Yuuga had bailed the meeting with the others so he could avoid talking about and thinking about his loss. The truth is there was a part of him that didn’t really want to face it. So it stung that he couldn’t avoid it after Romin brought Roa up to speed about it. I mean, I could hardly blame Yuuga for being down in the dumps. Not only was it humilating to have been one-shot like that, but he is also feeling incredibly frustrated to see Neil take the opportunity he had left open for himself!

But that was also exactly why Roa was kind of the right person for Yuuga to talk to. It was great that he was able to hear Yuuga out, help identify some of his emotions, and even gave him some real talk when he needed it. So it would be nice if we could see him interact, or at least bit a bit more involved with Yuuga in the future!

Overall while the episode itself wasn’t particularly eventful so to speak, it was still fun and even sweet to watch. It was great to see Romin, Rook and Gakuto all look for ways to help Yuuga after he bailed out on their meeting and face off against Otes. In the end, the hint he had given them at first came off as ambigious, but once they really thought about what it meant, it finally made sense: The one thing they all had in common was how Yuuga helped the three of them find their resolve!

Episode 25



I think it goes without saying this is probably my favourite episode to date, only because my god- was I invested. I was cheering at the screen as I would be watching sports (both real life and anime). Not only was it super wholesome to watch, it was also just plain fun to see everyone work together to find a way to take Neil down! And they did this by giving Yuuga their give him their account ID cards so he could reconfigure them into Maxium Summon monsters to use.

However this decision wasn’t so simple. While Rook, Gakuto and Romin all thought Yuuga would eagerly take up their offer, but much to their surprise, he was actually quite upset about the idea of sacrificing their cards on his behalf (but to them, it was more about entrusting their cards to him). And I understand because he doesn’t know if there’s a way for them to get new accounts or not when they have participated in breaking Goha’s Duel rules. Nevertheless, I suspect they will either be able to create brand new ID’s or potentially even restore their originals thanks to back-up’s in the database (provided it is still there regardless of their account deletion).

That is why I say this hands down, the best examples of the power of friendship I have ever seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! It was purely wholesome content. It was not corny, it was not cringey, it was just so heartwarming that it brighten my day! Sure they sacrificed their accounts, but nobody got kidnapped, nobody died, or got sealed away in a card in the process. Basically for once they don’t have to worry about the world coming to an end, and that’s a good thing!

Now the dream of the four of them in a giant robot in the beginning of the series makes complete sense! With their ID’s having been turned into cards, they are able to fight alongside Yuuga both on and off the field. And I think it is beautiful thing. Even Kaizo played a part, by sacrificing the last of what was left of him to ensure Yuuga’s duel-disk could handle the real-time programming to complete the process of creating his Maxmium Summon monsters. No words had to be spoken, we all knew what Kaizo was screaming at Yuuga about just by his body-language. While he is gone now, we all know he will be okay since Neil is holding onto his original data and all Yuuga has to do is make sure he wins this thing.

And boy, was it soooooooooo satisfying to see Yuuga outwit Neil. It had me internally screaming, “SHUT UP NEIL!”, “CRUSH HIM YUUGA” and “LETS FREAKING GOOOOOOOOOO!” the entire time.

We also learned more about the additional affects that come with Maximum Summon, and that is because three monsters are combined, Max Monsters gain three effects. And when they revealed that I legit responded with, “Are you freaking kidding me?” Only because I was worried on Yuuga’s behalf. The last thing I wanted to see was Neil defeating him so quickly again. Fortunately Yuuga was able to hang on, but MAN, THOSE THREE EFFECTS ARE ANNOYING!!!! (Also side note: What the hell is with Neil and his obsession with destruction? Sure it’s solid vision, but the way he’s making it look like the city is under attack!)

  • First Effect: Choose one monster on the field to destroy
  • Second Effect: Cannot be destroyed by continious damage cards.
  • Third Effect: Choose one monster in defense position and switch it to attack position.

So naturally, I am really looking forward to seeing what Yuuga’s monsters effects are going to be. IT IS PAYBACK TIME!

Speaking of which, Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road (holy shit what mouthful of a name) has such a sick design. It is a freaking Transforfmers/Voltron/GUNDAM, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO COMPARE IT TO, DOESN’T MATTER – IT IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT. I also couldn’t help but think, “MAXIMUM FRIENDSHIP!” because well, as corny as it sound, it kinda is!

Anyways I don’t think I have anymore to say except for the fact I am quite looking forward to the action next week! This arc has been a mixed bag, but this battle with Neil has been shaping out to be a great one. Until then, see you next time!


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  1. Sanokal

    I absolutely agree. I utterly adored this episode, and it is a beautiful reminder of just how far these four kids (and their wee robot have come), which is why I’m going to be very peeved off if Kaizo reverts to being a brat because his acts to save everyone are stuck in the memory of the data that was just lost. Both Yggdrago and Magnum Over Road are utterly gorgeous to look at in every frame as well, as was Red-Eyes in the previous episode (and it was cool to see the really brief cameo of the Phoenix Whirlwind/Wheel of Fortune as the Duel started; it’s just in a frame before the dome blocks it out). That whole moment at the end there felt so EARNED, and we’re only twenty-five episodes in!

    And the setup at the end of the episode has me on tenderhooks. The prospect of two super-powerful monsters duking it out has me salivating because one of my favourite episodes in the franchise was Slifer/Osiris vs Obelisk, and the setup to this is just so similar and I want to see this clash back and forth – even though I still do not like Nail at all.

  2. DMaster

    1.) Indeed; this was one of the best episodes in a long, long time, and really shows how Sevens is truly the best Yugioh has been since at least early Arc-V.

    2.) If you think these Maximum monsters are bad on the nomenclature, you should see the Railway cards from Zexal, i.e. Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora

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