Boss is truly an idiot, or just fucking insane. You don’t cool down a riot by KILLING PEOPLE. Kansai is literally out of control and I have no clue how they can even save the city, and things only get worse from here on out.

Brawler would be disappointed in his bro for falling for Doctor’s manipulation, but that last act of redemption was probably enough for Brawler to call Hoodlum a badass. And as cool as it was for Hoodlum to go out with a smile on his face, Doctor’s death was…lamer than I imagined. And yet it kind of makes it funnier for a despicable human like her.

This show is a lot of fun and it continues to entertain me week by week, but one thing it really lacks in is character backstory. Other than the siblings, we don’t really know the other characters on a deeper level. We’ve watched a bit of them go through their own character development and whatnot, which has been great, but we haven’t learned to much of them before we met them and how they even became Akudama. What did Hoodlum do before this, why is being a leech the way he has to live? What brought him to live a life like that? How did Doctor get her weird ability? Just to compare to his other work, Kodaka did a good job fleshing out his Danganronpa characters and creating such an eclectic cast of people, as well as with the world (tho I never played past the second game). Komaeda is still such an iconic crazy asshole. Akudama Drive has a great cast, and yet there’s still so much missing. And thinking about Danganronpa, now I’m wondering if Akudama Drive is going to be getting a video game too and if the story and characters will go more in depth there. If that were to happen, I’d be a bit miffed because it’d mean that they had a full story but they held back on it for the anime. Still…I’d buy it. ;>_>

ANYWAY. The question is who are the real Akudama, and at this point I’m not even sure anymore because everyone in this world is a maniac. Sure we’ve gotten attached to our Akudama crew but there’s no denying that they’re all still criminals and have done terrible things. The Executioners just showed off how awful they are as well, and the police, with deciding to make those rioting into Akudama so the Executioners can kill them and make the riot die down (haha). And of course that freaks people out more! Because yeah! No one wants to die and everything is falling apart.

Judging by the preview, it looks like Hacker is coming back and I’m wondering if he was the one that let all those people into the Shinkansen. I guessed that he helped Swindler in the previous episode so it could be that he’s continuing to do that…or he’s the actual big boss here? I’m expecting another twist next time.

In the end, I’m glad Hoodlum was at least happy with what he did. Learning that Doctor purposely let Brawler die of blood loss is pretty wild though and hurts my heart even more. I knew going into this that Hoodlum was going to die, but I wasn’t expecting to get a double kill. I was expecting Doctor to die in a more grandiose way, so to just see her get trampled to death was…kind of disappointing? Still, I did say in one of the earlier episodes that the only way Doctor could die is if her limbs were sliced off or just made useless and that’s what happened here after Hoodlum stabbed her in a vital spot. But man, what was the point of that tease of “How old do you think I am? Do you see me as a woman?” from last episode if she was just going to die? Damn it… And it seems that Bunny and Shark once again tease us that Kanto…

Well, we’re not sure. All those people seem to be heading to their deaths and they have idea. What is Kanto and what will we see next time? Brother expressed strong negative feelings about Kanto one time so I don’t think it’ll be anything good, and the preview kind of hints at that as well. Only two episodes, what the hell else could we possibly get this time?


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