Is this new continent just a place where Digimon eat each other to get more powerful or just attack others for the sake of attacking? Because that’s the vibe I’m getting. In any case, this episode felt… a little better? Though it might be because the group is back together and the ending of the episode looked promising with Angemon’s return in fashionable glory.

Still no rest for these poor kids as they are forced into yet another battle while Zurumon were still causing all sorts of trouble in the human world. There is just… too many things happening all at once and it’s getting a bit tiring. But at least we get a moment of rest when Hikari is introduced to the group and seems fine with the existence of Digimon without any fear. But let’s be honest, NONE of these kids were shaken at the aspect of Digimon either so I just kind of huffed at Taichi’s comment of being surprised that Hikari wasn’t scared of them. Come on, you can’t interject realism now when you guys didn’t do the same.

Also, am I the only one who feels a bit unnerved at the lack of facial expressions Hikari shows? She either just has a blank expression or a weird smile that just doesn’t fit the situation at times. Not to mention she just never seems too bothered by a lot of things that happen around her. I don’t think this is intentional, but it’s still weird.

Anyways, we get a little bit of foreshadowing to what is to come when Hikari ends up staring at Patamon, almost seemingly drawn to him as a Holy Digimon. And while it seems like Hikari isn’t a chosen since she didn’t receive a device even though we all know that she is, I’m curious as to what her importance will be in the scheme of things.

As the kids are watching the chaos Zurumon are doing in the human world, an unusual storm hits them and Eldoradimon. I don’t know what was creating it, but my mans Leomon better NOT just have gone out like that. On a storytelling standpoint, him going out like that would have just been so sloppy, especially when he just said he wouldn’t leave Eldoradimon alone because he hasn’t healed yet. So I HOPE that they are all okay and have just been separated from the kids for now. Because come on, Eldoradimon just escaped, you can’t have him just die like that! Not to mention that Leomon dying like that just feels… so anticlimactic. He did say they’d meet again, so I hope that means he’ll reappear later.

Just when it seems like the kids are out of the woods, they get attacked by a mob of Tortamon who want to eat them??? o__o Bruh. Like I said before, this continent is just full of Digimon wanting to eat the other to get stronger. But it gets even more brutal when freaking Groundramon appears and just chomps down on the poor not so poor Tortamon. They were just attacking the kids trying to eat them after all… But sheesh, that definitely caught me off guard.

But sheesh, even though I knew it wouldn’t happen, I was scared for my boy Ikkakumon because he nearly got his freaking head bitten off if not for Metalgreymon. As the Digimon of the week, Groundramon is predictably defeated by the group. Though the fact that Taichi and Metalgreymon didn’t get caught in the cross fire of everyone’s attacks despite them going straight through him was a little off putting.

While I didn’t care much for the majority of this episode, the last part of the episode caught my attention. Especially since I was wondering where Darkknightmon was since it’s obvious the guy was still out there. And lo and behold, he shows up in glorious fashion, still looking set on taking back the Holy Digimon. It makes me wonder if he was every actually working for Devimon or if Devimon was actually just a pawn to a bigger and badder Digimon. Because even with Devimon gone, the problems in the human world didn’t disappear. And Darkknightmon seems to still be following orders of some kind.

However, Patamon makes his magical transformation back into Angemon and things are gonna be LIT next episode. Hopefully… But considering how powerful Angemon is and the Holy attribute spells trouble for dark Digimon like Darkknightmon, this may be the last time we’ll see the guy unless he doesn’t get obliterated next episode. But we’ll have to wait to find out.

I’m still not a fan of having a Digimon of the week to defeat every episode, but I’m glad that we finally got to a point where it’s actually interesting and plot relevant. Everyone is pretty wiped with the fight with Groundramon, so Patamon being the only one having enough energy to fight is fitting. But WOW, the art quality in this episode took a DIVE. So many of the characters looked really wonky in still shots and everyone just seemed stiffer than usual. Though I’ll forgive it if this next episode shows off some awesome animation in the fight between Angemon and Darkknightmon. So hopefully next episode will not disappoint and hopefully shed some LIGHT on what Hikari’s significance is. :3c

Also I wasn’t expecting an ending change and I was not expecting that kind of ending lol. It was cute though.


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