I’m a bit disappointed that the Angemon vs Darkknightmon fight ended faster than I hoped without too much interesting fighting choreography. But it was nice to see Angemon’s signature move, “Hand of Fate”- excuse me, “Heaven’s Knuckle.” Now, both of those names are pretty cool, but the nostalgic “Hand of Fate” just speaks to me a bit more. Though I suppose “Heaven’s Knuckle” makes a bit more sense considering Angemon is, well, an angel.

I half expected Angemon to evolve right here, but I suppose that would be way too soon. But honestly, it wouldn’t have been anything out of the ordinary for this series. Though I have to give a kudos to Angemon for being able to fend off an ultimate level despite just being a champion. He certainly lives up to the name as the “Holy Digimon” the kids set out to find and rescue. Not gonna lie, I legit thought that Angemon died… AGAIN. Thankfully he just used up all of his energy again, but it seems like he might have debuffed himself. Hopefully not, but I wouldn’t put it past this series to insert a random nerf.

But I think the worst thing that happened was separating the kids…AGAIN. Come on Digimon, I know you love repetitive things, but this is too far. They just got back together and now you rip them a part???? What is the point???? Like, I would understand if they want to build upon individual characters but it feels like they’re doing it just for the sake of something dramatic happening. We’ll see if this develops into anything worth while because this show has surprised me by subverting my expectations. But as of now, I’m a bit disappointed with this development.

The kids end up separated in vastly different places due to Angemon flinging them to safety? I’m not sure if “safety” was the right word because they all seem to be in pretty dangerous places with some pretty aggressive Digimon. Everyone seems to be ducking in and out of danger and my hope for these poor kids to get some rest were thrown out the window. Though some of them seem to be in more danger than the others with Mimi seemingly having time to admire rocks with Palmon. NOT THE TIME GUYS. And then freaking Joe over here is soaking in a hot spring and it would have annoyed me if not for… Nanimon. I don’t know about everyone, but I’m not ashamed to say that Nanimon unsettles me. His name even has “what” in it. The one that makes me the most anxious is Takeru just roaming around with a tired out Patamon, leaving this small child open to being completely obliterated or captured like he was several episodes ago.

Hikari is turning out to be just more unsettling the more we spend time with her. I know she’s supposed to be like this mysterious child, but if you see a normal kid just staring out into the distance at random times, saying something is calling to them… you’d get pretty concerned after a while. And besides that, Hikari doesn’t really have much of a personality. A part of it could be because she is quite literally a small child, but she just lacks a lot of reactions and emotions which just leaves her dull and at times unsettling.

Darkknightmon just released a bunch of dark lightning, hitting a lot of Digimon in its wake, making them more aggressive and powerful. Taichi and Hikari get attacked by Volcdoramon, an ultimate level Digimon because of course it is. The battle wasn’t too interesting since we know that it would mostly just be an energy blasting battle with back and forths, Metalgreymon being overwhelmed until a sudden powerup happens. So I ended up just playing “You Say Run” in the background while the fight happened to make it a little more fun for myself. However, the moment that caught my attention was when Hikari seemed to grant Metalgreymon power, temporarily sending it to its mega form. Sheesh, they be teasing me HARD with my boy. I do appreciate that the Mega evolutions are only activated through the help of someone associated with Holy Digimon, keeping at least one thing from the original series. But because it’s only given a small amount of power, it isn’t completely realized yet. Hopefully we get to see all of my boy soon because he is probably legit my favorite Digimon.

After the battle, Hikari gets freaking kidnapped by Skullknightmon and I’m still baffled that they even let it happen when they were facing in her direction and yet didn’t realize she got taken. Come on show, stop treating me like I’m dumb. And then I start screaming because HIKARI, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Why are you willingly going with him???? We did see Darkknightmon try and take her in the beginning of the episode and it did feel a bit foreboding when he told Takeru and Angemon that he wasn’t here for him right now. At first I wondered if Skullknightmon would suddenly just turn into the cat Digimon that Hikari is destined to be partnered with, but its not part of the same line. That would be an interesting twist, not gonna lie. But we’ll see what becomes of Hikari since Taichi isn’t going to let her go without a fight.


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  1. Vance

    I think Skullknightmon is possibly a screwed up mutation of what was supposed to be Hikari’s partner possibly through wonky fusions and stuff. Did you see Hikari’s reaction to Darkknightmon when he looked over to her? She had that stare, and I really do believe that Darkknightmon is the one that called Hikari to the Digital World. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Skullknightmon receive the Angemon treatment, which is to expend the rest of his lifeforce and become an egg that Hikari raises into Tailmon.

    I just looked up the wiki, and Skullknightmon comes from a fusion of 3 Digimon, one of them being Knightmon, and Knightmon can evolve from BlackTailMon, which is a dark version of Tailmon, so one of the entities that composed of Skullknightmon might have been corrupted as an Digitama, which was the plan Devimon had in store for Angemon when he became an egg earlier this season. I now see the the clear link between Skullknightmon and Hikari thanks to wikimon.net

    1. Shadow

      Ooooh that would make sense. I tried looking it up earlier but didn’t go too deeply so I just ended up assuming they weren’t related at all. But it’s cool that my hunch may have been correct that Skullknightmon may end up as Tailmon.

  2. Shadow

    Going to do a double post for Digimon episodes 29 and 30 next week so I can give myself a break this week as Haikyuu finishes and I continue Attack on Titan.

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