Episode 29

Not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed that a different situation popped up in front of the “Save Hikari” Arc since I was so curious about it after some technical revelations that I’ll most likely go into when Taichi actually does catch up with Skullknightmon and Hikari.

Anyways, we got a little bit more into how life on this new continent goes with the “survival of the fittest” ordeal to compete for evolution. Though from the last couple episodes, I pretty much already came to that conclusion. But sheesh, it must SUCK to live on this continent if everyone is just out to kill you for your data so they can evolve and become more powerful. So I felt bad for the Woodmon and the others because they just want to live in peace while everyone around them is out to get them. Please protect them… which is going to be difficult since their home is being attacked from both the ground and sky.

Now, this is the type of thing I wish we saw more of with the kids helping out Digimon who were in peril rather than being targeted. In this situation, it seems like the aggressive Digimon are just attacking whoever and whatever they can. Even going as far as to chase their prey until they give up. That’s legit scary. But oh my gosh, I did not expect the baby Digimon to just get OBLITERATED right in front of its friend. When the two baby Digimon were being targeted, I was so sure that nothing too bad would happen to them. SURELY they wouldn’t kill this defenseless baby of a Digimon. BOY WAS I WRONG. But I guess they did pull this stunt earlier in the season, so I guess this isn’t anything new.

Metalgreymon does his best to defend the other Digimon against all of the aggressive ones attacking them, but it’s very obvious that the numbers are overwhelming. Though I do have to ask why the heck did Metalgreymon howl in pain when he got bitten on his METAL arm. If it were his other arm, sure, that’d make sense. But his metal arm? Nah fam, I can only suspend my disbelief for so many things in this show and that ain’t one of them. Thankfully Sora and Garudamon swoops in to help, despite still getting overwhelmed with the sheer amount of Digimon attacking. Also, they really do be doing Garudamon and her evolution line DIRTY by limiting her animation all the time. Which is infuriating because Garudamon is so cool.

And while they didn’t really do that much, it was still sweet and heartwarming to see the peaceful Digimon throw out their own attacks and fight to try and help the best they can. But I suppose seeing their determination inspired Taichi to keep on going despite the odds not being in their favor in this battle. And while they were able to take care of the bigger threat, I was surprised that the battle didn’t end there like so many of the other prior episodes. Reinforcements started swarming in and it felt so foreboding for Sora to say that the fight wasn’t over.

Episode 30

The battle drags on with things looking pretty grim, with the added bonus of Koshiro finding out that the Digimon are going to cause all the nations’ satellites to come crashing into the space station, creating a meteor-like catastrophe to fall on the unknowing cities. This series sure loves causing problems on both sides, don’t they? Can’t be one or the other, ALWAYS BOTH.

Anyways, Taichi catches the Allomons’ attention while Sora leads the Woodmon and the others to safety. But while this is happening, Parrotmon joins the fray and can I just say that Parrotmon just is not an intimidating Digimon looks-wise? Despite that, it felt very nostalgic to see it again. The only reason I have a fondness for Parrotmon is that it showed up in the original where it first appeared fighting with Greymon. But wow, I did not realize it was an ultimate and assumed it was champion since Greymon defeated it. Sometimes the power levels just don’t make sense lol.

Going back to my comment about how hurt Metalgreymon was in the previous episode. He gets hurt when Allomon bit his metal arm, but doesn’t seem all that bothered by Parrotmon scraping through the metal??? You’d think that would hurt more. Digimon, I need answers!

Things go from bad to worse (because of course they do) when Parrotmon ironically evolves using the power of the dark lightning into Crossmon. Now being a mega, there was absolutely no way that Metalgreymon could defeat this thing as he was. And without Yamato and Gabumon being there, there was no way that Omnimon was coming out to help in this situation. Though I guess the thing they were building up to was automatically spoiled in the title of the episode.


While the build up wasn’t quite as amazing and heartfelt as what happened in the fight with Donedevimon, it still made me emotional because Wargreymon is legit my favorite Digimon. Though I suppose it wasn’t just to save the Woodmon and the others, but to be able to get past these Digimon to save Hikari, which yes, family feels. And while yes, it was a tad repetitive to show Taichi and Agumon’s bond again, but hit me with that freaking Angemon track and I’ll get emotional no matter what they show me. It’s just such a powerful and moving track. But you know things are about to go down when the art style and animation changes.

But man, the art to Metalgreymon evolving into Wargreymon was AMAZING. Choreography-wise, it was a bit lack luster compared to the Greymon and Metalgreymon animations, since both of those are just magnificent. But at least the animation and art were good. And while I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t much fight choreography and just defaulted to Wargreymon throwing his typical final attack. Which made me sad, but honestly, I’m just glad my favorite is finally here after all the teasing of him for the past few episodes. Though I do like that he actually used the shield on his back to block all of the Allomons’ attacks. And I did chuckle at how Wargreymon’s attack just took out all the Allomon and I just went: And that’s how the Dinosaurs went extinct. I’m sorry I’m not funny. With the first Mega Evolution introduced, I’m eager to see the rest of them. Hopefully they’ll all have grand evolutions, but I kind of doubt it.

I’m glad to see that my boy will be making a semi-regular appearance now that he has officially been introduced and hopefully we’ll get some better fighting choreography of him in later fights because I would LOVE to see it. Especially since Wargreymon just LOOKS like an awesome close combat fighter.

There were some things in this episode that were weird. Like what the heck is going on with Lopmon??? They keep highlighting ’em and I’m not sure why. Don’t tell me this thing has a hidden agenda and is going to turn into that freaking virus monster like in the movie. Especially since it didn’t really talk but just gaze off into the distance a lot (kind of like Hikari). And why was Vegiemon even a thing in this battle? His presence wasn’t needed and it didn’t even make sense for it to be leading all the Digimon since it’s only a Champion and the Allomon could have just obliterated the thing in a heartbeat if they wanted to. Especially since it’s all about the survival of the fittest on this continent… it just didn’t make sense. The wiki even says that it lacks any offensive power and isn’t able to stand a chance against bigger Digimon. It’s not even supposed to be that intelligent, yet it’s leading the Allomon and Parrotmon??? Excuse me???? Removing it from the episode wouldn’t make any difference so I’m just baffled as to what the point of it was.

But with all the major threats seemingly taken cared of, we can hopefully move on to saving Hikari because I need to see what transpires and how Hikari gets her partner.


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  1. Kazanova

    Maybe the metal hand also conmected to the nerves of the rest of his body? That’s why Metal Greymon felt pain? Not sure, and it’s gonna be a headache, so I decided not to think too much about it.

    Rather than the metal arm, I don’t remember Wargreymon being THAT big. The last time I remember, Wargreymon is clearly only several feet bigger than normal humans thay Taichi is riding on Wargreymon’s back. Or this Wargreymon can change his body size?

    Putting those aside, absolutely love Wargreymon’s sequence! Now, waiting for Yamato and Gabumon’s turn.

    Seeing Wargreymon…I know it’s unlikely to happen, but I wish to see BlackWargreymon. Seeing a remake of two Wargreymons fight would be great…!

    1. Shadow

      Yeah… it’s just weird and probably not worth REALLY thinking about it. I just thought it was weird lol. And yeah, I think they scaled Wargreymon bigger for some odd reason as in the original he was maybe a few feet taller than the normal human adult. That is also very weird lol.

      Metalgreymon ascending towards the crest was just… ugh, it was so good. The art and fluidity of the animation was great. I just wish it was a little more dynamic like the Greymon and Metalgreymon evolutions, but it was still good and hit me right in the kokoro.

      You aren’t the only one hoping Blackwargreymon makes an appearance. I absolutely loved him in the original. I even had a toy of him as a kid and was one of my favorites XD Wargreymons are just freaking cool.

  2. Shadow

    Digimon is taking a break this week and will be back next week with episode 31!

  3. blizzarddragon

    Not sure you remember, but one of the Holy Digimon shown among the eight was Cherubimon, the final form of Lopmon. It could be this Lopmon is one of the Holy Digimon reborn.

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