Episode 35 was super cute, but it didn’t have a whole lot going on (the plot is kind of at a stalemate at this point), so I don’t have much to say about it. That’s why I decided not to include its screenshots this entry. However while I thoroughly enjoyed the light-hearted goodness and Rabirin’s enthusiasm of mimicking the coach character she adored, and Nodoka being all fired up to do her best, after it was all said and done, I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed with how Guaiwaru went back to the standard Mega Pathogerm. Sure there was a special training session for it, and Asumi had taken them to a random island with nobody else on it (uh… DANGEROUS MUCH?!), but eh, at least target a bird or a fish…

As for Episode 36, man this entire episode was so relatable for me, and I am sure it was for many others as well. There’s nothing like being surrounded by smart friends and doing horribly in your studies despite putting in a lot effort into it, even as far as staying up all night. Another bit I related to was the struggle Hinata faced with just not knowing how to study. Everyone has their own unique ways that works best for them, but the trickiest part is figuring out which format works with you. It takes a lot of trial and error, but if you take the time to do it, the earlier you start, the better the pay-off in the long run. So if you haven’t figured it out yet, trust me, start exploring it (be it listening, writing, drawing, reading, applying nicknames and weird scenarios, figure out what sticks for you). Just don’t go off the wire like Hinata did when Nodoka had a good alternative way of helping her memorize English words, hahaha.

And then there’s the problem with the short attention span, whelp, we all been there done that, and yet most of us still have that problem, hahahaha.

But that wasn’t the only challenge she was facing today. Eriko (aka: Elizebeth), a friend who had moved away when she was younger swung by town to meet up with her again. However both of them didn’t know how to talk to each other after being apart for so long. They were nervous that the other had moved on, and that their friendship had been long forgotten. Eriko was especially nervous after hearing Hinata energetically (even though she was just as nervous as she was) talk about Nodoka and Chiyu, and even became jealous and fled because she didn’t know what to do. As result, Hinata mistakenly thought maybe it meant she didn’t want to be friends anymore.

And I get it, it’s tough. You want to keep in touch with friends, but sometimes they aren’t on the same page and life goes on. Hinata and Eriko were lucky though, even though they don’t live in the same town or go to the same school anymore, both of them wanted to perserve their friendship and after sorting out their feelings, the two of them are making an even bigger effort to keep in touch.

Overall, while nothing has progressed in terms of plot, the episode was very sweet and I enjoyed it! However as I mentioned earlier: As cute and endearing these past two episodes have been, I do find it a bit jarring to see them jam onto the breaks when they were building up some solid momentum. For whatever reason, after using their new powers for the first time, they suddenly opted to go back to the basics with the standard Mega Pathogerms. Frankly I can’t why would they do that. Why would they opt to go with a weaker choice after witnessing how powerful the Giga Pathogerms are? It just seems so weird to me that they would suddenly chose not to use them. The least they could have done to provide a somewhat valid excuse by showing how these two decided to exercise caution and not over use their powers in fear of unforeseen consequences. Anyhow, that’s just a little something that’s been nagging me in the back of my mind.

And while I have already accepted at this point that Shindoine and Guaiwaru are unlikely to be given an opportunity to be fleshed out further, I still can’t help but feel a bit disappointed that they wasted the opportunity to dig a bit more into both Shindoine’s and Guaiwaru’s characters. It always hard to watch the chance slip by when you know they could have done the episodes differently so they too could benefit from it.

That being said, after some relatively easy-going episodes I am hopeful that next week will finally kick things back into high gear again. Daruizen looks to be back in action, looking darker than ever (ohohoho), so that’s something I look forward to. But I have to say, I did enjoy seeing him have some more innocent moments, such as actually being humored by the banter between Shindoine and Guaiwaru about nicknames, and even laughed when Shindoine said she would call Guaiwaru “Gu”. That being said, considering we haven’t seen Daruizen aggravated (hell, he has been pretty chill at home) since he fought against Nodoka, I do wonder whether he has been silently plotting his next move, or maybe this is a sign that the King is about to show.

Speaking of which, it is interesting to see that we actually haven’t heard a word from him in any of these past two episodes, so perhaps this actually a sign that he will be making his debut very, very soon. (I mean it has to be within the next two episodes right? Surely??????????) We’ll have to see. Anyhow I’m looking forward to it, because when Daruizen takes action he rarely disappoints. Hyped for next week!

Quick Note in Regards to Heartcatch Precure: This week’s entry is going to be released on Monday! I’m sorry for the inconsistent updates lately, I have had a lot of things to take care of these past few weeks. Thank you for understanding!


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  1. DaRiUs

    Eva, like you, I also was a lil frustrated that they decided to go back to Megabyogen’s and even the Cures using their old finishers to purify them vs continuing to use the Final Healing Good Shower. But after thinking about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that the past 2 episodes might have originally been supposed to air earlier on (perhaps BEFORE the Terabyogens & Cures got their power ups) and due to the hiatus, everything got pushed back and edited.

    Knowing how tight Bandai is with the release and advertising of the toys, maybe Toei held off on airing these episodes in favor of the power up ones to capitalize on the commercials and the release of the toys in stores and now, not wanting to waste money, just edited the episodes to what we saw. If they can add Asumi in an episode where she wasn’t supposed to be, whats to stop them from redrawing both Guaiwaru and Shindoine to make it seem like their in their upgraded forms when they really weren’t at first.

    Atleast thats my reasoning for why the past 2 episodes felt like they were going backwards, lol.

    Anyway, I do agree that the preview for next week got me excited. First of all Daruizen…duh, lol. And secondly, it looked like the fight might be turnt. I also agree that King Byogen should be appearing within the next few episodes, I mean, there’s only 10 left…we’re in the final stretch…its about time he make his presence known. And incoming spoiler:

    Spoiler: Read More…

    Queen Teatine’s VA posted on her blog a picture of the script for episode 37 (which she deleted) alluding that she has a speaking role in it and you know if thats the case, something plot related is happening, lol. I think she might come on towards the end and maybe starting from episode 38 and on, King Byogen will start to make more of an impact. But we’ll see. Can’t wait!

  2. Eva

    Notice: Ep 37 will be released as a double post next week!

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