Episode 35

It’s crunch time for the school festival, everyone’s scrambling to apply the final touches. The Fashion Club is in panic mode, Erika being Erika completely forgot about the most important part: the promotional flyers, and got sidetracked by either helping other clubs spice up their designs or too caught up in her own head about running out of time. Meanwhile Tsubomi found herself on a wild goose chase trying to find Yuri to do the final fittings. Similarly to Erika, she got sidetracked by getting dragged left and right to help friends finish up their projects for the festival. However in the end, it worked out because they were able to return the favour by helping the Fashion Club finish up the last bit of work they needed to get done.

As for Yuri, the reason why she had been MIA for the past two days was because she had taken it upon herself to look for shoes that would go with the outfit Tsubomi had designed for her. Obviously it would have been a smarter idea to tell the girls that in advance, or at least pass a memo to Momo to do the fitting in her steed (which was what wounded up happening because they ran out of time). Luckily Momo and Yuri are more or less the same size, so it worked out and Tsubomi’s design looks absolutely amazing on her!

Though I suppose the hilarious part of all of this was the fact the first time we saw Yuri in the entire episode was when Kumojacky attacked one of the kids from the Film Club. Itsuki was too far and preoccupied with student council duties and the girls couldn’t (or rather wouldn’t) transform in front of Kanae and Ban, so luckily she was in the proximity to take care of it herself. And sure enough, this monster was nothing she couldn’t handle on her own. But I must say it is nice to see her confident again, she looked so cool when she smirked like that. There was a nice insert song during the fight too, but I wished the volume was a little bit louder because I thought it was a bit on the quiet side (though maybe that was just for me).

On the side the fairies found themselves playing as dolls for most of the day, until Potpourri decided he was going to help Itsuki out with stamping the papers… only to create an absolute mess. But because he is a cute and innocent little baby who just wanted to help her out, it’s impossible to get mad at him for it.

Episode 36

At long last, we finally get to see all the Fashion Club’s designs shine in the spotlight! Everyone did a fabulous job! Itsuki’s outfit was super charming and it was great to see her sport out her design in front of her family! (Even better that they all showed up to support her!) And Erika had actually came out in two different outfits, one being the white one, which was very chic and cool, while the other was a summery blue one, also very cute! But I will say both Tsubomi’s dress and both of Erika’s designs remain my three favourites from what we had seen today!

But apart from Cobraja crashing the Light Music Club’s performance, as you could expect not too much happened (though the way he did it was quite funny, and I burst out laughing when Kanae shouted at him to get off the stage). However as he has a habit of doing, Cobraja actually gave the Light Music Club a second chance to perform. Everything was about to go south when the two vocalists were so spooked by the crowd, they were about to bail out. So it is an understatement to say his interruption couldn’t have happened at a better time. This also allowed Erika to come up with an alternative solution to help the girls work around their stage fright by suggesting to have the Light Music Club perform while they do the show. This way the attention is on the models instead of the vocalists, which would help tackle their fears of being in the center of attention. And honestly, this was the best idea too, because talk about an epic way to close out the school festival! Not to mention, the song is so freaking good, it’s waaayyyy better than the ED Themes we have heard up until now, (which, I have to admit, has kind of been a miss for me since the start of the series). Now I will be listening to this song on repeat all over again, hahahaha!

Well that’s about all I have to say about this one, so see you next time!


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