At last it’s time to set the stage for the final fight. Dune, the Emperor of the Desert had quite a showy encounter by making a special delivery to give them just a taste of the Desert Seed/Desert Devil that’s coming. In order to prepare themselves to stop this thing, the girls returned to the Precure Palace to take the final test, to fight the shadows of their former selves. The challenge is about accepting all of their flaws, even if it isn’t exactly who they want to be, and serves as a reflection just how far they have come since their journey has began.

Tsubomi in particular struggle this with battle because it took her a bit longer to realize that while she continues to blossom into her new self, the parts of her she wished to change about herself (being an introvert and shy around others) will always be a part of her, and that’s okay!

Of course it is hard to accept your flaws and parts of you that you may not like, but it is equally important to realize they are all a part of what makes us who we are. And these are the kinds of messages I enjoy the most. Because it doesn’t matter how many years has passed, or how old you are, they serve as a little reminder, words of comfort that may otherwise have been forgotten. These two episodes had me almost crying the first time I watched it, but it certainly didn’t stop my eyes from getting all watery the second time!

Among the four, Erika was first to pass, followed by Itsuki and Yuri. Unfortunately because Tsubomi was taking so long, they had no choice but to fight the Desert Devil with just the three of them. They were able to hold up for a while, but it was clear in ordered to defeat it, they really needed the whole group together. Once Tsubomi passed the trial, they were finally able to use Heartcatch Mirage and obtain greater power, Heartcatch Orchestra (which makes me laugh every time I see it).

But I have to say, I thought it was hysterical though how Erika had a brief moment where she didn’t have a whole lot of faith in Tsubomi. Usually at this point in the series, nobody is doubting each other, but Erika just flat out refers to her notorious label of being the ‘weakest precure in history’. But we all know while that may have been true in the beginning, that is no longer the case. Just like everyone else had, Tsubomi has come such a long way of breaking out of her shy shell. She will always have a little bit of that shy introvert side of her, but she now has more courage and is stronger than she ever has been. And that is something to be proud of.


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  1. Bibi

    Yeah, that one moment of Erika really irritated me and was the starting point of my despite for her – the Allstars movies didn’t make it any better, either. If the staff wanted to go for this direction, then I really wished that this could have been handled better.

  2. Firechick

    I always thought Erika made that comment in jest, not really meaning it. I don’t know why people insist on using that one line as a reason to hate Erika as a character.

    1. Bibi

      Because I wanted the delivery to go another way. The jest wasn’t really that great and to be fair, Erika’s character didn’t sit well with me to begin with. I hoped from delivery that it might change my view on he, but it really didn’t.

  3. Eva

    Notice: Heartcatch Precure Ep 39 & 40 will be released as a double post next week

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