Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting any of this.

Okay. When it comes to Tom, Iris, and Rex I didn’t really feel much of anything for their characters. They’ve been here and there randomly doing their thing and for the most part I didn’t mind them too much. But upon rewatching the show with others, it got to the point where I started to get annoyed with them. For the longest time they served really no purpose, except maybe Tom befriending Ichiro? Them being friends I suppose was to make the betrayal stronger, but I kind of…don’t care? I don’t care about them, so here I am laughing to myself and thinking: Uhh…what’s happening here?

So the anime is doing its own thing now! It looks like we won’t get a TDD episode at all, which is extremely disappointing. That’s probably another reason why I’m not liking this quick turn of events because we’re wasting time with these anime OCs instead of delving further into the “lore” with the TDD members, or finding Nemu, Rio’s lieutenant commander, anything!! But no, the anime OCs.

I do like The Party of Words’ next plan though. With this first DRB, the four divisions have certainly become quite famous both in their respective cities as well in general with those following the DRB. They’re basically idols in that sense (and the Drama CDs really emphasize that), and The Party of Words plan to capture the four divisions to brainwash them and use them as their puppets in order to make their control and government influence even stronger. It makes a lot of sense for them to want to do that now that each group has their fans and have people that look up to them. Of course they probably could have done that way back when The Dirty Dawg was a group but it seemed that TDD was more of an active threat against them, though we don’t have the full details on that. Still, with them covering four different territories with the four divisions, it seems like this is the better plan. They were also probably working on perfecting their technology such as the hypnosis mic canceller which they can use to their advantage (which they did this episode). The Party of Words is a pretty fascinating group, and I kind of wish we got to see more of Otome as well since Ichijiku has been doing all the work. But well, the leader usually just gives out the orders and everyone else does all the work so it makes sense haha.

To carry out their plan, the ladies go after the men but things go awry and they all try to make their escape. This is when the OC trio “help” them out and lead them to an exit…or so they thought. Turns out these three are a group called the Secret Aliens (LOL) and they were working with The Party of Words from the beginning. Tom explains that he prefers the world they live in now without weapons and other countries fighting each other and so he takes the ladies’ side, though it also sounds like they’re in a bit of a crappy position of working for them so the government assistance to their home country isn’t taken away. So does Tom really believe in their ideals or was he bullshitting? I feel like there’s going to be a turnaround so in the next episode from them so…eh.

I also don’t really get Tom. He agreed to work with them so the government assistance for their home wasn’t taken away, but the deal was also to have a fair fight against Ichiro and the others. And watching that scene over and over, it sounds like fighting against Ichiro and the others was the MAIN reason and the government assistance to the refugee camp was an afterthought???

That was your motivation, Tom? Is it really? YOU CAN’T MAKE AN OMELETTE WITHOUT BREAKING EGGS. Okay man…

Well, their song wasn’t half bad, it was cool to hear their song being the most different with Iris actually singing rather than rapping, though it would have been cool to hear her rap as well. Thankfully the others escape but it looks like Fling Posse is having their own trouble and Ramuda is in the most danger. Though I will say, Ramuda was absolutely going to use the other mic he had in order to protect himself and his bois. Damn dude! He didn’t get to though, so we’ll have to see what’ll happen to him. If the rest of the guys are going to escape (and they will) then Fling Posse should as well so I’m not too worried.

Well this was weird! Yeah, I’m a little dumbfounded and frustrated since they could have used this time for better things to look into the plot or the characters, but no…the OCs we apparently were supposed to care about betrayed our boys. Oh noooo…meh. Not the strongest finish, but at least we got lots of Hifumi/Doppo bromance and cool cat suits from the ladies.


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  1. magicconan14 (Aria)

    I thought it was that Tom was saved by Jakurai during the war and then he befriended Ichiro. Also, I went back to the episode to confirm it and while the Secret Aliens (LOL) don’t hail from Moralia, they’re helping the place out with financial aid from Chuohku. So they agree the world would be better off without weapons and have an alliance, but the Secret Aliens are freedom fighters in not quite in the same way Chuohku defines “freedom” and so they’re a bit of a loose cannon group. According to the profiles that went up for them the day this episode came out, Iris and Rex are war orphans and Tom is a globe-trotting street photographer who took them in. (I’m still scratching my head at how Rex is 16 and Tom is 30, though…)

    The problem with some anime is that they don’t want to cover things that already exist because it gives each part of the franchise some level of exclusivity that then has to be managed in different ways (see, for instance, limited edition songs like Sauna Quiz, as opposed to “main story” songs, which are more widely available). TDD’s manga didn’t finish until June 2020 (which is roughly where the anime got kicked down to fall) and drama tracks about TDD weren’t available until early 2019, so the concurrent development of the multiple media means there was only so much they could work with re: TDD. However, whether this is a good thing or not is for each viewer to decide. Generally I don’t get angry at weird derivations like this because I like seeking out these differences, so I think this is cool.

    As you know from me showing up every time, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop regarding Tom, Rex and Iris. My crazy speculation (based on hints/spoilers dropped on Twitter before watching the episode, including the tweet which says the name of the episode’s new song) is all over the place, but some of it has been right (to some degree or other).

    1. Berry

      I understand that maybe they didn’t quite have the material ready with them, but I do think it’s a little frustrating that they won’t adapt things that exist already. Hypmic is pretty unique in that you get the story from drama CDs and the manga, and even some of the songs. It’s a little weird to get into, and there’s plenty of new fans coming into this anime (like me) who want a couple hints of things. But if they really didn’t have some of the TDD stuff then there’s no helping it.

      But it’s just me, I’m not super into the alien trio. But yes, I cannot believe it’s canon that Rex is somehow underage and was legit named after the T.Rex because he was left under its fossil. And Tom’s actual last name is Weathercock. Yes, amazing. Simply amazing, thank you Hypmic. Weathercock…

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