This week the gang woke up to find themselves completely isolated with no signal or food after the Machine Cavalry Club dug up a freaking ravine around their cabin. They were left with no choice but to hope for either Kaizo and Gakuto’s trustee student council assistants to notify Sebastien of their situation. However things didn’t go as planned with Kaizo and Sebastien ended up duking it out for the entire day (which I was absolutely hysterical!) I suppose it worked out because they were able to make amends, but ohhhhhh boy, I am sure he will be in deeeeeeeeeeeeppppp trouble when he gets back.

The plan of meeting up with Yuuga’s group also didn’t work out for Ranze and Rinnosuke after they stumbled upon 6th Elementary 6th Grader Chief of Staff of the Machine Cavalry Duel Club Tazaki Galient.

Now I am super glad that they didn’t take too long to clarify whether this guy was a kid or an adult, because this show is freaking trippy when it comes to depiction of ages. First we have Mimi who is an adult in a child’ body, now we have a 6th Grader who dresses like an adult and talks like an old man. Even the twins were like, “!?!??!?! HE’S NOT A FACULTY ADVISOR?”. I mean, I wasn’t surprised either because I suspect he probably was a kid to begin with. I reasoned it with the idea he was just trying to mimic his grandpa or something.

He also didn’t hide the fact that the Machine Cavalry Duel Club ‘s objective is to quash Rush Duels. They believe it is blasphemy on history of duels since they are hardcore about following traditions.

The duel between them felt pretty short, but I did enjoy it. I thought the CGI has gotten even cleaner because Drilling Mandril looked super good. Ranze’s Etoranze summoning sequence was also beautifully animated, and I am a huge fan of her ace’s design.

But wow, I would say this is probably the first time losing a duel has felt so bleak in this series. So when it became obvious Ranze was going to lose this duel, I didn’t pay much mind to what was at stake until they suddenly gave us that sober moment of the twins taking each other’s hands in comfort when Galient welcomed them to Goha 6th Elementary Machine Cavalry Club. Only then I realized what kind of consequences were at stake. The notion of having to work for the Machine Cavalry Club for the rest of their lives certainly comes across as an exaggeration, but once you think about how the twins can be used, then it really hits you. That’s how I suddenly became very worried about these two, especially Ranze since she was the one responsible for this loss. And they really hammered down how the Machine Cavalry Club is not one to be trifled with, as Galient straight up lied to Gakuto and the others about whether he had seen the twins. Since he lied about meeting them means he is hiding the fact they now have a relationship, I suspect we will probably see them be ordered to spy on Yuuga’s group and report back to them. This is definitely going to suck for Ranze since not only would she be back-stabbing Gakuto, but her crush as well. (I still can’t believe they revealed to us that Ranze has a crush on Yuuga!!!!)

Other than that, I was mentally screaming, “NAIVE!!!!!” when Yuuga and the others were thanking the Machine Cavalry Club. LIKE WHO ELSE COULD HAVE POSSIBLY DUG UP A RAVINE AROUND YOUR CABIN OVER NIGHT?!?!?!?!? SERIOUSLY KIDS. COME ON. That’s my only gripe with this trench joke.

Last thing to mention, thank goodness they quickly confirmed that Asana is in fact a girl! Hurray! Well it’s great to have a female antagonist, and one who doesn’t look like she is going to be a pushover either. It’s going to be interesting how her relationship with Yuuga will evolve, because I STILL CAN’T GET OVER THEIR CHEESY FIRST ENCOUNTER. LIKE RIDING TOGETHER ON A FLOWERY PATH? YOU’RE WALKING A FINE LINE HERE.

Anyways it looks the Machine Cavalry Club may not make an appearence next week, it seems we will be introduced to a different character. Curious to see what she will be about haha! Until then, I wish everyone a Happy Holidays, please stay safe and healthy!


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  1. Kazanova

    The digging aside, Luke has done it again with his carelessness leaving them without foods. And I’m actually surprised that Romin didn’t snap harsher on him. Gakuto should take over as the club president! XD

    After VRAINS, I thought YGO would stop the “a girl/girls has a crush on the protagonist” tradition, remembering that Yusaku so far is the only protagonist who doesn’t any girl liking him. So I’m pleasantly surprised there’s a girl that likes Yuga, although it’s the person that I least expectes. Never thought Ranze would fall for Yuga…to the point of stalking him! And she needs to get her ears checked to listen what her twin said about the rumors! How was she able to misheard it that far?! LOL XD

    Galient need to at least change his hairstyle. At least cut the hair on his face that made it look like he has a mustache. I’m not even surprised anymore that he’s actually still a child.

    Thank goodness that Asana is truly a girl! I can’t stand it if she’s actually a guy! Oh, now I can be at ease. I wonder what kind of Deck she’ll use and how her relationship with Yuga will go.

    I have to agree that even after the warning, Yuga and the others easily trusted the Machine Cavalry Club. They didn’t even seem to have the slightest bit suspicion just because they were “saved” by them. It’s weird considering before they’re much more vigilant.

    1. Eva


      We have to remember, the standard YGO traditions doesn’t apply to this series because so far it has been doing a good job of breaking it. A big part of that is definitely because of the change of staff so it will be interesting to see how they handle the whole crush theme (but I don’t think it will become anything more serious, if anything it’s just part of the endless list of spoofs).

      Galient’s hairstyle is a clever way of giving a 6th grader a mustache without using a fake. I still can’t get over the fact they are really messing around with the character’s age and designs in this series. It’s crazy.

      1. Kazanova

        Yes, of course I know the whole crush Ranze has with Yuga would only serve as comical moments. Romance is never a focus in YGO anyway, so I won’t expect much romance in SEVENS from the very beginning. But I’d love to see more shenanigans resulting from this crush theme. It’ll be hilarious. XD

        1. Eva

          I expect chaos and hilarity to ensue if Ranze has to do certain things on behalf of to mess with Yuuga’s group. Mimi gave us a bit of a taste of the battle of her conscious VS her work, so I am sure it will be fun to watch. XDDDDD

  2. Sanokal

    To be honest, given how savvy Yuga is I’m pretty sure he knows full well the Heavy Cavalry club were responsible. Definitely a fun episode though.

    1. Eva

      That’s true hahahaha! Not to mention, it was Rook saying that.

      1. Lucky Draw

        True. Yuga’s rarely been surprised, other than about Mimi’s age and Nail’s Maximum Summon. I’m willing to bet he’s aware of Ranze stalking him too. Though whether or not he knows about her crush on him is another story.

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