So it turns out that “Rush Duel” Tournament Rook had signed them up for, wasn’t actually a duel tournament at all. It was a “Trumpet Duet”, which is basically a music competition for wind instruments. Since they couldn’t back out, Yuuga suggested they might as well just do it for fun, so they decide to seek some help from the Wind Instrument Club. But just like the others, this one was hardly your ordinary music club. Instead of seeing people practicing music, they were greeted by freaking training dummies costumes because the one who is leading the club is none other than Rook’s elder sister, Tiger, who is a martial arts fanatic. So that’s how this club turned into this… hybrid of music and martial arts.

And boy, was she entertaining. It was such a pleasant surprise to be introduced to Rook’s sibling, especially since we didn’t know about her until now. Tiger (as she likes to be called) is… quite a wild character alright who came to the Wind Instrument club because she had learned how breathing is important for Martial Arts. Put the two together, and we have a winning combination. She has also showed us how she is the type to steamroll people with her personality. It’s no wonder, besides the fact she kicked his ass in a duel, Rook dreads having to be around her.

This just goes to show how these two are so similar to each other. I also thought it was a nice tough to even have them share a the same catch phase with her brother, ‘Even if you tell me to stop, it’s way too late’, (though Tiger says it once instead of two or three times).

Though if there was one thing that sets these two apart, I would say her character is more along the lines of ‘controlled chaos’, compared to Rook who has the tendency to wing it and make it work as he goes. I thought it was quite funny how intimated he was of her, because she is a tough cookie, but we can see she does care about him. She told Yuuga how she was worried about how Rook would take his loss against her, and was relieved to see how much fun he was having playing with Yuuga using Rush Duels. And I can understand why, considering Rook is pretty obsessed with the idea of becoming the next Duel King. While it’s fine for him to have that dream, it would be a shame if he were to forgot how to have fun with the game while doing so.

That’s why she wanted to know about what Yuuga hopes to achieve with Rush Duels. Yuuga’s answer remains the same as it was from the start, to make people smile. He just wants everyone to be able to enjoy the game again. Goha has implemented so many stupid rules, that it has sucked out what makes the game fun.

Overall not much happened this episode apart from reaffirming Yuuga’s resolution to Rush Duels, but it was still a very fun episode to watch. But the beginning of the episode was quite interesting with the way they followed up with Ranze and Rinnosuke not making it to the training camp. Gakuto expressed he had been worried about them, but is no longer concerned since they had sent him a postcard about having gone to the hot-springs with their family. Truthfully I am not entire sure if I buy this to be the truth since it gives them a good cover up. We’ll have to see how it actually plays out going forward.

And finally, I really liked how they made use of Sebastien as the club advisor this week. For the first time, we actually saw him doing his job properly.  I also appreciated how they used him to ‘translate’ what Tiger was getting at, as too many times we have encounters characters who ramble on about something, but nobody actually knows what they are talking about. It is something I wouldn’t mind seeing them utilize more in the future, as it does add some humor by having to do that.

There will be no episode this week, the next episode will be airing on January 9th. Until then, Happy New Years everyone!

PS: Yuuga’s deck was super cute today, and like the others, got a new monster too: Seis the Mighty King of Bestial Wings


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  1. Kazanova

    I’m definitely loving Tiger’s character! Again, YGO needs more strong girls like her! It’s amazing how she’s able to swing her instrument so easily like a stick. It’s entertaining to see her dynamic with Rook! Her “breathing” effect is so funny able to blow away Rook like that. Can’t say I’m fond of her deck design though. Still, I hope to see more of her in the future episodes!

    For someone who’s supposed to be smarter, I can’t believe that Gakuto and the others actually bought Ranze and Rinnosuke’s postcard when it was very clear that the photo is fake. They’re just adding Ranze and Rinnosuke’s head on it! I know that this is part of the absurdity of the series, but for this one, I’m quite exasperated since in previous episodes, Yuga and the others were shown much sharper. I wonder how Ranze and Rinnosuke are. I’m quite worried for them.

    From the preview, looks like the so-called music tournament is actually not a music tournament at all, which would make all of Yuga and the others’ hardwork training under Tiger meaningless. And the green haired guy doesn’t seem likeable at first sight.

  2. Silent Protagonist

    Fun Fact: Those training dummies are known as Karakuri. There’s even a whole archetype in the game based on them.

  3. Sanokal

    Definitely loved Tiger’s character this episode, which honestly could have been retitled “Luke Effing Dies”.

  4. Eva

    Notice: Ep 31 entry will be released as a double post next week!

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