Beastars Season 2 Episode 2

Things are taking an interesting turn and there was a wild reveal in the end with Louis. I was wondering what happened to him, and him becoming the new Leo Group leader was not something I would guess would happen.

The “ghost” obviously happens to be a large rattlesnake, though I wasn’t really expecting them to be a security guard. I guess she(?) is a pretty good one considering literally no one knows that she exists since she’s already slithering around in the darkness of the school. It still doesn’t explain why Legoshi is the only one to hear the rattling so this whole thing is still so strange.

Things are taking a wild turn as the deans of each school have come together and ridicule Cherryton for the mess that’s happened in the school, such as Tem’s murder and the devourer still on the loose, and Louis disappearing. Gon gives a huge speech about heroes being born, and that these are still kids that are still growing and they shouldn’t have to be put under this pressure. But now things have taken a turn where it’s decided the next Beastar of Cherryton will be the one who solves Tem’s murder. Because heroes are born, right? And only heroes would do something like this.

And now Legoshi unknowingly is going to make himself the next Beastar, and I don’t think he’s interested in this role. After having a long conversation with Hexeye (who has a strangely…lustful fascination with him) and Legoshi is now on the case. Hexeye is pretty interesting and I’m wondering how else she’ll help out in the story. It seems like she may have some evidence and she’s sort of dropping hints for him, but she’s probably hiding more. I’m not sure if she’s someone that can be trusted though, I’m kind of on edge for all of the characters right now. And this kind of includes Legoshi simply because of that one line Hexeye said.

“The clue exists within yourself.” I can kind of take that in two ways. One, it could mean that Legoshi’s current methods aren’t exactly working and he needs to look within himself to understand what’s going on. I take it that he needs to look into his beastly carnivorous self in order to understand the killer better and it might point him into the right direction. Or, two, she may be implying that Legoshi was the one that did it. I always had this possibility in the back of my head from the start. It’s just a little coincidental that we see Tem get murdered at the start of the episode, and in that very same episode Legoshi couldn’t control his carnivorous instincts and attacked Haru. Who’s to say that Haru was his first attack? Tem may have been it and he just didn’t remember it. Sure, there might be problems with that theory such as blood being on him and such but it’s still a possibility. I’m also interested of those entries in Tem’s diary, such as the drinking soda and getting close to this particular carnivore, as well as learning from this carnivore that they have issues too. Whoever this carnivore is, it sounded like they were pretty close. With the limited knowledge we know about Tem, we do know that he and Legoshi were friends. But again, there’s still so much we don’t know and this is just a shaky theory.

The black market scene was pretty great. It was both intense and just plain shocking. It seems like he’s taking this newfound power in order to protect everyone and keep peace and order, trying to create a system where both groups can coexist. I’m fascinated by all this and wonder what else will happen in this situation. What is this promise Louis is talking about, and what exactly was the ED? I feel like there’s so many messages and symbolism in it, but I can’t really understand it with the lack of info as of right now. But it looks like there’s going to be something significant between Louis and this lion, Free. Very surprising stuff this time, and some things to think about so I can’t wait to see what’ll happen next!


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  1. I don’t think Legoshi is the killer given that we’ve seen the killer’s silhouette in the first episode, which indicated that whoever did it had quite a round head with short ears off to the side. My primary suspect right now is Kai since his physical attributes match that, and he showed that he was potentially socially astute in a conversation with Legoshi, which would make him a guy who can easily blend in with the crowd.

    1. Yeah it’s not the best theory but I’ll keep it in the back of my mind.
      I’m not sure about Kai since he’s on the smaller side, and the silhouette seemed large, but it’s a little telling that he wasn’t that upset Tem died. If I HAD to pick someone it would maybe be Bill, but I’m not sure. It could probably be a character we haven’t even met yet, too.

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