Beastars Season 2 Episode 3

Thinking of what Hexeye told him, Legoshi decides to confront the carnivores of drama club (the boys at least) about Tem’s death, which sparks a mini fight with Bill to no surprise. It doesn’t really lead to anything because both times Legoshi tries, he gets sidetracked with something else. First, Pina intruding and talking shit to their faces, and the second time with the boys being horny boys and wanting to know what happened between Legoshi and Haru. And interestingly, this leads to a step back in terms of their relationship.

First of all, I really have to point out how far Legoshi’s character has grown from how he was in the beginning, especially with how he interacts with his fellow drama people. He’s more open what with his not-so-great (but he’s trying his best!) speeches, as well as that declaration of happiness from that night with Haru. He’s so much more vocal, and honestly really funny too. That whole scene with Pina being introduced to the club, with Legoshi off on the side being okay with Pina’s insults, as well as his angry growling being mistaken towards Pina when it was directed at everyone else getting in the way of his investigation was priceless. He’s just been much more vocal and expressive and it’s great to see, as well as super entertaining. Legoshi is just great in general.

Pina Kaji Yuki’s fursona is an interesting character. From the way it sounds, the only reason he decided to join the club is because Louis is gone and he has to replace him as the “handsome” herbivore, as a carnivore can’t do that according to him what with their lustful and violent tendencies. He’s an extremely arrogant and pompous asshole and yet I kind of like him simply because he makes me laugh. I wouldn’t mind if one of the guys punched the shitty smirk off his face, though. There definitely has to be way more to him than just the new pretty boy of the group. His interest in Legoshi was a little telling that he may know something, or that at least he’s someone to keep an eye on. I’m excited to see what he’ll do.

Haru and Legoshi’s relationship has gotten much more shaky, as Legoshi always had the feeling that Haru was still in love with Louis and judging by her reaction to him asking her that, it might be true. She probably has feelings for both of them, and I think Legoshi did the right thing in wanting to watch her from a distance. He’s basically accepted this and even mentioned how strangely calm he was about all this, and he can’t deny what Aoba told him (which I can agree with). It’s a little sad, but this might be for the best. Haru needs to get her feelings together, and Legoshi has other things to deal with right now. But I also think that there needs to be better communication between them, and Haru explaining her relationship with Louis might be a good step. That is, if Legoshi doesn’t get shanked at the end.

The figure at the end is HUGE. It’s safe to say that they’re probably Tem’s killer, and it’s convenient that they would appear right after Legoshi confronted the carnivore boys about Tem’s murder. It has to be someone from club, and we can at least rule out some people. It’s definitely not Aoba, it can’t be Kai because of how small he is, and the puma for how much thinner he is than the figure we saw. Which is HUGE. It seems more obvious that it would be Bill with how feisty and meat-hungry he always is, and the fact that he always picks fights with Legoshi, and he seems to have the right build to match the figure. There’s also the bear, who is also big and bulky. We haven’t seen much of him yet, but we can’t rule him out, so these are the two I’m looking out for.

And when it comes to Louis, I’m shocked at what he had to do and I feel bad for him. He was absolutely prepared to die after he killed the Leo Group’s boss, so it came as a huge shock that that didn’t happen. Instead, one of them decided that they could use him and make him the next leader. Making Louis eat a piece of buffalo steak in order not to die was pretty disturbing. I loved the way the scene was set up with all the colors, and Louis’ voice acting was top notch. I could really feel his frustration at his situation, of being made a fool of in front of a group of powerful carnivores, not being given the freedom to die the way he wants, and the tension of what decision he would make. So instead, he takes this strange opportunity and grasps it for himself. It wasn’t the path he particularly wanted, so what will he do now? I just have to say again, this scene was just done so well.

These episodes so far have been more on the peaceful side, but I expect things to really ramp up soon next time~


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  1. I compared the silhouette in the premiere to the shots of everyone in the drama club when Pina was being introduced, and the silhouette is something somewhat furry at the top of the head that made a noise that was closer to what a medium-size carnivore would make. I think Bill would typically be a good first guess, but he would be too obvious with his clear and obvious aggression, so I wonder if it could be a female catlike carnivore with a hairy head.

    The reason I think it might be a female is because of Hexeye’s hint to Legoshi that the clue lies within you. Maybe there was a similar dynamic between the unnamed carnivore in the diary and Tem and Haru and Legoshi, and that carnivore was actually a female who struggled with her desire to be with Tem or to eat him and gave in to her base instincts. Unlike Legoshi, this female carnivore failed to control itself and succumbed to the predator-prey dynamic. That would mean Hexeye’s remark was not pointing to Legoshi as the killer but pointing to something he is all too aware of with his initial experiences with Haru.

  2. Now that I think about it though. The bear has a really furry head, and you did note that the silhouette was huge, so maybe it is the bear after all. Maybe I’m just not familiar with animal sounds and misjudged the sound the carnivore made in the premiere.

    1. It certainly does seem to point to him. I wasn’t really paying attention to sound, moreso the build of the figure and the bear seems to fit the best. Tigers are big but bears are also giant creatures as well, and like you said, Bill would be too obvious.

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