Beastars Season 2 Episode 4

You know, after all the animal sex I shouldn’t be surprised to see an animal strip club and yet I am. I guess I’m still not immune to this lol

This was a slower episode but I just have to mention Orange’s beautiful animation and the fantastic direction this series continues to have. I gushed about this plenty in the first season, but damn it I just have to say it again. The way the scenes are set up are smart and with so much care, my favorite being the scene between Legoshi and Jack. Jack pleads to Legoshi to not leave, and notes how their friendship has shifted ever since Legoshi has gotten stronger. They’ve been drifting apart from each other, and I love how the scene perfectly shows us this with a pillar separating the two, Jack standing in the light and facing Legoshi, while Legoshi has his back turned to him in the dark, basically proving his point. This may seem like a small thing, but it just goes to show how the studio and the director really put a lot of heart and care into the show, and they did that plenty in the first season and I could talk about it forever. The scene with Jack was also very emotional and it hurt my heart, hopefully the two can mend their friendship in the future.

I guess it was too early to see who the murderer was, but I think they acted pretty stupidly. They attack Legoshi right after he had questioned the drama club, basically admitting it was someone there. He only attacks him enough to hurt him badly and Legoshi was smart to get as many clues as he could during the attack. So maybe it would have been better to just kill him, but that would have been pretty bad too since that would definitely bring attention to the drama club with Legoshi’s death, with plenty of investigation. It would have been best if they hadn’t done anything, so now I’m wondering what clues Legoshi got from the attack, such as fur, taste, etc. Also it took me a bit to realize that Legoshi was actually kissing him and not just biting him. But desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

I wonder what Gouhin is going to put him through. I really think it’s nothing since Gouhin just seems to like to mess with Legoshi, but he sure does like to restrain him.

Continuing to watch Louis is so fascinating because even while he and Legoshi are not interacting with each other this season, the parallels are still fascinating. Legoshi continues to align himself with herbivores while Louis is now among the carnivores, which seems to be taking a toll on him. He continues to put up a tough act in front of the others, but he secretly vomits the meat and he’s getting thinner. The only one to notice and actually care is Ibuki, the lion that came up with the idea of Louis becoming the boss. The ending does seem to show that these two will have some sort of relationship and this seems to be the start to it. The ending of the episode was shocking. I did not expect to see Juno at all, and who could she be looking for? Does she know that Louis is the new boss or was she expecting to meet the previous boss? Most importantly, what could she possibly want from a gang?

Some pretty exciting things to look forward to next time. I’m hoping to learn whatever Legoshi was able to figure out, as well as what Juno is up to as well. And just Gouhin in general because he’s just great, even if he freaks Legoshi out.


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  1. I can’t wait for Louis to change his mind on carnivores when he develops a friendship with Ibuki. I would not say that Louis and Legoshi were friends despite speculation from one of the characters in the first season. Hopefully, Louis stops being too prideful and accepts the food Ibuki buys for him.

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