Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 33

While this episode may not have been as good as the previous, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me emotional. Like I said before, strap that Angemon theme to any scene and I’ll be trapped in the feels. We finally get back to the Hikari recovery arc and I’m glad that they finally wrapped it up since we spent so much time chasing after Skullknightmon.

There was quite a lot at stake with the rebirth of Milenniumon and Hikari being made into a sacrifice for its awakening. And lets not forget the amount of damage Milenniumon caused in the war. Having that thing come back now would probably be catastrophic. It seems like Devimon was just a mere pawn in the overall scheme of things and Skullnightmon was hand chosen to be the one to revive the ultimate weapon of a Digimon. But man, not gonna lie, the voices of those weird alien-looking Digimon gave me the creeps. Probably because I played a game recently that uses that weird voice vibration thing.

Taichi and the others finally catch up to Skullknightmon who is in the process of awakening Milenniumon by powering all of Milenniumon’s shards. And while I didn’t mention it, I was thinking why Skullknightmon was suddenly A LOT bigger than it was previously. Since when it made its first reappearance, it was like a few feet taller than Hikari and now it holds her in the palm of its hand. I was like: UM CONSISTENCY??? But thankfully they addressed it as it slowly gaining more power as time went on. Though I still wish this series stopped making “more powerful” Digimon bigger in size. Just because the power scaling went up, doesn’t mean the sizes need to as well.

I’m still not particularly invested in Hikari as a character and I still find her unnatural expressions during specific moments to be a bit off putting. I also didn’t really find myself that invested in the Yagami siblings’ bond either. Like, I KNOW they’re supposed to be close, but I just found myself not being really convinced of their bond, unlike Yamato and Takeru’s bond. Probably because we never really saw them interact all that much prior or even them talking about how they feel about the other. So it’s a bit disappointing that the moment I’m supposed to really feel for the Yagami siblings just didn’t quite land for me.

Anyways, they essentially confirmed pretty early on in this episode that Hikari was actually Skullknightmon’s partner as she was able to trigger its evolution into Darkknightmon (probably to no one’s surprise at this point). Hikari is then sucked into Darkknightmon’s body, sending her into this dark labyrinth. I really liked the little detail of small flecks of light coming off of Hikari’s body, showing her being the light in the darkness even if its faint. Especially since it was able to call out to another light within the labyrinth. I’m also quite the sucker of plotlines where someone reaches out to the smallest bit of light within a consciousness of an enemy and purifying them. Similarly to what happened with Machinedramon a few episodes back. So I definitely did enjoy the scene where Hikari was pushing past the darkness to reach out to the small bit of light that had been calling out to her since she was small(er). And then we are finally, FINALLY shown the true form of Darkknightmon as the cat Digimon we have been promised from the OP.

However, while this is happening within, Darkknightmon’s body is starting to fade in preparation of being absorbed after all the power it had gathered to reawaken Milenniumon. But we all know that Taichi isn’t about to let that happen as he desperately fought against Darkknightmon’s defenses and attacks to save his little sister. And I absolutely LOVE the added animation to Metalgreymon’s evolution into Wargreymon of Taichi’s clutching his Digivice and the camera movements to eventually show the crest of Courage that Metalgreymon eventually flies into and Wargreymon continues flying towards the screen… chef’s kiss I honestly adore the transitions of the evolution that have them continue running towards the screen to keep up the pace and momentum of the scene. When this series wants to do something right, they do it right.

And while I’m still always disappointed that Wargreymon still oneshots his opponents, the moment was still very epic since he was putting everything he had into rescuing Hikari. Though I still chuckle at the thought of the kids spinning whenever their Digimon do. Before the darkness of Milenniumon’s spirit could swallow Hikari, Taichi and Wargreymon make it in and rescue her.

I also had to pause the episode and laugh when the alien-like Digimon sounded like a disappointed sports crowd when the light from Milenniumon’s fragment dimmed. Unfortunately, despite the rebirth of Milenniumon’s reawakening was thwarted, I doubt this will be the last time we hear of it and I’m sure it’ll make an appearance later considering how much they built it up. Especially since we didn’t get the names of the alien-like Digimon (whom I recognize from the original series but their name escapes me).

We then officially meet Hikari’s partner, Tailmon, whom Patamon immediately recognizes and I couldn’t help but awwww when Patamon was like “so that’s where you were.” YES I SHIP THEM. I’m always thrown off at how deep Tailmon’s voice is in Japanese as opposed to the English Dub, but I can see why they went with it since her evolution definitely fits the voice more. Tailmon and HIkari hugs were also really cute~

All of the Chosen kids and their partners are together at last so it’ll be interesting where they go with the plot now. Though I guess they have that satellite threat happening in the real world so I guess that’s the next line of action. But fillers are more likely to happen. Overall and entertaining episode that hit my feels a little, though slightly disappointed it didn’t hit me harder. Welcome to the team, Gato- Tailmon!


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2 Responses

  1. Vance says:

    That was quite a fast resolution to Skullknightmon and Hikari. I expected them to need to kill it and have Tailmon start from scratch as an egg, rather than Tailmon being hidden beneath the darkness.

    • Shadow says:

      I do admit I really like this resolution more since as I said, I’m a sucker for these type of situations and it definitely makes sense in this case as Tailmon is part of a fusion between other Digimon to form Skullknightmon. And I think that her starting from scratch as an egg would be a little too repetitive with Patamon’s situation.

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