Oh man I’m so scared for Daruizen, I actually feel a bit sick.  It’s crazy, but everything that happened this episode is exactly as I have been thinking would happen for a while now. But it didn’t water-down the impact whatsoever because it had me holding my breath thinking “Holy shit.” Guaiwaru getting eaten, the King taking advantage of the Mega Parts empowerment, Daruizen’s fear of losing himself and running away in desperate attempt to survive! MY HEART! PLEASE NODOKA, FIND A WAY TO SAVE HIM! HE JUST WANTS TO LIVE!!!!

But I completely understand why Nodoka ran away from him. She has the right to be scared, but man that still hurt to watch. Daruizen sought her out in hopes she would allow him to try and recover while hiding in her body from the King. It’s a pretty gutsy plea considering the two have been enemies, and with everything he had done up until now,  it is only natural that she has no reason to trust him, and now he is paying the price for it.

But the fact he has nobody looking out for him hurts even more after we just finished seeing how the girls all had family waiting for them to come home, hugging them with relief that they are safe and sound.

Since Nodoka rejected his pleas, Daruizen now finds himself backed into a corner where he has no choice but to try and save himself. Who knows how many fragments he will force himself to take. Obviously this is not something he wants to do because he knows he will be playing right into the King’s hands. But at this point, even though the potential consequences terrifies him, he would rather take that risk than not try at all.


PLEASE SURVIVE!!!! Q___Q I was screaming for him to run the entire time!

I don’t know what is in store for Daruizen’s fate at this point. Whether the King will mess with him, or perhaps the combination being in despair, and being in a weakened that makes him vulnerable to the consequences that comes with absorbing fragments.

Either way, I am very worried about him. I love Daruizen’s character, so I’m hoping there is a way to save him. If he gets killed off next week, count on me crying because I was already getting emotional seeing how distraught he was today. He really hit Nodoka hard when he called her out for being no different than him when it comes to putting their own safety above someone else’s. I am curious to learn more about the extent of Nodoka’s thoughts about this situation, and whether Daruizen is someone who, despite everything he has done, would be someone she is willing to forgive and protect without putting her health at risk. (Quick Tidbit: Worth to mention the background they used when Nodoka was running away was the same as the one used in the OP. So I’m curious to see how this is going to unfold!)

Apart from my emotions about my bias, man this episode was a doozy. I am so glad we finally got to see the Generals all team up properly to force the girls to fight one on one. Once they did that, the girls didn’t stand a chance. It just goes to show how powerful they are once they put their minds to it. As such it was nice to see Shindoine be serious for once, but it was too short-lived to appreciate. This is definitely something I would have liked and kind of expected them to play with more often since the first Mini Boss fight. Such circumstances offered a big opportunity to force more solo fights that could have improved their individual strength, but ever since then, they stuck together like glue. Whether that was really worth it is up debate considering Asumi quickly became the ‘bail-out’ card. Nevertheless, they didn’t stand a chance and they were all knocked out of their Precure forms for the second time today. The only reason they survived today was because the King had a much greater plan, and retreated for the night.

Speaking of the devil himself, FINALLY. AT LONG LAST, THE MOMENT WE HAVE ALL BEEN PAINSTAKINGLY WAITING FOR CAME TO FRUITION! THE KING’S REVIVAL! And I am happy to say, they did not disappoint! Dead? PFFTH, HARDLY. All they did was land a scratch! “Surprise bitch! Thought you saw the last of me?” INDEED! Yes this exactly what I wanted to happen!

I absolutely love how his character design is the dark counterpart of Queen Teatinu, and how he so cleverly bid his time, and was acutely aware of who was ready to backstab him (Guaiwaru). By being two steps ahead, the King was able to exploit Guaiwaru’s his greedy ambition. Just as he planned, Guaiwaru was eaten in spectacular fashion, all while Shindoine watched on with glee. Of them all, Daruizen was the only one who expressed horror and disbelief of what had just transpired.

Amazingly, even after all of that, the King had decided to retreat with Shindoine and Daruizen, where he then revealed he wanted to absorb Daruizen next. I suspect Shindoine is next in line, but I am surprised she wasn’t the first one he wanted to follow up on after consuming Guaiwaru. It will be interesting to see whether he has another purpose for her outside of absorbing her, or he is deliberately just saving her for last.

I am super nervous for the next episode, but please: DO NOT SHARE ANY SPOILERS! I am very aware there are spoilers around the web and episodes summaries too, but I would like to go into the remaining episodes blind! Thank you for understanding, and see you next week, because boy am I in for an emotional ride.


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  1. elior1

    I glad grace didn’t forgived him so quick consider the things he done. If she forgived him so quick it would be too rushed

    1. Eva

      Not only wouldn’t it have make any sense, but it would have been incredibly naive. It’s one thing if they had SOME sort of neutral relationship that gave her some grounds to trust him, but NOPE, obviously she’s not crazy about taking any chances. He is definitely paying the price for that time he whirled around and stabbed her with the fragment on a whim.

      He reaps what he sowed. Nevertheless I still hope there is a way to save him. ; v ;|||

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