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Oh goodie, this episode sure made up for last week’s lackluster showing! It was very satisfying to see Guaiwaru successfully pull off a ploy he had crafted all on his own for an exchange. He cleverly lured the girls into their territory where they (initially) didn’t know how to get out. He then had them “defeat” the King on his behalf, absorbed multiple Mega Parts fragments, and thanks to that he was finally able to 1 V 5 the girls. It is an understatement to say he desperately needed that tremendous power boost because boy his fights have been sorely disappointing up until now.

But as expected, nobody cares for Guaiwaru being the new King. Shindoine was particularly ticked off when Daruizen confirmed her fears that the Pathogerm King’s presence had disappeared. Though it was pretty funny how she roasted Guaiwaru for his new gaudy new outfit and refused to give him her support. She refuses to believe that her beloved King was defeated, so she has gone off to search for him. (And that will surely give her some loyalty points.)

Daruizen on the other-hand, as expected couldn’t care less about this new development. He was never loyal to the original King to begin with, so he doesn’t care who has the title does so as long as he has the freedom to do what he wants. He certainly was quick to take advantage of those liberties the moment Guaiwaru left to the Human World. It was quite fun to see him show a more mischievous and I dare say, playful side of him. While he could have easily gone all out as he had done against the girls before, instead he chose to actively try provoking Nodoka into fighting him, and he did that by interfering with their attempts of creating a portal to escape through. He was totally toying around with them.

But curiously, after he succeeded preventing Nodoka from getting out with her friends by attacking the portal, he didn’t do it the second time when it re-opened, and he tried to catch her instead. It was interesting to see him look at his hand afterwards, so much so I wished we had been able to see his face too so I could have better idea what’s going through his mind right now!

Needless to say, it won’t be long before Daruizen is hot on her heels. The preview for next week shows us he will be continuing his game of being a nuisance. His “playful” chase will likely prove to be a headache for Nodoka as she tries to heal the town because boy, their got a lot of work cut out for them. And Daruizen won’t be the only one they will have to deal with, but Guaiwaru too since he is excited to test out his new powers. Perhaps this might be the cue for the much needed back-up of the veterans Healing Animals.

Either way, the girls got their work cut out for them. At least 1/3 of the town has been undermined, and there’s lot of monsters to deal with. It appears Guaiwaru has chosen to prioritized corrupting the elements rather than taking advantage of producing Giga-Pathogerms, which we all know have proven to be more powerful. However we have also yet to see whether there will be any consequences of absorbing as many fragments as he did, so it could be he is just trying to focus on getting as much damage done as quickly as he can. After-all, the more time the corruption is left untouched, the more difficult it is for the precures to purify it.

But now that we have finally gotten to see Guaiwaru shine in this manner, man I really would like to see Shindoine have the opportunity to do the same. I have said it before, but it is frustrating to see how much they have undermined her character. After seeing what Guaiwaru is capable of when he puts his mind to it, if they were to make Shindoine sacrifice herself for the sake of helping the King complete his revival…. I don’t know. Honestly, while it is something I have long suspected might happen, I’m not sure how I would feel about the whole thing. Anyhow, it might not happen, so she might still have the opportunity to do something more. And who knows, maybe she will decide to absorb a bunch of fragments too.

And of course we definitely need to touch on Hinata. She had a rough time this week with having to face the consequences of one of her greatest flaws. My heart ached for her when she had her breakdown, but thanks to Nyatoran’s and her friends support, she was able to overcome it. And much to my surprise, while Chiyu and Nodoka who were taken out of the fight early on, it was Hinata held up much better than expected. She had some sweet recovery moves and thanks to her determination and desperate attacks, her failure actually led to their breakthrough of getting out of there.

And finally, before I wrap things up: I am so glad they showed us that the true King will be showing himself in some form or another in next week’s episode. If anything, I suspect it will probably mark as the cliffhanger. Given his curious form, I am left with the impression they might have managed to weaken him to some extent, such as perhaps tampering with the completion of his presumably new physical body. We will have to wait until next week, or maybe even the week after before we know for sure!


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  1. smcandy

    Well Eva I only seen the fight scenes from episode 39 and have only seen the fight clips for episode 40 I see if I’ll go for watching this episode fully when the subs are out. But I have run into something a little saddening but predicable since this pandemic has put a lot of animes their movies and their seasons puff their original schedule or on furthur hiatus air time.

    If you’re not aware because of COVID19 and the series being party on hiatus back in the spring of 2020 that Healin’ Good Precure season is only gonna be 45 episodes in total.

    Since we most of know know Tropical rouge is starting to air late to air in Feb 2021 being the first ever precure series to start late in the month of Feb while Healin’ Good Precure will be the shortest precure series of 45 episodes that will soon rap up.

    So if the info is true there is only 5 episodes left before Healin’ Good Precure is finished. Too bad if the pandemic never happened I’m sure Healin’ Good Precure would have the trational 48-50 episodes like it’s pretty cure season processors.

    1. Eva

      Yes I have been aware of the reduced episode count for a while now. Though I’m not entirely sure if it’s 100% on the pandemic, while there were definitely some obvious production complications because of it, the 2020 Summer Olympics was supposed to have been last summer too, so that may have influenced the total episode to begin with count as well. Either way the next series is starting later than usual, and that’s definitely because of pandemic. Personally I would have rather them to just start in March than cut it close in February, but I understand they can’t because of the complications of delaying the release of merchandise and all.

      Nevertheless, it is a real shame that this series isn’t getting 49 episodes, since it really could have benefited from it since they insisted on keeping some episodes that I felt could have been used for better purposes to flesh out the characters who need it.

      1. smcandy

        These things happen what can I say.

  2. elior1

    Eva lot of people were expecting king beyogen to be still alive and looks like it was true since his shadow in the preview. Did you also suspected that he was still alive after last week episode even if it looked like he was beaten?

    1. Eva

      As I mentioned last week, I wasn’t convinced he was dead mainly because it was so poorly done. If the King had been killed, I would have been extremely annoyed and frustrated. That’s why I am so relieved they actually showed him in the Preview.

      I am eagerly waiting for him to pull the “Suprise Bitch!” next week on Guaiwaru and make him pay for sabotaging him. He will have his 10 minutes of fame and then sorely regret it when he gets taken out. I am mostly curious about what Shindoine’s role will be in all of this. It’s about damn time her loyalty to him pays off, so I really want to see her be rewarded properly for an exchange. But considering the treatment she has been given so far, I’m not holding my breath for it.

      1. elior1

        The name of the next week episode also make sense now since it called the king’s shadow draws near

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