I cannot describe just how upset and disappointed I am with the way things played out. God this really…. I guess that just goes to show how much I care about Daruizen’s character…

Without a doubt, I know there will be many who are happy with how things turned out. And in all fairness, even I recognize there is an underlining message they are trying to send here: Don’t sacrifice/hurt yourself to help others who have hurt you. So I know many will appreciate this bold decision, and that’s fine! It is a good and strong message, nobody can deny that!

But I am one of those people who absolutely love Daruizen’s character, flaws and all. He played a BIG part in why I was so engaged in this series in the first place. That’s why I felt like they did him dirty, and I am devastated by this development to the point I actually cried. Don’t judge me, I have already repeatedly made it clear he’s my bias. So of course I have a lot of feelings about this.

As if it wasn’t obvious already, fair-warning: This is going to be heavily Daruizen Bias— which may seem ridiculous considering how significant it was for the writers to make Nodoka go down this route that breaks the classic trend. But I can’t change how I feel, so here we go.

Where do I even begin? The thing that aggravates me the most is the fact nobody even fucking tried to understand Daruizen, much less even try to peacefully communicate with him. For the entire series, I’ve been waiting, hoping that we would finally have the chance for the two to sit down and try properly communicating to each other. And if there was ever a an opportunity to do it, NOW WOULD HAVE BEEN IT. Precure has always been good about mixing in the grey area, but this time, where the hell is the compassion? Of all the characters, Nodoka had been given countless clues to Daruizen’s behavior, but not once did she even try think to about why he behaves that way.



Look, we can all agree that Nodoka by no means obliged is to help him, and she should always put her own well-being first.

But it infuriates me  that she didn’t even try to think about potential alternative solutions! Who said it absolutely had to be her body?

Seriously, you’re telling me they couldn’t have explored the potential alternatives? I would have been able to accept this outcome a lot better if Daruizen had refused to engage in a peaceful conversation about alternative solutions, but he wasn’t even given the chance!

And look what happened! It was because he was driven into a corner, he knew it was do-or-die, so he took the risk of absorbing all the mega parts! Then even after he was purified, he wasn’t completely erased and THEN THE KING ATE ABSORBED HIM!


The other thing that upsets me about this whole thing: Given the situation Daruizen was in, I think he would have been more than willing to hear Nodoka out on her questions and conditions. The questions she spat at him while they were fighting were reasonable ones: For how long would he be in her body? What will become of her? What will he do when he recovers? Those were the exact things I was expecting them to actually talk about. And you know what kills me inside? Daruizen had actually STOPPED MOVING when she said that. That means he actually stopped to think for a moment what that meant.

But no. Nodoka had no intention of giving him a chance to think about those things begin with. She already made up her mind before she even saw him in this berserk form.

So it was only natural that AFTER she told him she didn’t feel like helping him, he went back to attacking. Like seriously, what do you expect? Of course he’s going to try to save himself. Why should he just sit there to accept his fate? At that point I think it is only fair for Daruizen to fight back.

God this pisses me off. I can’t believe they did that to him.

Not to mention, it’s rather ironic don’t you think? How Daruizen has always been looking out for himself for his own survival, and yet here we see Nodoka do the exact same thing- and then she has the audacity to go on an say, “We’ll protect everyone’s body and soul on Earth.”

REALLY? The fucking hypocrisy.



I swear to God, it feels like Latte is the only one here who seems to have a better understanding and potentially compassion for Daruizen at this point. She was the only one who expressed concern after having heard what he had cried out about how his body and soul is important to him too. After-all, that’s exactly why he fought so hard to protect himself.

I don’t know what will become of Daruizen at this point. The fact he managed to survive the purification by reverting to his original form prior to the upgrade gave me hope at first until the freaking King came around and absorbed him. I would to like to believe there’s still a way to save Daruizen and even Guaiwaru (though I couldn’t care less about him). It infuriates me that of all characters, it’s Shindoine who is last one standing! I mean come, apart from her unwavering loyalty to the King has done little to nothing throughout the entire series. Even now all she’s doing is gushing about him! This isn’t what I meant when I said I wanted Shindoine to be given a proper chance to shine!

There are three episodes left. Three episodes. I honestly thought maybe if they had saved Daruizen they could have their talk next week, but NAH. Clearly that’s not gonna happen. If anything, it looks like Asumi might be sacrificing herself (though the Healing Animal’s arrival might help save her from having to resort to that.)

Frankly by taking Daruizen out of the picture this “early on” is a sure way to kill my interest, especially when he was treated in such a dirty manner. I am so upset that right now, there is a petty part of me that doesn’t want to watch the rest unless I am sure he will be saved. I really don’t like that they made this so black and white when there’s so much in between. I just want my boy to be alive and happy damnit!

So depending on how I feel, I might just take next week off to cool off and watch the episodes back to back to see if they can turn things around for the better. Unfortunately right now, I’m not feeling good about the way things are going.


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  1. Mushslayer

    You got a good point, that exactly how Hana (Cure Yell) deal with it when Charaleet become a big monster. Instead of killing him with a legendary precure sword, Hana purifies him by hugging him. (so cliché) You gotta appreciate the fact that this time it different, he like a virus, he needs a place where it infected in order to survive. Theres no other solution, HE NOT A HUMAN like Charaleet. The villians can’t just go back because they can’t live in the human world (that why their base is infected with the red stuff)

    Daruizen recovers then what? Go contaminate the Earth of course, that how virus works in our body too. They won’t be satisfied until the whole body is filled with virus (in this case the whole Earth) Thinking it that way, makes me feel much better about Hana’s decision. There’s grey area for bacterial but not viruses. Yes I know that totally different but I think this COVID-19 really affected the mindset of these writers because THEY WANT THESE Villain’s(viruses) GONE for good. This season wasn’t meant to go this way (they probably would go to a grey area like they always do) but they want to set a good lesson on these kids watching the show that viruses are just straight up bad and be KILLED ASAP.

    1. Eva

      Of course “recovery to contaminate the Earth” wouldn’t be the answer.

      The potential alternative solutions I am referring to could have been in regards to the healing process. For instance, what if there was a way to cure Daruizen, but it would mean he would no longer be a Pathogerm/stripped of his powers and he became something like a Healing Animal/Element, or a Human? Would he accept that offer?

      Varying on how he responds would appropriately dictate his fate, aka if he refused, well that’s on him passing up on the chance to live. If he accepted, well that could have been interesting too. He is an intelligent character that’s why I’ve always wondered how he would respond to such situations if they were actually presented to him, especially in one like today where he was backed into a corner.

      Nevertheless, your point is well taken.

    2. gantarat

      Yes I know that totally different but I think this COVID-19 really affected the mindset of these writers because THEY WANT THESE Villain’s(viruses) GONE for good.

      I mean From OP. I Think they was plan to ship them.

  2. Mushslayer

    Thinking it that way, makes me feel much better about Nodoka’s (Cure Grace) decision. Hopefully that cools you down a bit, I know they did Daruizen dirty. BLAME ON THE COVID for this decision. Daruizen just happen to be like a vrius in Nodoka’s body. I’m pretty sure the writers would of done something different and just talk their way through the villian like how they normally do it.

    1. Eva

      Yeah the timing for this show to have aired during a freaking pandemic couldn’t have been more eerie that’s for sure haha. But yeah, if COVID really did change their original plans, that really does suck. (I mean, have you seen the dolls of Cure Grace and Daruizen they were promoting side by side? After this episode… oof. They come out in February I think. SOBS Way to play with our feelings.)

      I’ve cooled down a bit already, but it’s my heart that’s aching the most right now hahaha. I haven’t felt this sad about a show’s decision since YGO ARC-V, LMAO!

    2. Emily

      Actually this whole nodoka not forgiving darizien and not helping him was planning from the beginning according to the animage interview

  3. DaRiUs

    Me personally, Im team Nodoka in this, lol. I think her decision is a good lesson for everyone watching that just because you can help someone, doesnt always mean that you should, especially if it would mean putting your life in danger to do so. Your heath comes first and I think it was such a breath of fresh air for Toei to go this route instead of the “we can save everybody” route they normally take.

    I would like to think tho that if King Byogen wouldn’t have come along, Nodoka and the crew would have tried to have a conversation with him (kinda puts me in the mind of Phantom and Yuko, after he was hit with Happiness Big Bang and Yuko nursed him back to health, they had a bit of a better understanding of each other after that). Hell, they might have even tried to nurse him back to health.

    I also think that when Daruizen first approached Nodoka about going back into her body, he came off as demanding at first and ofcourse the more he talked to her, the better his attitude got to the point he actually said “please” but maybe that put her off about it.

    I honestly think though that he will be saved. I do agree that out of all the generals on the show, if anyone deserves a second chance, he would probably be my pick because its obvious he has some deep routed issues going on.

    But I just loved how Rabirin had Nodoka’s back with her decision and made her realize she didn’t do anything wrong and its OK to put yourself first. Because Nodoka was really internally struggling with her decision and you can tell she felt really bad.

    I also agree with you about other options. While I dont think it would be wise to put Daruizen in anybody else’s body, I mean after all, he is a living virus. I still would have liked to see them discuss what else he could do.

    After watching this episode, I think it has opened quite the discussion about morality and what might be considered being too nice, or atleast for Precure’s standards. I love to see it! And while me and you might have different opinions on it, I definitely respect you and everyone else’s thoughts about it…I think that’s the best when stuff like this happens, it forces everyone to hear other people’s views

    1. Eva

      Aye, I won’t bite you or anyone for it. XD Like I said, I am just insanely biased for Daruizen lmfao. But if I wasn’t so affected by that – Yes, 100% this is a breath of fresh air for Toei to go this route. It actually bugs me a lot that this happened at a time when I’ve fallen in love with the antagonist character. Like DAMNIT, it shouldn’t be this difficult for me to appreciate this! XD It was good to have Rabbirin support her and remind her that it’s okay and she shouldn’t feel guilty for putting her best interest first. That’s a healthy pep talk.

      I had hoped for Nodoka and the crew to talk with him AFTER he had been purified, but the stupid King had the ruin it all. Though frankly speaking, given how she had already made up her mind, I wouldn’t put it past her to try and finish him off for good. :\ I guess I should be glad that didn’t play out.

      TT_____TT I hope he can be saved one way or another. I’ve read theories about him being used/turned into a “vaccine” of a sort, which is a curious idea and I wonder how that would pan out (if it still can that is).

      This really does open up the discussion of mortality in Precure. As you said, it will certainly bring about divided opinions, but it will lead to interesting conversations nonetheless.

  4. elior1

    In my opinion while there were other options nodoka were thinking before making it and stood by it and did not weavered. Also since we seen cure summer transformation in the trailer of TR what do you think of the transformation scence overall? The transformation gives me ala mod vibes while the show itself gives me smile vibes which means comedic type of season which i liked. I just hope even if it will have lot of comedy it wont be too wierd.

  5. Firechick

    I like Daruizen as a villain as well, but Nodoka doesn’t owe him anything. He’s been nothing but needlessly cruel to her, even long before they formally met, and he’s done nothing to earn any sort of compassion from her. The Cures’ mission is to heal the earth from the Byogens, and helping one might be counterproductive. He’s literally a sentient virus whose sole purpose is to infect anything and everything. Who’s to say he wouldn’t turn his back on them if they did offer alternative ways to help him? It is purely a matter of self defense against a parasite—not malicious selfishness nor any kind of bigotry.

  6. Awoo

    Let me just say that the message they ended up giving about not sacrificing your happiness and health to help someone who has only hurt you (like a literal toxic person in this case) is a super great message to give young children and anyone else who watches this show. That is so great of them and kudos for approaching such a deep topic!
    But i am literally so upset by how they ended things with Daruizen! I am a huge fan, he is one of the best villains who has ties to the protag (like george and hana were) and i really want to think that if not for the pandemic that happened, they would have taken a different route with Nodoka and Daruizen. Literally why would they pour so much time and attention and detail to their “relationship” just to throw it out the window with a half an episode ‘Lesson As Plot’??? It makes no sense in my opinion and i think they were planning something else with them that just didn’t end up working because they had the pandemic to worry about.
    The opening dedicates a specific scene to them as well! I think this is all too weird just to kill of Daruizen quick and easy! I really hope they can bring him back somehow but i understand if they don’t! I am still not happy about how they did him dirty!!!
    I honestly was surprised that precure didn’t give its usual compassion! Again, this was a good lesson to give but it’s not always this black and white!
    I truly think that this season was changed because they are really going for the “all viruses are bad and should be destroyed” instead of the usual “villains can sometimes be the way they are for a reason, there is always a way to help and no one is beyond saving!” But i guess viruses are grimly different from just a villain huh
    Anyway! Good for precure! Someone wake up me if Daruizen even gets a pity mention at the end of the series TT^TT

    1. elior1

      Nodoka had every right to make such a decision to not help him and reject him. He was the cause of her childhood illness and also didn’t show any remorse so I think the grace decision was finee.

      1. Awoo

        I agree! I 100% agree that Nodoka did the right thing! By accepting him into her body, she would have been in great pain again just like before which is what this episode was trying to teach her NOT to do! In the end, yes it was great that Nodoka rejected him!
        What i’m wondering is why she flat out rejected to hear him out at all. Maybe she was too scared to think because she had the triggering thought of suffering again but still. She really could have hid him a different way! After all, i think this would be one of the first case of the cures harboring a villain to prevent them from dying. And since this episode tackled being selfish then it would also make sense that keeping Daruizen safe (safe only, not healed from his wounds) to prevent him from making the king stronger would also be selfish in a way? Like if they don’t want the burden of defeating the king at his current state then keeping Daruizen away from him would be smart but also be in line with the precure way of “saving everyone’s body and heart” on the earth.
        Keeping him alive and safe would mean the king would never have absorbed him and thus not powering up. I dunno! I still think this whole season was changed so who really knows what would have been the real outcome if this pandemic never happened!
        In summary! Nodoka was right to refuse him! She shouldn’t feel guilty and anyone going through a situation like hers should have everyone’s support! But! This is a fictional villain on a fictional show that i really liked! I wish they didn’t kill him off but i also don’t want Nodoka to have accepted him into her body. This complicated and i am sad about it!
        But… i have hope still :’o

        1. Eva

          Well regardless how we feel about it, it’s not that hard to understand WHY she would flat out refuse to do so. Frankly I think the thing that really screwed over Daruizen’s chances was when he impulsively attacked her with the Mega Fragment. That seems to be the biggest trauma and the biggest memory, probably because not only it’s the most recent, but that was also the time when both of them learned the truth of his origins and his relation to her hospitalization (where she didn’t understand what had happened to her).
          After that she’s like f it.

          //Keeping him alive and safe would mean the king would never have absorbed him and thus not powering up.//

          I think the biggest difference between the norm and Daruizen’s situation are the crimes he has committed. It’s one thing to be stealing dreams, and heart-flowers and all that jazz, but actually physically harming people and getting them hospitalized is another. He is also incredibly powerful and intelligent- far more than we have seen in the past. So it does make sense why they wouldn’t want to take any chances.

          Basically the only reason why I had hoped Nodoka would have tried to reach out to him was by recognizing that Daruizen’s will to live is incredibly important to him. So if they were to use that knowledge correctly, there may have been a way to get him to agree to a truce without having to use her body or harming anyone elses’ in the process. Personally I think he would have agreed to such conditions. However the one thing that I am the most uncertain about (and it has been left unclear), is whether he could continue surviving without infecting anything or anyone.

          But you do raise a good point and I have been thinking the same too: Both of them are being selfish because they are putting their own health/well being first. So I wonder if we will see this be addressed, because it could lead to an interesting conversation, and a complicated one at that.

          Another point I have to agree with is that had Daruizen not been injured, he probably would have tried laying low and off the radar until everything blows over. So ironically, the fact it came to this point does put him at the cross-roads of (if given the opportunity to do so) what kind of life he would like to lead.

    2. Eva

      Yeah that’s the thing that bugs me the most. Aside the fact we all agree the intent behind the message was 110% justified for Nodoka to do and is a great and healthy example for the audience— it still hurts like a bitch. XD

      I have always felt like there was a small and discreet build up to Daruizen’s character learning about what it means to look out for others besides yourself. That battle back in episode 33 when Daruizen and Nodoka argued putting yourself first VS they would fight for others– really stood out to me. Why did he take it so personally? Why should Nodoka’s stance affect him? He could have laughed it off, mocked her for it, but instead he got pissed off. It’s moments like that when I want to know more about what’s going on in that head of his. What we do know is that compared to the Generals we have seen so far, desire to live and be himself is something that seems unique to him. It was never about “power”, that’s why he wasn’t greedy to become King (though one could argue that could have been the best way to try securing his freedom to put himself on the top), nor was he particularly loyal to King.

      Besides all the shit he has done, in a way Daruizen is also a tragic character in a sense of for someone who has such a strong desire to live, and yet he was born as a parasite that must be purged, and ultimately used as a fodder to feed power to the King. It leaves me with the impression Daruizen would wonder himself what was the point of being born in the first place if he can’t even be himself. I feel like we saw a bit of that when he expressed how this berserk form was not “who he is.”

      Honestly I’m not sure how they plan to resolve this, or if they even plan to offer him a chance of redemption at this point.

      The only thing I can think of that could POSSIBLY turn this around, is if Daruizen’s sheer will and desire to live is strong enough to protect his soul/consciousness within the King and retaliate against him by helping the Precures take him out. Who knows, maybe the fact he survived the purification may make him the wild card. For better or for worse, what he chooses to do will determine the outcome of his fate.

      But in order for that to happen, there are two things that absolutely need to be address first.

      #1 – Daruizen would need to genuinely be remorseful and apologize to Nodoka through actions.

      If he does manage retain his consciousness (which I would like to believe will be the key), since he’s trapped inside the King now without nothing else he can really do, there is an opportunity for the writers to use this time to make Daruizen reflect on everything he had done up until now and what Nodoka had said. After-all, he DID STOP even just for a moment when Nodoka made her case.

      So if there was ever a chance to reflect on his actions, this might be the best opportunity for him to do so.

      *This is the most important part because if there’s going to be any hope for redemption, Daruizen needs to do this first. He needs to understand and acknowledge what he did wrong. Considering Nodoka refused to help him, I don’t expect her to forgive him for it. So despite that reality, Daruizen will have to actually convey his remorse through his actions because they are louder than words– and expect nothing in return.

      #2 – To prove he isn’t going to backstab them, he needs to have the conviction to help the Precures take the King out (ideally) WITHOUT being asked, and expect nothing in return.

      This is an understatement because he can’t take back what he has already done, but what he can at least start making amends by choosing to help them. After all, as long there’s a will, there’s a way. So as long Daruizen has that, it doesn’t HAVE to be black and white. There may be a big price to pay for it, such as the risk of disappearing alongside with the King. But the most important take away from this action would be: For the first time ever, Daruizen would have to put others before himself, and that would be a big turning point for his character, allowing him to turn a new leaf.

      What becomes of him after that will depend on his actions. Whether he is able to reincarnate as something new for a fresh start, or be purified and purged along with the King – who knows what will happen.

      But if they do decide to go this route, then if done right, this might actually be the best and most appropriate way to do so without having to completely throw away the seeds of development that had been planted for him along the way– even if it means a tragic end for him.

      1. elior1

        In my opinion i think nodoka should not apologize since her reason for reject him was understandable. So i agree daruizen is the one who should apologize sincerely.

        1. Eva

          That’s pretty much it. Nodoka is not the one who needs to apologize, nor should she be the one to do so. That was in her right to refuse to help him, and she doesn’t have to forgive him for it either.

          This is all on Daruizen. If he wants to turn things around now he needs the choose that path of making amends himself.

  7. Step97

    The series had least had some good OST.

  8. Katy

    As much as I loved Daruizen (who was, frankly, the closest thing we got to a fleshed out villain this season), I thought it was so refreshing to hear a children’s show encourage a main character to put her own health and safety above potentially redeeming a villain. It would have been nice if the team had figured out a way to prevent the King from absorbing him and powering up more, but it was kinda realistic that they couldn’t manage to do that given that Nodoka and Rabirin hadn’t shared Daruizen’s pleas with everyone else because Nodoka was still traumatized from the two times that she had been infected.

    King Pathogerm’s new form seems quite influenced by his absorption of Daruizen. I wouldn’t be be shocked if there’s some sort of mental battle where Daruizen tries to reassert himself, or a purification attempt manages to separate the generals from Neo King Pathogerm instead of defeat him.

    Also, I heard a lot of Tachibana Hibiki in Cure Grace this week, which is ironic in hindsight because Hibiki is infamous for always reaching a hand out and making friends with her enemies.

    1. Eva

      I definitely hope we will get to see Daruizen fight against the King in some form or another.

      Actually I’ve been thinking a lot about various scenarios that could play out. The most recent one that has popped in my mind is what would happen if we were to see a situation where if Nodoka were either to invade or were dragged into the King’s body, and is attacked from the inside because she is the “foreign substance” that his body is fighting to purge, just like our body does.

      Now because Nodoka is Daruizen’s host, what would happen if the two find themselves in a situation where they have no choice but to team up (since Daruizen probably lost his physical body at this point) and by entering her body he serves as a temporary anti-body of a sorts so the King’s body wouldn’t treat her as a substance to purge? OxO The question is whether her body could handle it though…Or if Daruizen would be able to somehow make sure she isn’t in pain (not even sure if he can control that).

      But that would be pretty wild.

  9. KarmaKitty

    I know a bit late to the party but I won’t repeat what others have said (Least I’ll try not to) I agree with everyone else about the message and I do agree, Daru is my favorite villain in this but I can’t help but do agree with Toei’s decision to kill him off.

    I mean, if they did the whole “save him in the end”, it would just ruin the message that’s needed to be said. “You can’t help everyone and those taking advantage of you, SHOULDN’T be helped, least not by those who they tormented.” If the cures esp Cure Grace tried to save him again, it kinda would botched up the major message and also tell kids and impressionable young folks that “you can save someone that abused you so once you get out of there you can help them” and that would have been a messed up way to end it. Sure victims can choose to help their tormentors be good people once they helped themselves, but it’s not their responsibility.

    I get it. I adored Daru and wished he was saved but I can’t help but feel this was the best route to show not everyone should be helped and if they do get helped, I think it would have been poor taste to have the victim help them.

    Many people including myself definitely and obviously see Daru and Grace as a metaphor for abusive relationships so for Grace to help him and save him even towards the end I think would have just been poor taste. Maybe if Daru had gotten help, it should have been from say Cure Earth since she was taught more how to care for others and even know forgiveness. Like maybe Cure Earth helped him in secret, instead of Grace who is obviously the victim, then it can be implied that abusers can get help and learn to be kinder as well since you’re not born an abuser. It would still be in good taste to show that victims of abuse aren’t responsible for helping their abusers.

    In this day and age, I do feel that it’s very important to teach kids if someone hurts them, they have every right for the health and mental health to push them away and that they’re not responsible for giving help towards who hurts them. The abuser can get help but it shouldn’t be from their own victims. If they don’t get help and end up biting the dust, the victims of their abuse shouldn’t feel bad for it.

    If I was younger, I probably would have been more Daru Bias and definitely on your side, but I can’t help but be full team Nodoka on this one as someone that knows slightly, at least, what it’s like to be in an abusive situation and know many folks who survived it. I hope I didn’t repeat too much what others have said and hope this kinda gives a different perspective towards the situation. Feel free to agree or disagree. Just giving my two cents on it. ^^

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