I feel like my entire being is going to explode.

This is what I’ve been wanting for so long. And I didn’t think I would get to see baby Emilia so much AND!!! SHE’S ADORABLE! I don’t want to be annoying but she’s SO CUTE! AAH! I couldn’t help but smile the entire time because she is just so precious. But I’m just shocked that Betelgeuse appeared and…was normal. And kind. And attractive. It’s so strange to say all that considering he was unbelievably evil, grotesque, and just plain insane in the first season. I have no clue what made him turn into who we knew, but I’m guessing Regulus might be to blame.

Like Echidna said, this was just a warm up, and calm before the storm type of episode before things fall apart next time. And with how sweet and wholesome this episode was…h-hehe, I have to prepare myself for the pain. :’)

This episode was fantastic for world building, and of course giving us a lot of background for Emilia, who was an adorably rambunctious child. Emilia and Echidna’s interactions were entertaining, and I loved that even though Echidna was being petty af the whole time, Emilia just took it in stride. We finally got to meet Mother Fortuna, Emilia’s aunt and basically her foster mother, as her own parents are “too busy”. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but there’s a lot of secrets when it comes to them that’s suspicious. Thankfully Fortuna is a great person (I hope) and I do believe that she really does love Emilia, even if she’s hiding a lot. Emilia would spend most of her time alone in her princess room while Fortuna would go out and about. Just from this episode, it seems that Emilia is isolated from everyone else and the only person she interacts with is Fortuna (and eventually Geuse). Is it because she really is a princess (or that’s just a cute name for the room), or is it because she’s a half elf. Or does it have to do with this seal they kept talking about?

We don’t know anything about this seal, though it may be connected to the shard Emilia was stuck in before Puck found her. Interesting that it’s in the snowy part of the forest where she was found later on, and whatever this seal is maybe caused the rest of the forest to completely freeze over.

The elves live in this forest and Geuse’s group, the witch cultists, have a good relationship with them. They bring clothes and supplies to them regularly, and Fortuna and Geuse are a very close pair who have known each other for a long time (and kinda have a thing for each other, hehe). From the way Geuse spoke, it sounds like the elves were driven away from wherever they were before and had to live in the forest, but it seems like a very peaceful area and they have good relations with the witch’s cult. And this is in thanks to the art, but it’s a very beautiful and serene place. It doesn’t seem like there’s any problems whatsoever but it’s still pretty strange, as well as them mentioning that seal, and Emilia’s importance to it. Even though she doesn’t even know Betelgeuce (at the start), she already had some sort of relationship just from whatever is planned for her in the future. This is reinforced when they both meet for the first time and Geuce’s ends up dramatically crying in happiness, sort of revering Emilia as an important figure to him, like a goddess or something. It was a very strange moment that seems to be pointing to something, such as Emilia having some sort of connection with the witch cult, and a witch in general. And if Echidna’s words are to be believed, her mother being that witch herself, or just a witch. I didn’t anticipate Betelgeuse being a part of this, but Emilia’s connection with witches is just getting stronger and stronger. Basically, everything about this is strange and suspicious.

Another thing to note of are the lesser spirits. It was like they were willingly leading her everywhere, wanting her to see and hear certain things on purpose such as the conversations between Fortuna and Betelgeuse and actually finding the seal in the forest. I feel like there has to be more to them other than Emilia just having the propensity to be a spirit user. It could even be possible that one of them is Puck himself, considering from the flashback of Puck finding Emilia after she awoke from her long slumber, it seems that he’s known her for a very long time. Possibly from when she was a child? Hmmm…

Regulus makes his appearance, after not having seen him since the first episode of the second season when he attacked Rem and Crusche. I’m guessing things are going to go badly next time, considering his strength from the first episode. He may very well be the reason why Geuse loses his mind to the Betelgeuse we all know and fear. I feel like it’ll have to do with whatever happens to Emilia next time seeing as how obsessive he is of her. This episode was so cute and nice, I dread what damage Regulus will make for the next time in Emilia’s past. And hopefully we’ll see what’s up with the suddenly wounded Ryuzu.


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  1. Vance

    Emilia callled Mother Fortuna a liar, and given that Mother Fortuna just promised Emilia at the end of the episode that she’d see her again soon and that she’d let her see Petelgeuse soon, I think it’s highly likely that Regulus will kill Mother Fortuna.

    I believe Petelgeuse was crying tears of joy to see Emilia because she bears a striking resemblance to Satella. Remember in Season 1 when Petelgeuse possessed one of his fingers, who was an old man, and he was spazzing out about being blessed to be able to see the Witch? And Petelgeuse even said that it was foretold in his Gospel that if Emilia’s body was a worthy vessel for the Witch that she’d be reborn on the coming fated day. I think this shows that given that Gospels and not-quite-Tome of Wisdoms are based off of the original Tome of Wisdom that there is a very high chance of Emilia being possessed by Satella at the end of Re:zero. I believe Satella telling Subaru to come kill her one day makes this even more likely given that Satella would need to possess a body that is mortal to die, and Emila’s body fits the bill.

    I don’t think it’s that Ryuzu is suddenly wounded. Ryuzu Arma indicated that the Ryuzu clones could not operate continuously because everything they did expended mana, and given that their bodies are made of mana, they need to have a rest period. I believe it’s likely that Ryuzu Arma is just keeling over due to her being low on mana right now. She is probably near her functional limits right now.

    1. Berry

      Whenever a character makes a promise, it’s 99.99999% chance that they’re going to die. I guess we can understand why Emilia takes promises so seriously. T_T

      Aww man, that theory is just sounding more and more plausible. :/ and Betelgeuse reacting that to Emilia because of that makes sense.

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