Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 36

This was a fairly simple episode. Team fights Digimon in their way and prevents Tokyo from going boom. Though in all seriousness, that’s what this episode basically amounts to and is probably one of the less interesting episodes so far. What WOULD have made this episode a lot more interesting is if they actually focused more on Koshiro beforehand that would have built up to his victory a little better. I’ve been saying for a while now that the Digimon partners feel like they’re better written characters than the kids themselves. The kids all feel like they’re lacking a lot of their original personality and are basically watered down versions of who they were in the original. So while I felt happy for Koshiro’s victory, it still felt pretty lack luster because I feel like I haven’t really been with Koshiro all that much in the character department as opposed to the info guy.

Anyways, more on that later. Koshiro finally meets up with the group and informs them of the current situation about the falling satellite. They come across this tower where the Digital World and the Network are connected somehow. They didn’t really get into why that was. Honestly I wasn’t that interested in this whole satellite falling onto Tokyo plot because it just feels like a copy of what happened in the first few episodes of the series, just coated with a different layer of paint. They even address how it’s similar by explaining that the plan basically amounted to what happened in the first few episodes with the missile crisis. Which is steer the falling projectile off course so that it doesn’t hit the city. Come on Digimon, stop reusing the same situation. I was definitely more interested in the world building they kind of just glossed over. It’s a shame that we don’t linger too long on the fact that there are two giant ancient Digimon fossils. Since it felt like a world building opportunity, but no, we gotta stop the satellite because it’s going to crash into Tokyo in 20 minutes.

The fight with Bladekuwagamon and Metallifekuwagamon felt very basic in the battle department as they were only there and attacking the kids to make their mission more difficult. A typical roadblock if I may. And why does every group of attacking Digimon always have to have a “boss?” Everything about this series feels so repetitive at times. The only interesting about them were that they introduced how Digimon can evolve depending on their environment, which came into play in the episode to which… Sigh…

Alright… as much as I love the Greymon line, this is a bit TOO MUCH favoritism going on with it in this series. As soon as Metalgreymon evolved into Blitzgreymon my immediate reaction was: WHAT?! Are you kidding me???? I’m sorry, but I didn’t mind Wargreymon being the only Mega evolution, but TWO (three if you wanna count Machinedramon) for one Digimon. Yeah, no… this is too much and I do hope the other kids get their mega evolutions to even this out a little. And we did get a little bit of a tease for Kabuterimon’s mega evolution with that outline before sniping the satellite. But man, even if Blitzgreymon looked cool as heck and I do really like how the environment affects evolution… come on, give the other kids some love too. They be really taking Taichi to greater main character levels than I expected. Ugh… it makes me tired.

I did enjoy the little Koshiro highlight and how he had to step up and take the leading position in taking out the satellite rather than just support. And it was very touching how much he had come to realize that things are better with others there to support him rather than just being left to his own devices. Though I wish we got to SEE how things were with Koshiro beforehand rather than him telling us. So I did feel a bit disconnected because of him just giving us a summary of his character backstory rather than getting to experience it with him like we did in the original. sudden ensemble stars war flashbacks Also are we not going to get his more interesting conflict in his family life like we did in the original? Because if not… that’s going to be a huge shame because that was such a great character development moment for him and it hit HARD.

I think it also doesn’t help that we really haven’t spent that much time with the other kids lately and that they really don’t feel like as tight of a team since they’re constantly separated. Which is probably why I didn’t feel that convinced over Koshiro’s development of how much his friends mean to him. Taichi I can understand, but not so much the others in that regard since Taichi was the only one we’ve seen actively supporting and trusting in him.

With Tokyo safe (again), can we just focus on the Millenniumon plot and not have anything be happening in the real world? Just for a little bit? Since it honestly felt like there were way too many things happening all at once and the attention always felt pretty split. Though it seems like the next episode is going to be… filler-ish if not completely filler since Mimi just seems to be having a good time last we saw of her lol. So… that’ll be interesting… I think.


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