The episode wasn’t as action-packed as I was expecting as we only got a small taste of the fights, because a good chunk of the episode was dedicated to Emilia’s second trial. Which is fine, though I will say that there was a bit of disconnect between the two parts. And while the second trial wasn’t as impactful as the first one, it still warmed and broke my heart.

It really would have been adorable if nothing terrible had happened and Emilia could have spent fun and peaceful days with Fortuna and Geuse. It made my heart explode that for a moment she called Geuse “Father”. They could have become a close-knit family and continued to have picnics together and be happy. It’s such a tease to see what could have been, but that was the point of the trial. So we can see what the pattern of these trials will be. The first one was facing the past, the second is facing the “present”, or what could have been the present. Which makes me think Echidna will show Emilia a hypothetical future if she were to continue on the path that she’s put herself on, or at least the worst case scenario. With how strong her conviction and determination is, passing this trial wasn’t so difficult for Emilia. Of course a world where her loved ones are alive and happy is tempting, but Emilia isn’t the type of girl to turn back on all the people that are waiting for her now. She’s already accepted the past as what it is, and she’s not going to be lying to herself. I bet what the third trial will show her will be scary, but she even said it herself. She’s not afraid of the outside world, or of the future.

And ahhh the part where she jumps into the lake was mesmerizing. But it made me wonder…was this the first time Emilia saw her reflection, or the first time she was really looking at herself? She looked at herself in the mirror and seemed a little shocked, and then we found out when she jumped into the lake that she says that she doesn’t look like Fortuna, as much as she wanted to. Then again, she’s finally remembered Fortuna after so long of zero memories so this was probably a surprise to her. But also, this was the moment that she truly accepted herself. Both as a person, and her appearance. <3

And the fact that the villagers are still sticking by Emilia’s side until she completes all the trials is just so sweet. From being wary of her to finally supporting her, as well as the Sanctuary residents, is pretty amazing. Again, Emilia has come such a long way and it makes me happy. : )

Probably the most interesting of this whole part was Echidna’s reaction. With tears in her eyes and a pained expression, she just said how much she hated her. I can think of two reasons for this reaction. One, Echidna is afraid that someone will finally rid of the barrier of her precious Sanctuary? Or two, it’s simply jealousy. She’s jealous that a girl like her can self reflect and accept things and move on and find her own happiness? I’d love to learn more about what Echidna thinks.

Beatrice still needs a budge though, and it’s so sad that she’ll just accept a sad fate. Subaru didn’t really convince her enough to change her mind, and unfortunately he and the others have mabeasts to fight, and Elsa. Though I will admit, I was really disappointed that their talk ended so quickly. I was expecting something great to come between them and it just ended with Beatrice throwing Subaru out the room. Which falls in line with her character, but I really wish it hadn’t ended like that. I’m sure she’s going to take this time to think about what he said and eventually rush to his and everyone else’s rescue against that strong mabeast, so oh well.

I’m going to guess that the next episode is going to be a lot like this one where we’ll see a bit from the mansion and then move back with Emilia and her trial. I do think this episode was a little strange with the sudden switch, so I hope the next one won’t be as strange too. Maybe because there isn’t much time left in the season and they have to combine the two things together they’re doing this, and I’m worried the rest of the episodes will be a little rushed. Let’s hope not.


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  1. Vance

    I haven’t thought about it until now, but I think Emilia has a sixth sense of sorts.

    In episode 28, Emilia asks Roswaal, “What is this place?” in reference to the Sanctuary. She said that ever since they made contact with the Sanctuary barrier that she’s had this anxious feeling in her chest that keeps her from being able to relax. She said it didn’t feel like a Sanctuary but more like a… …Witch’s Graveyard as Roswaal attempted to complete her thought.

    This season, it is revealed that Emilia knew Petelgeuse when she was younger, and it shines a light on some of the things that happened in Season 1.

    When Emilia killed the final finger after staring at him for a while, she started crying. Even though her memories had been sealed, she might have subconsciously had a reaction to ending Petelgeuse’s life in that particular finger.

    Then after Julius killed Subaru/Petelgeuse after Petelgeuse had taken control of Subaru’s body, Emilia looked in the direction of where Subaru had been even though she should have no idea where in the forest Subaru had gone to. I believe that instance showed that Emilia felt Subaru and Petelgeuse passing away from the world since they had been slain.

    I think Emilia feeling uneasy about the Sanctuary shows that she can subconsciously feel that the Sanctuary serves as the resting place of multiple dead Witches of Sin whose souls are trapped there.

    Whether this quality of Emilia’s, provided that she does indeed possess such a quality, will have more story relevance remains to be seen, but I personally believe it’s a safe bet that it will.

    1. Berry

      Yeah, Emilia’s reaction to Geuse’s death was probably an unconscious one based on the fact that her memories were there but locked.
      There may still be some things dormant in Emilia since she’s still discovering things about herself so let’s hope.

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