The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 8

Of the episodes so far, this is probably one of the better ones we’ve had in awhile but there were still issues. The demon town scene was intense and the OST was fantastic, though that demon Emma scene was…well, haha. The Lambda flashback would have been fantastic if it were a whole episode, or at least most of this episode to properly explain things to us. We needed so much more. Basically, on the surface it was a pretty decent episode but it still lacks depth.

First of all, it was great to see what the inside of Lambda actually looked like. We saw that there were many different types of experiments the children had to go through, all of them being absolutely horrific. Though it seems like not all of them went through the same experiments. Since they were studying Norman’s intelligence, Norman specifically only did mental experiments such as a more difficult version of the tests he took at Grace Field, solving a Rubik’s Cube, chess, etc. His explanation for coughing up blood is probably because of the pills he was forced to take every day, whatever those were supposed to do. Barbara and the others were the ones that went through the physical experiments, except for Vincent who also had the same tests as Norman. This is all interesting and all, but…

Problem #1: What was the point of all this? Who the hell is Peter Ratri and did he also die in that explosion? Should I even care about this guy anymore? All we know about Lambda is that it was a research facility that would perform human experiments on select children. Why were these specific children chosen from their respective farms? In Norman’s case, he was probably chosen based on his test results from Grace Field. So then I ask, what were they looking for in these tests? How would Norman and the other children be a benefit for Peter and his “upcoming plans”? Was it so they could maybe create better humans for the demons? Find certain traits they could manipulate genetically? With all the babies and kids in tubes they had in their facility, that’s probably the safest bet. Still, there was no info given on that part.

Problem #2: How on earth did Norman make and plant those explosives? I know that he’s a super genius and him being able to figure this stuff out shouldn’t be too difficult, but Lamda had plenty of scientists, demons, and security around them where it would be difficult to plant those explosives everywhere. Even with the help of Vincent and the others, it would still prove to be quite difficult to plant them in the appropriate places. Also, how and where did they get the materials to make these explosives and without being caught. Norman had six cameras in his room and was under constant supervision so getting the private time to make these explosives seems almost impossible. This also leads into…

Problem #3: Norman figuring out how to make the demon drug is still completely unexplained. Apparently he learned how to make it back in Lambda but the flashback was about six minutes long and we went from seeing experiments, explosions, and escape in that short amount of time. And again, the fact that Norman and the others were able to make explosives in a high security facility, make a demon drug, save the others, and escape safely in ONLY A YEAR is kind of crazy. As well as his sudden character change, but I guess I can kind of let that slide since he saw children get experimented on every day.

The Lambda stuff was fine I suppose, but it didn’t really add anything new. It was mostly stuff we already knew but I suppose it’s better than nothing. Is Ratri dead? We saw Smee for a split second so that doesn’t matter too much either, I guess. How…disappointing.

Emma and the others manage to find Sonju and Mujika, which I kind of didn’t care about to be honest. Emma got saved just in time, and I knew that demon wasn’t dead just from one arrow to the eye. These kids really need to be smarter than that, which is funny to say because they’re also incredibly intelligent. Also, I noticed Don and Gilda don’t really matter in the end lol.

That little demon girl being named Emma was way too on the nose, I’m not going to lie it made me laugh a little bit. I know you want us to feel sympathetic and I guess make Norman hesitate, but making the girl also be named Emma was a little much. I do like that the elderly demon was a special blood, that was a nice surprise. There might be way more still around then other than Sonju and Mujika. Now, how will Norman react next time. My points from last time about their differing ideals still stand, so I’m curious to see if Norman will budge.


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2 Responses

  1. Kazanova says:

    Another anime original plot. If I remember it right, the manga also didn’t give specific explanation as to how Norman escape nor how he made the poison for demons.
    I knew it, they made Emma and Ray be the ones who found Mujika and Sonju. The other childre seems being pushed aside…

    • Berry says:

      Ah, so it would seem that I would be disappointed either way. Great, that’s awesome lol

      And yeah they really are. Don and Gilda were there but they didn’t do anything. Honestly if they weren’t there, it wouldn’t really change anything because all the focus was on Emma and Ray like usual. The rest of the children don’t really do anything either, which is pretty disappointing. And I don’t expect that to change…

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