Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu Episode 4

I have to say of all the episodes so far, this was the first time where I truly felt everything flowed seamlessly together. Though in all fairness, it probably helped that this episode focused singular theme that revolved around two major points, the strong suspicions of Sei being the Saint, and her further demonstrating the extent of her powers after taking the time to learn Healing Magic. But that wasn’t the only reason. Another big part that made it feel so well put together was how they pretty much addressed all of the little details I had been pointing out since the beginning of the series that I thought could be improved on. Addressing those little things really made a big difference, making it a lot more satisfying to watch.

I was also especially pleased to see we finally got to see Sei up to her mischief of getting carried away producing the potions. Perhaps I was a tad too impatient, but it’s one of the things about her that never ceases to amuse me. She has wayyyyyy too much doing this stuff, to the point that Johan has to go as far as kicking her out of the institute for the day or two because she’s eating up all their supplies. I got a good laugh when Johan appeared behind her with that murderous look when she was caught red-handed.

We also got to hear a bit more about Aira and the First Order this week. The First Order isn’t really something the Third Order guys like to talk about because of the tension between them. This is mainly because they are responsible for escorting Prince Kyle (the obnoxious brat) and his academy entourage. Since Aira is in their group, Prince Kyle has been taking her to the Eastern Forest where it is fairly peaceful, making it easier to train. But unlike Sei, Aira has not been showing the same kind of growth, nor any unique powers. As result, the First Order has not been participating with the Second and Third Orders’ joint missions expeditions into Ghoshe Forest. Compared to the Eastern Forest, this is the place where there are terribly dangerous monsters like the Salamander who had almost taken Captain Hawke’s life. All of this contributes to more and more people are starting to have their doubts about Prince Kyle’s claim that Aira is the saint. Heck, some of the Knights of the Third Order are already convinced and feel that Sei is the Saint.

And that belief is spreading around more than ever after Sei made the decision to heal the gravely wounded Second/Third Order Knights when they returned from their expedition. Although they had her potions, those aren’t enough to recover limbs lost in battle.

Sei came to learn healing spells after she was (yet again) prohibited from producing any more potions for a while. With nothing else better to do she decides to go to the library to pursue further research on Holy Magic to see if she can learn anything about healing to help out the Third and Second Order when they get back from their expedition. (She also was able to meet the King for the first time, who apologized for his son’s rudeness and offered her rewards for her contributions. A BIT LATE MAN. IT HAS BEEN A COUPLE OF MONTHS NOW! I guess better late than never though…)

When Sei made up her mind to help heal the knights, she understood there would be no turning back. But to her, it was a sacrifice she was willing to make, and she sure put her heart into it! It just goes to show how kind she is to put her own interests aside, when she could have easily pretended she couldn’t do anything about it in attempt to carry on her ordinary days.

Nevertheless, even if she hadn’t done it, her peaceful and ordinary days were already numbered. Long before she decided to heal the knights, there were already strong suspicions that she is the Saint have been growing due to her 50% Bonus Effect and her enchantment abilities. In fact, it was the enchantments that really put her on the radar. Erhart had been evaluating her that her ability, and suggests her abilities are on par or exceeds the Grand Magus himself. The only reason Sei has been able to have an ordinary and peaceful start to her new life in this world is because the Grand Magus has been in a coma ever since they had summoned the girls to their world. In a way, you could say that itself was a blessing of a sorts, especially since Kyle had outright ignored her, when further enabled her to do things without being imeaditely constrained to the responsibilities that comes with being the Saint.

And I really felt for Sei when she wished that she wasn’t the real saint. I understand why she would like to continue her ordinary life. After the word has gotten around how she has healed the knights from the Second and Third Order, more and more people are becoming suspicious or strongly believe that she is the Saint they had been looking for. As result, the way some interact with her are already changing. The men whose injuries that would have forced them to quit and return home are so grateful to her, they are looking to give something back in any way they can, such as escorting her around or looking to help her out. However for Sei, she would rather not be treated like a Goddess.

But now that time has come for the girls’ appraisal, which will finally verify that they are truly the Saint they have been waiting for…


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6 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Checking with the LN version, it seems the anime has reached the end of Vol 1’s content.
    Which makes me wonder how the remaining 8(?) episodes might cover the other books. Will they focus on Vol 2 alone, or try bring in Vols 3-4 as well?

    Also, Sei’s selfless decision to heal the injured soldiers reminded me of a pattern I tend to see in most Japanese shoujo/josei works.
    Most Japanese female leads there seem to usually act out of 100% good-hearted selflessness whenever they see people in need, regardless of any other factors that might justify them to not help out.

    I bring this up because I recall reading some Korean webtoons where the female leads might help, but with other factors in mind. For example, I recall some where the lead’s decision to help was 50% kind concern, 50% strategic/calculative consideration (ex. they have foreknowledge the soldiers are vital to the kingdom’s defense, their true potential will increase if they’re healed, plus it’ll help raise her social repute which she can use as insurance for next time*).

    Perhaps there are cultural outlook differences at play, where Japanese readers prefer kind selfless leads, while other countries might prefer someone more cunning and tactical.

    *Then again, those webtoons had its lead in a more socially unstable position and at risk of being crushed by ruthless palace politics and power plays unless they cemented their status somewhat.

    • Eva says:

      I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I can see why they might feel 8 episodes might be too much for Vol 2 on its own. So it kind of puts itself in an awkward position. I’m actually starting to wonder they might either:

      A) Choose to omit Vol 2 content that aren’t relevant to Sei’s character and her role in. Such as cutting out Aira’s POV and anything else that doesn’t really move the plot forward.

      B) Adapt Vol 2 up to episode 8-10 (rough estimate, thinking off the top of my head based on memory, take with a grain of salt), and use the remaining to adapt the beginning of Vol 3, opening up to a second season/cour- whatever they plan to do to.

      It’s just really hard to see them not adapt Volume 4 if they end up adapting Volume 3. Those two have to go together, unless they want to use vol 3 as a bridge to lead into a second season– which would still be a bit weird because it marks the beginning of the next major arc.

      C) Cram Vol 2 into three episodes (5,6,7) and Vol 3 (8,9) Vol 4 (10,11,12).

      So I think we might see this if they want to squeeze everything in, though the arrangement could be flexed with Vol 2 (5,6) and Vol 3 being (7,8,9).

      Yeah I have noticed the same. A lot of Korean Webtoons’ female protagonists in this kind of setting have that touch of craftiness and strategic decision-making- though these are mostly found in the villainess role or a reincarnation involving a book or game they’ve read, so they are looking to avoid the bad end.

      • zztop says:

        I dunno if they should cut out Aira’s POV though…because it does give insight into her mindset and how she could be led around so easily by others around her. If anything it seems like a rather vital thing to touch on.

        Checked out the author’s webnovel account, btw. She’s been actively promoting the anime release and related merchandise (ex.the OP and ED song CD releases) at the end of recent webnovel chapters, and is taking viewer impressions feedback on each anime episode via the webnovel site’s activity report section. (most viewers like it).

        • Eva says:

          I too hope they keep it because like you said, it’s important to see her POV of how things unfolded on her end and how it led the situation she’s in now.

          Thanks for sharing! It will be fun to check in weekly! I’m glad viewers are enjoying it! :3
          I didn’t have the author page, but I’ve been reading a couple of the chapters with google translate (RIP) – i decided to just wait until official release lol. I think I might have seen there will be a Nendoroid too? (I’m totally getting it if they release both Albert and Sei LOL) I MIGHT BE WRONG.

          • Kazanova says:

            Yeah, Aira’s POV is important since she’s also from the same world as Sei and the other Saintess. It’s so wrong to just skip her POV entirely. I hope the anime would still adapt Aira’s chapter. I can relate to Aira in many ways. The poor girl. (TT_TT)

            • Eva says:

              I also like Aira’s character, so it would really suck to see her and her friendship with Sei and Liz be cut out. I think most of us can agree that would be the worst case scenario. So hopefully it won’t come down to that.

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