Zombieland Saga: Revenge Episode 4

This episode was absolutely delightful to watch! It was fantastic to see the girls shift gears again by bringing out some epic rock to kick off the opening act for the Saga Arena performance. It was exactly what I had hoped to see after seeing Tae show talent with the drums! It was so much fun to see her on it! I was also quite thrilled to see Junko pick up the electric guitar for this performance, one of Kotaro’s precious items he had entrusted to her to help smash through all all the fear and hesitation. He really gave her a great pep talk today, and she took it all to heart– maybe a bit too much, as she ended up smashing his precious guitar. (JUNKO NOOOO!)

It was a bit unfortunate that Ai wasn’t part of this performance, but being able to watch the girls from the audience perspective enabled Ai to see what makes each members of Franchouchou shine. It also helped her get a better idea of how to guide them, which means Kotaro wasn’t too worried about that, and instead enabled her to be better equipped to help them take it to the next level. In fact Ai even pointed out that Kotaro wasn’t really concerned about Ai’s identity coming out.

While she didn’t participate in the first song, she did in the second, which was undoubtedly my favourite of the two. It was heck of an electric one, and I mean that in the literal sense. I found it to be quite fitting as it commemorates the new beginning for Ai with Franchouchou. After-all, when she had been struck by lightning, that marked the end of her days with Iron Frill. Now her adventure is with Franchouchou, bringing out of the unexpected and legendary skills that no other idol can do themselves, such as controlling the special effects, from their voices to the stage itself. It was so much fun to watch!

Although Junko was initially worried about Ai accepted Shiori’s offer, Ai had no intention of accepting it. She warned Shiori not to grossing underestimate them. Even if she isn’t on stage, Franchouchou will continue to find a ways to stand out. It was also hilarious to see how hostile the girls were to Shiori trying to bait Ai over, as Tae went as far to vandalizing their van.

But the biggest victory today was Shiori declaring Franchouchou to be Iron Frill’s biggest competition. To be acknowledged and perceived as a threat to an incredibly successful and established group, this will certainly pulls more eyes to Franchouchou, as more and more people will become enamored with their unique charms.

On the other-hand, I wonder what that reporter thought about this whole stunt. We saw him in the audience today, and boy did Ai and Junko have a close call with Ai’s arm almost slipping off. But for now, the girls live another day, hahaha!

Next week it’s Lily’s turn to be back in the spotlight!

PS: Ai opening her lunch to see “You Suc” because the rest of the word was stuck to the lid was hysterical! HAHA! (Actual Message: “You will Succeed!”)


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