Millenniumon is here and while I had hoped they would stop his revival, it honestly made more sense plot-wise for it to be revived since it was built up so much through out the series. This episode turned out to be a lot more emotional than I expected and I respect that. Despite the looming darkness, the episode still took some time to slow things down and allow some of the characters to just sort of stew in Taichi’s supposed death.

Okay so it didn’t blow up the entire continent. Good to know. But that doesn’t change the fact that both Wargreymon and Taichi looked to have blown up. But they have a new set of problems to deal with. Namely the fact that Millenniumon is just moments away from being revived. But man, when Sephirothmon morphed into Chimeramon, that looked DISGUSTING. Actually the whole formation of trying to revive Millenniumon looked pretty gross with the flesh-like substance trying to take form over Chimeramon. As soon as I saw Chimeramon I was like: Hey, I remember you! You’re that thing that was created in Adventure 02! Good to see some more callbacks to previous Digimon series.

Right off the bat, the situation just seemed so hopeless. Not only was Wargreymon and Taichi MIA, but all the other Digimon were hurt or unconscious. It’s amazing that Gabumon, Piyomon and Tentomon even had enough energy to evolve into their highest forms again. While those three went off in an attempt to stop Millenniumon’s revival, Joe and Mimi were left to protect the two Holy Digimon. And man, this episode made me appreciate those two so much. While Joe didn’t have a prominent role in the scheme of things, I did appreciate him trying to calm a frantic Hikari who was begging an injured Komondomon to get up. While he did a good job to de-escalate the situation a little, he wasn’t able to help Hikari emotionally. But that’s where Mimi came in.

They really nailed the emotions in this episode, even I was starting to get teary eyed even though I knew Taichi and Agumon would be okay. But the other characters didn’t know and just seeing them get emotional over his possible death really hit my heart. We finally see Hikari have a bit more personality and I appreciate just how shaken and distraught she was over possibly losing her brother. It was honestly really heartbreaking to see how she basically was just breaking down the longer time passed. And aw man, I was on the verge of tears when Hikari broke down and Mimi dove to comfort her. They really be treating this situation as if Taichi had actually died and Mimi asking Hikari to recount the fun times she had with Taichi just got me so emotional. And I really liked how they actually showed us just what the two did together, making the moment even more meaningful.

Mimi was wonderful this episode. Not only was she able to help comfort Hikari, but she also inspired hope in the rest of the group by believing that Taichi will make it back. And her little speech about loving seeing people smile was honestly really sweet. WE STAN MIMI IN THIS HOUSEHOLD. Step aside Takeru, Mimi deserves the crest of Hope in this instance. And while bad things were happening, I appreciate that Mimi wasn’t anxious over not being able to do anything in the fight but instead tried to make something that could possibly lift spirits with a corsage.

Even Komonodomon tried to cheer the team up by having flowers scatter all over the place. I really like how Komondomon established itself as a character amongst the kids. It’s really adorable how he’s become such a big part of the group without being able to talk.

Unfortunately, before things could get better, things get worse with Millenniumon gaining a physical form and successfully awakening. And man does it look terrifying. I’m not sure what it was doing, but it can’t be good since it literally made the landscape blue-toned. Also can we just talk about the music that was playing when Millenniumon awakened? It did really well to let us know that the big boss has appeared and just gave me a lot of Ghibli vibes in general with how it sounded.

However, because we knew that Taichi would never actually get killed off, makes a triumphant return to invoke courage in a hopeless situation. And while I had hoped Taichi wouldn’t have come back so soon, the callback to a part in the opening when Wargreymon emerges from the flames made me more emotional than it should have lol. But what happened to the group that was on the ground??? Did they get absorbed by Millenniumon or were they transported somewhere??? Guess we’ll find out next episode, but I was like “Um what???” when it happened.

The stage is set for the supposed final battle. Though we still have like 17 more episodes left so I’m not sure what the rest of the series has planned. However, what I do know is that YOU CAN TELL THE BUDGET IS COMING IN THE NEXT EPISODE AND I AM EXCITED. I’ve been waiting to see a well animated fight scene with Wargreymon and I think we’ll finally get it. I hope that the fight with Millenniumon doesn’t end with one fight because with how this thing was built up, it’d feel pretty disappointing if it didn’t last as long as say Orochimon. I do hope that the other kids have a hand in defeating Millenniumon and it won’t just be Taichi and Wargreymon. Even with my extreme bias towards Wargreymon, I’d like it if the others got spotlight within the fight. I wonder if Omegamon is going to appear again. I feel like it’d be acceptable for him to appear again considering this is like the ultimate evil.

I’m definitely eager to see what will happen from here. Come on Digimon, don’t let me down here!


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  1. Vance

    I do think Mimi, Hikari, Takeru, and Joe were absorbed by Millenniummon given that it seemed to be absorbing data from the surroundings. Taichi will probably have to break them out of Millenniummon next episode.

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