Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu Episode 6

Sei begins her magic lessons with none other than Yuri Drewes as her teacher. It may seem like an overkill for the Grand Magus himself to be the one to teach Sei, who was looking to learn the basics of the basics that can’t be learned from books, but none of that matters when Yuri is determined to unravel the mysteries behind the Saint’s magic and power. Not much is known about the Saint because the Kingdom has always been tight-lipped about the Saint’s abilities, which makes sense given how precious the Saint’s role is to them. This not only protects the Kingdom, but also the Saint as well.

But you could also argue Yuri is probably the best best to train Sei anyways. It’s because he is one of the most powerful mage in the Kingdom (among one of the very few who can wield multiple attributes), that he is able to identify things that some others may not be able to do. Today after their power transfer, he mentioned that she has something more than Holy Affinity, which may explain why everything she touches gets an abnormal boost its effects. But he certainly had a scary smirk of excitement on his face after they did a power transfer for him to analyze. He is also not shy of pushing her, something which Erhart in particular was concerned about when he was told Yuri was going to be her instructor. In fact he is notoriously known his intense training sessions, some of which even Sei has witnessed herself. Not even the Assembly’s best and brightest can keep up with him after a day of work.

Nevertheless, despite knowing a bit about Yuri’s intense training sessions, Sei is determined to do what she can to keep up. So she sought out the opportunity to join in with the Knights from the Third Order’s training sessions so she can improve the speed which she can cast her healing spells. Hilariously, she had assumed the intense practical training Yuri has been putting her through was to help her prepare for the day she is called to accompany the Knights on their expeditions. But as it turns out, that was just because Yuri wanted to study her abilities and magic power– it had absolutely nothing to do with preparing for the expeditions. He only thought about that after she mentioned it. It just goes to show how he loses sight of the biggest picture when he becomes so obsessed with one thing.

However since the next expedition will be at the Western Woods again, which have been the most problematic and dangerous spot near the Capital, Yuri strongly suspects Sei will likely be assigned to join them. When that happens, he would accompany her. Although he said he would make sure that she will be safe, just like the rest of us, Sei understands what he forgot to mention it’s because he wants to study her more.

Magic wasn’t the only thing Sei was learning this week. She has also started taking etiquette lessons, which were somewhat more relaxing than Yuri’s rigorous training sessions. It requires her to be dressed up properly in gown that requires a corset, and today she had dance lessons. She usually just practice with her instructor, but today Albert had dropped by before she finished (¬‿¬ sure buddy, you accidentally dropped in early). Of course, the instructor imeaditely asked of him to be her partner, and he is not about to pass up that opportunity, haha!

It goes without saying, this was one of many scenes between Sei and Albert that I have been excited to see in action, so I was quite pleased to see we actually got to see them dance for a bit as opposed to solely relying on still images! And it was soooo good too, because the moment he took her hand, he imeaditely pulled her into the dance and heheheheh, it made my heart swoon. I LOVE THESE TWO SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Thank you for animating the dance. Made my day.

But what surprised me was how they re-arrangement the placement of their conversation. Now I am nitpicking the details here, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed to see the conversation was not held while they were dancing. It seems that they decided it would be more fun for the audience to be left to their imaginations of what Albert said during that moment he leaned in close to her ear. Instead, the conversation was saved until after they finished and were seated. They definitely they tried to recreate the very sequence in a similar way by having Albert lean in close, but the re-arrangement didn’t quite give me the same degree of heart-fluttering feeling I get whenever I read the novel and manga.

The main reason for that was because their conversation was Albert’s way of helping Sei relax. It also served as the purpose to show how these two are able to comfortably talk while being intimately close to one another. And by doing so, I felt it highlighted the chemistry between them. That’s why when I compare to two, the seated conversation came off as a somewhat watered-down version for me.

Besides the fact I feel there was more meaning to the conversation to be had while dancing, would it be fair to say I also consider it to be more romantic? NEVERTHELESS, they still made it swoon-worthy alright, I MEAN LOOK AT THESE TWO! (I have a lot of feelings okay?!)

Apart from that, what I really love this scene is that we get to learn a bit more about Albert, something that has been sorely lacking up until this point. And it’s important, because it helps us identify why he has fallen for Sei. We can see the two get along very well, and in many regards they actually share a lot in common. We got to see that today when they talked about Social Season approaching. Neither one of them likes parties, so if they could both of them would choose to decline the invite rather than attend. But that didn’t stop Albert from taking hold of the opportunity to be the first to ask if he be her escort (date) the day she is eventually invited to a ball, an offer which Sei accepted.

After the dance lessons, Sei had been invited to join a Tea Party with Elizabeth. Sei didn’t actually recognize she had been the one to invite her right away because she forgot about her last time to connect the dots. But what she didn’t know was that Elizabeth is engaged to Prince Kyle… which really sucks, to say the least.

Elizabeth is quite fun with the way she teases Sei, from romance to her role as the Saint. In fact she has always known that Sei was one of the two girls who had been summoned to their world. She was able to identify her the same way she did with Aira. While Elizabeth is not classmates with Aira (who is a year higher than her), she is not a simple observer to the problem she has shared in the past about the girls’ fiancés being more interested in Aira. Her own fiancé, Prince Kyle was the first one to be guilty for that, as he chooses to prioritize the girl who he claims to be the Saint as she appeared as such to him.

Sei expressed concern for Aira as she is concerned about how she is fitting into this society. She shared with Elizabeth how back in their world, their society doesn’t have the same customs as this Kingdom does, so she asks of her to be more understanding just as she was with her, because Aira may not know making friends with young men who are “taken” isn’t “proper”. However as much as Elizabeth would like to do so, the problem is that Aira is surrounded by the likes of Prince Kyle and his circle. Just based on his attitude when he was told about the King recognizing Sei as the true Saint, you can tell it would be difficult to approach Aira when he, based on what we’ve been told, has been coddling her since day one.

That’s why I’m looking forward to next week’s episode! Since it’s call “Interlude”, I am pretty sure we are going to finally get to see Aira’s perspective, which is the exact follow-up to this conversation in the book. It will be a nice change of pace, and will offer more insight to what has been going on! Until then, see you next time!


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4 Responses

  1. Kazanova says:

    Having a pretty greatest magus as a teacher seems great….or so until you become his “test subject”. If I’m in Sei’s position, I’m not sure if I’m lucky or unlucky to be Yuri’s student considering how eccentric he can be.

    Getting married to an idiot as a husband equals unhappy marriage. In fact, him becoming a king will doom the whole kingdom to disaster. Because of the stupid prince’s fault, Aira is misunderstood by other girls. Seriously, whose influence that he grew up like that? Elizabeth, I hope you can find a better man as your suitor.

    • Eva says:

      LMAO IKR! He can be like an impatient child too, “Ehhhhh you can’t do it yet?” “Too slowwww”!!!! He really does have a great variety of expressions though. That care-free smile means trouble, that eerie smirk means he is excited and could easily be perceived as something more sinister, and then he also can look quite cool– until you remember he’s only saying that because you’re his lab rat.

      I don’t think the King is stupid enough to make Kyle King, or at least I hope not.
      And damn straight, Elizabeth deserves better! =3=

      • I hope I can see Yuri in action. I’m curious how the greatest magus use his magic against monsters. (^_^)
        By the way, just to let you know, from now on, I’m going to use this account to comment. I decided to try and start a blog 😀

        • Eva says:

          ¬‿¬ All I can say is, look forward to it. OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

          Congratulations! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ GAMBATE! I am looking forward to reading your stuff!

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