Well, this episode was certainly a great bit of levity… until the last few minutes. Though I feel like the silliness in 85% of the episode was warranted after last episode just destroyed my feelings. I thank this series for giving me at least a little time to try and heal… Though of course they couldn’t hold off on the drama for long. But first things first… CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW THE OPENING IS 2D???? I legit shouted: IS THIS IN 2D?!?!! when I saw it. Definitely very different from the first two openings but I WELCOME this change. It was so cute and happy… it was honestly a little painful to watch because of all the pain and sadness this season has brought me lol. But dang, Troyca really be stepping up their 2D game this season having both the opening and ending be 2D. I appreciate this very much. Anyways, back to the actual episode…

Ever since their falling out in the first season, I was honestly hoping we’d see this conversation from the Izumi brothers. It felt like a long time coming for sure and I wasn’t sure if it’d happen or not. So I was extremely happy to see them finally address it. Since season 1, we knew that Mitsuki has always felt insecure being the older brother since he has this mindset that no matter what he does, he can’t compare to Iori. ESPECIALLY when he finds out that he was only scouted because of Iori. Which must have hurt his pride a bit and also feeling as if he can’t do anything on his own without help. And as an older sibling, I definitely can relate to how he feels. While Iori had good intentions, being helped by your younger sibling like that can definitely cause some inferiority to bubble up. Especially when it feels like they’re kind of butting into your business.

I’m so glad that Mitsuki was finally able to understand that Iori was just worried for him and wanted the best for him. So of course he wanted to help him in any way that he could. It’s honestly a lot of maturity on Mitsuki’s part to realize that and properly apologize. After having been on the opposite side of the argument of just wanting to help, Mitsuki understands just how much it hurts to have the person you’re trying to help just vehemently refuse their help. I feel like my heart broke when Mitsuki started tearing up over the realization.

I absolutely love the Izumi brothers’ bond. Out of everyone in this series, they are probably the ones that have the most “realistic” drama and something a bit more relatable. While most characters in this series suffer from super grandiose situations, the Izumi brothers’ main issue stems from their relationship with each other as siblings. It’s honestly a breath of fresh air compared to the others’ drama and they feel more realistic as characters. Iori is such a weird character at times, but with his brother, he cares so much for him and even left the dorm to go after him because he didn’t want Mitsuki to be alone. And honestly, I do think it was best for Mitsuki to not be alone at this time. He definitely needed someone there and of course Iori obliged. But come on Iori, I know you don’t like physical contact, but freaking hug your brother! Well, I guess he was about to until Momo showed up and picked them up.

Back at the dorms… it’s chaos as expected. None of the minors can freaking cook and just the imagery of Nagi suffering with Tamaki and Riku’s cooking attempts was just hilarious. Man, they really can’t survive with mom #1 and dad around to cook for them. And then when mom #2 tries cooking… It’s hilarious that Sogo isn’t necessarily a BAD cook, he just likes to layer the spice on THICK. Considering how he always likes to drench his food in tobasco, his dishes are probably spicy as heck and not made for those with weak spice tolerance. Sooooo all of the minors are most likely going to die either from heatstroke or starvation. And man I just lost it at how Sogo just sprinkled his stash of red flakes all over the dish before they could stop him and they understandably started panicking. As a spice baby, I too would die if Sogo cooked for me lol. But man, did it hurt how literally right after, Riku noted how big the dorm suddenly felt now that it was only the four of them now.

Nagi apparently also has a stalker? And from how he’s doing things, it’s someone he wants to keep away from him, but not necessarily get arrested or have a restraining order on. I’m not going to go into it because spoilers. But it’s definitely something to keep in the back of your mind for future events…

The situation has the remaining four in the dorm bogged down with uncertainty and worry. Though that doesn’t stop from hilarity to ensue through out their conversations. The gag where Tamaki puts up a picture of Sogo in front of his face while imitating his voice cracked me up. Though when Riku calls Iori to see how things are doing on his side, I got a bit annoyed with him. It was very obvious that Riku was projecting his brother insecurities on him and I’m like: Riku, you are not HELPING. I could not take Riku’s side anywhere in that whole conversation. Iori and Mitsuki’s situation is completely different from Riku and Tenn’s so Riku really had no business imposing his feelings onto Iori like that. He was incredibly childish in that moment and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes during the whole thing. This is definitely a big reason why I don’t like the Riku and Iori dynamic. While they do care about each other, they’re just CONSTANTLY arguing as Riku is always bringing emotions into the arguments while Iori is giving facts and logic. Not the greatest combo if you ask me, but whatever. Though I did admit I just started cackling when the next shot just had Sogo cover his face with his hand in dismay after that dumb argument.

Iori and Mitsuki have taken refuge in Momo’s home and man the Izumi bro sure are wife material lol. But I absolutely lost it when Mitsuki interrogated Momo on the frozen bread and fish that have been in the freezer for quite some time. I feel you Momo, I too put too much faith in the powers of freezing. I need a Mitsuki in my life lolololol. Even the trash box shoot returns and for good reason this time! And man, the visual gags were just on point this entire episode where Iori just literally punches the imagery of him and Mitsuki in those dinosaur onesies. I do actually hope they end up wearing them some time during their stay.

However, happy fun times can’t be all the time as Iori brings up what Yamato talked to him about back at the end of episode 2. Where Yamato said he had information that could possibly ruin Idolish7’s image. And here, we find out that Momo has taken Ryo’s offer in exchange for protecting Yuki. I am disappointed that Momo is possibly just using Iori and Mitsuki to get closer to Yamato. We know how much Momo loves being a good senpai and knowing he’s essentially betraying and throwing his kohai under the bus probably doesn’t sit well with him. Though he probably felt like he had to choose Yuki’s well being or his kohais’ well being and we all know which one he’d choose in a heartbeat. I’m not happy about what Momo is doing, but I can understand it. Especially since he witnessed Yuki broken down before and probably never wants to see him like that ever again. But gosh the music that played when Ryo smiled… CHILLING and sounded like a horror film soundtrack.

There are just so many visuals representing Yamato’s feelings and image scattered through out this episode. In the flashback, it first shows him walking behind his thick-barred fence. A very obvious showing of how trapped he must feel in his situation. Not only that, but they’ve been showing Yamato with mirrors a lot lately. Most likely depicting the duality of his personality and nature. Not to mention it may also represent how no matter where he runs, his connection to his father is always there. A lot of people in the industry constantly comment on how much he looks like his father, which is probably why he may take a lot of issue with how he looks and may even try to hide it a little by always wearing glasses.

Looks like Re:vale is just picking up their kohai’s off the street as Momo picked up the Izumi brothers and Yuki ended up taking Yamato in. However, it became very obvious very quickly that Yuki may not be the right one to helping Yamato talk through his feelings. Especially after Banri stated earlier in the episode that Yuki lacks a lot of tact and just says things bluntly without really understanding the levity of someone’s emotional state. Yamato wants to contribute using his works rather than him just being there in the group for the guys as he most likely can’t understand or believe that they actually care about Yamato not for his work but for himself. Yamato has helped the others, specifically Sogo, Tamaki and Mitsuki out so many times. And despite all of his time spent with them, it’s honestly really sad that he doesn’t see the emotional impact he’s made on all of them. And yes, Yuki makes a fair point that Yamato is focusing on the wrong thing, because he is. However, Yuki went a little too far with his teasing by pressing one too many buttons when Yamato was in a very terrible mental and emotional state. Which leads us to probably one of the most shocking scenes in the series so far.

Yamato just snaps and starts attacking Yuki after he makes a rather flippant remark about how much Yamato is like his dad. Now I did say there didn’t seem to be a right or wrong way to handle Yamato’s situation but this was definitely the WRONG way. I understand it’s just Yuki’s way to be blunt with others, but yikes… that was just BAD. Yamato wants to be loved, but doesn’t believe he deserves it. So he’s trying to earn it through his work. But as Yuki puts it, it’s not HIM. And while yes, Yamato probably needed to hear that, Yuki’s lack of empathy and delicacy in the situation just made him come across as if he were looking down on him. Which ends with Yamato attempting to STRANGLE him. Now, even after reading this part in the game beforehand, I was still very confused as to why this happened. What pushed Yamato to try and MURDER him??? Was he just pushed to the very edge of his emotional limits due to Yuki’s provocations? Though I guess thinking about it a little more, Yamato was probably super on edge whenever Yuki was around because he was the only one close to the group that knew his situation. So being as paranoid about it as he is, Yamato probably can’t help but feel anxious whenever he sees Yuki with the others, in fear that he may just tell them. But his last line of wanting Yuki to just be “kind to him” confuses him. It kind of seemed like he wanted Yuki to help him somehow or he’s just desperate for the one person who knows is situation to comfort him in a way.

My gosh, this episode went from 0 to 100 REAL FAST. I was laughing so hard during the majority of the episode… until I saw where the episode was headed and was like: Oh boy… here comes the strangling part. Another rollercoaster of an episode where I laughed, I cried, I was SHOOKETH… all of the emotions. That last scene was a lot to take in and I’m not even sure what it all meant. But after Yamato trying to straight up murder Yuki like that, I’m not exactly sure how I feel about him currently. I do feel sorry for him… but he definitely crossed a line this episode. Hopefully his redemption is a good one because that’s a pretty steep hill to climb after what he did.

Also looking over last week’s post, I realized that I forgot to talk a little more about Nagi. What I wanted to say before I forgot was that for the first two seasons, Nagi had been a superstar with keeping the group together and just going out of his way to really help them when they needed it. Like when Iori messed up, he supported the group and brought hope and smiles back to their faces. And then last season, he ultimately helped Mitsuki when he was just on a downward spiral. However, I appreciate this season shows that he can’t always be the saving grace and that he is still capable of failing despite his genuine desire to help. It just shows that even if you want to help, it’s not always going to work out. It’s honestly great storytelling even if it hurts.



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  1. Gottis Chan

    That end scene left me VERY conflicted about Yamato. Honey, I KNOW you’re hurting, but lashing out to others violently is never the answer, not to mention a MURDER ATTEMPT. But at the same time, GOSH I love the insight in his character! When I started watching Ainana he was easily the one I was the least impressed with, he seemed kind of boring and had MAYBE a skeleton or two in the closet, but mostly just the grown-up, big brother type and I rarely gravitate towards those. Just goes to show HOW LAYERED THESE PEOPLE ARE and I am blown away * ___ * (Also feel I have to steel myself before each and every episode because I7 do be bringing that pain train)

    1. Shadow

      2000% agree. You can have your reasons, but it is never acceptable to lash out at others or purposefully hurt them like that. I’m honestly impressed with how intricate the character writing is in this series (some better than others) and it’s great seeing them all develop. But yeah, we gotta wade through a lot of pain to get to it. I could literally write an essay on a good chunk of the characters.

  2. I love Yamato but he seriously pissed me off so much in part 3, I get him but he was being such a jerk

    1. Shadow

      I agree. For the most part I’m fine with Yamato, but my gosh he really tested my patience with how he treated his friends who were only concerned for his well being.

  3. Williukea

    I think the reason he almost killed Yuki was because he got too attached to the character he plays in movie – his character is someone who kills people because he knows nobody alive would actually like him, plus he seems to have daddy issues too. Yama’s mental state was messed up, Yama believed he had to finish making the movie to actually help i7 before the shit goes wrong due to his secrets. Because Yuki provoked him, he let the movie character take over and tried to kill Yuki because he, like the character he plays, wanted Yuki to love him without actually putting the effort into being loved, because both he and character believe they can’t be loved no matter what.

    1. Shadow

      I probably can agree with 50% of that. I’m not particularly sure Yamato let his character take over, but I can agree that he just had a lot of paranoia and the built up stress and mental state decline just caused him to snap. Though I will admit, the last line he said in the episode did feel very reminiscent of his movie character.

  4. Goodies

    I honestly found Iori and Riku’s conversation on the phone extremely funny like bruh he called Iori a brocon so I’m a little dissapointed you took it seriously especially with Riku’s reaction after he cut the call(iori and Riku ate my favs so I wanna protect them)
    I’m really worried about momo and tomato. It’s annoying to know that the guy who’s behind this is that snake eyes ryou guy(he’s an asshole) but hey Tamaki and Riku’s (airqoutes) food made my day and sogo’s pasta(pool of blood) I love my flyaway, mezzo and Pythagoras trio so much so I hope you can be a little more understanding with other characters apart from your favourites I’ve been reading all your posts since s1 and it’s just how I feel about it(lol I just mostly want you to stop dismissing some golden moments cuz you didn’t really enjoy it)

    1. Shadow

      First off, I didn’t cover the first two seasons, Eva did. This is the first season of Idolish7 (aside from Vibrato) that I’m covering. Second, just because you like certain characters, doesn’t mean they’re barred from being criticized if they did something wrong. I don’t even recall explicitly stating which characters are my favorites in my posts so far. Even then, I will still criticize my favorites when they’ve done something in poor taste as well. And honestly, take my opinions with a grain of salt. Your opinions are your own and my opinions are my own.

    2. Eva

      Hi Goodie, I’m stepping in because I don’t think it’s fair of you to be criticizing Shadow when it has been made very clear, (and you can see at the bottom of this article) that the one who covered S1 and S2 (me) is not the same person who is covering this season.

      Shadow is covering Season 3 in my place because I am on hiatus this summer. She is allowed to feel the way she does, and if you are displeased with that, please keep it to yourself.

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