Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid Episode 4

The Duke’s bathtub song and dance came completely out of nowhere but it absolutely cracked me up. I actually watched it twice because it was so funny.

The Duke has been getting more and more naughty. If Alice doesn’t harass him, he can’t function in life. Her sexual teases are part of his daily tea now. Also with his love for Alice growing more and more each day, he fantasizes about her in unwholesome ways quite a bit now. I guess he’s just a typical teenager haha. Though it gets questionable when he dances around the room with the scarf she made for him and sings about touching her soft wet skin during a bath. Duke you naughty boy.

Well as usual, this episode was very cute and fun. We get a short gag in the beginning with Alice acting weird and avoiding the Duke, him thinking she was made about what happened the previous night. She actually had caught a cold after falling in the lake and watching the Duke sleep from outside (kinda a scary thought!) but that was handled pretty quickly and her sexy teases came back with full force. All is right with the world.

The next part of the episode has Alice, Rob, and the Duke playing in the snow together. A very simple little scene but it was important in the sense that we see just how happy the Duke is now. I noticed it too, but he’s been more energetic compared to how he was in the first episode. He’s having snowball fights and trying new things, and he’s laughing and smiling more. It’s really nice to see and it makes me happy that he’s more positive! Of course his and Alice’s love blooming more every day helps too. Very sweet.

We also get to meet another new character this time when the Duke heads out into the blizzard to look for Alice’s earring (how romantic~). Her name is Cuff and she’s a witch. I thought with this introduction we would have some sort of hint to the Duke’s curse, but Cuff does make a pretty good point that curses made a long time ago aren’t known about. And of course it’s not like all witches are friends with each other, so it looks like the group isn’t close to figuring out the Duke’s curse. Still, we did get something pretty important when learning about Cuff’s cloak. The woman from last episode that spoke to Alice looked exactly like Cuff with the cloak and even the bone mask, so what connection does that woman have? She’s most likely a witch herself, and it just brings suspicion onto Alice and her mother.

Which again connects back to my thoughts last episode with Alice’s family having some sort of significant relationship with the Duke’s family. It’s looking pretty obvious that there must be something between them and the whole thing with the curse. Was it Alice’s mother, or someone else in her family that put the curse on him? Could Alice be part witch herself, or even a full-blooded witch? I feel like it’ll be awhile until we actually get answers, but I like that they’re slowly feeding us some hints and stuff to think about.

Cuff herself is a cute character. She started off so serious but then got more talkative, sort of tsundere-ish. Her backstory is pretty sad with both her parents being killed because of the witch hunts, and the Duke could see a little bit of himself in her with them both being feared just for being who they are. She seems like another fun addition to the group, and I can’t wait to see her friend be introduced in the show and see how they interact.

We didn’t get much on Alice’s past like I thought other than a tiny hint, but that small flashback scene of her and the Duke as children as kids was very sweet. It’s cute that he hasn’t changed since he was a kid, still calling Alice as beautiful in the snow as a snow fairy. Alice is still a mysterious character but at least we know that she truly does love the Duke, even if the whole witch thing is suspicious. We still don’t know that much about witches themselves so with Cuff and her friend, it’ll be great to learn more about them and maybe get more hints.

Simple and cute as usual, I’m glad I have a feel good show to come back to each week.


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