Merry Christmas! In August! Of course this episode would have been way more fitting if this aired in the winter but it was still a nice episode regardless.

This was mainly a very lighthearted and fun episode. Cuff and Zain come over to help decorate the mansion for the Christmas party, and the girls decorate the tree and the boys everywhere else. The Duke convinces Zain to tell Cuff his feelings for her, which was really adorable and she was actually awake for it. Viola buys a gift for Rob and eventually comes over, and after the whole weird situation with Walter, though very funny because of how innocent Cuff is, everyone had fun and it was cute! We even got a Christmas insert song with the whole cast singing and it was so cute. I feel like that’s the main word I can describe this show as: cute!

Walter barges in after he follows Viola to the Duke’s home, using this chance to see how his brother is doing. His second-born complex is a little much and is basically a meme, but I do have to feel for him. Really thinking about his situation and hearing him describe it, it really is pretty tough. Walter is in this weird position where it looks like he’ll be able to inherit the family title but there’s still this looming threat of his brother possibly breaking the curse and coming back home to take what’s his, leaving Walter with nothing. So all the preparation and hard work would all be for nothing. Of course it’s easier for him to blame this situation on his brother, when really it’s not one person’s fault. You want to blame someone, blame the witch for putting the curse on him in the first place. So taking things into action, Walter has placed this little competition between himself and his brother where the person who finds out how to break the curse will inherit the family name. The Duke accepting that challenge at least shows that he acknowledges his brother, and honestly having another person try to figure this curse out is a good thing. Hopefully the two brothers will come to terms with their awkward family situation.

Speaking of, I’m still not sure what to make of the mother. She continues to show that cold and strict side of herself, standing in a dark room and scolding Viola over her clothes. I did feel a little bad that she sat alone at the dinner table on Christmas, though. Though it says a lot that Viola would rather spend Christmas somewhere else than with her own mother. Sure part of the reason was to give Rob her present, but she did want to party. This family is just all kinds of awkward.

The rest of the episode again was very cute and fun, great comedic timing and all that. The end with the Duke and Alice in the snow, and seeing that last bit of the flashback was incredibly heartwarming. It was also so nice that they played out the scene from last week where the Duke felt suicidal laying there in the snow. It’s gone from hating his miserable life and wishing for death, to having a warmer life with fun, friends, a Christmas party, and making the vow to continue living. Together with Alice. I love these two, I love them!!!!!

Other than that, not much else to say this episode. It was fun and sweet, and this would have been a nice episode on actual Christmas day but I’ll take it at the end of August~


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  1. Vance

    I know you dropped Bokutachi no Remake, Berry, but I just want to tell you that Episode 8 pulled the show in a different direction and took it away from the power fantasy shenanigans we kept seeing. I don’t know if the show will make an effort to make the last 3rd of the show good, but I can say that Episode 8 was refreshing and a step in the right direction.

    1. Berry

      I haven’t been keeping up with Bokutachi no Remake ever since I dropped my coverage. I’m going to wait until the show ends before I decide going back to it. I sure hope that the last third of the show turns it around!

      1. Vance

        Have you gotten started with Kageki Shoujo!! yet, Berry? It’s great, and I still think it’s the anime of the season.

        1. Berry

          I haven’t yet! I’ve got a break from work for a little bit so I might just catch up to it.

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