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So, in this Drama CD, Finnis and Fran were cleaning Cardia’s room while she’s out. Fran accidently found a letter written by Cardia. When Finnis read it, the recipient of the letter is addressed as “to you who I love” and the more Finnis read the content, he freaked out. And so, during lunch (while Cardia is still out), Finnis revealed the letter to the rest of the guys (minus Delly). He went into his siscon mode, accusing the other guys of being a traitor (looks like there’s unspoken rule between the guys not to hit on Cardia as they please or something. lol) and emphasized his position as a little brother whose duty is to make sure that no strange man deceiving his big sister. Simply put, he’s pretty much saying that he’ll kill any guy under the pretext of protecting his sister. When Impey declared he’ll make Cardia happy like they were lovers, Finnis immediately prepared his knives. 😀

Of course, the guys didn’t take this well, telling Finnis that putting aside the fact that one of them being a traitor, there shouldn’t be any problem between them if Cardia is the one who do the confession. However, none of the guys could refute the possibility of them being confessed to by Cardia as they have an idea of their own actions that could make Cardia fall for them. Knowing this, obviously, angered the little bro immediately deemed them as dangerous people for his sister, which they retorted that Finnis himself could be the recipient since Cardia also loved him. Finnis insisted that the traitor is one of them, going as far as hiring Sholmes to investigate the letter, much to Lupin’s dismay. Van even noted how much Finnis doesn’t want his sister to be taken away from him. That’s some cute sister complex you have, Finnis! XD

To investigate, Sholmes has the guys come in pair for “interrogation”. This interrogation is one of the funniest part of this Drama CD. Lupin & Van were the first to be interrogated. Sholmes’ read out the content of the letter and noticed a notable phrase “ever since the day you stole my heart”. When it comes to stealing, obviously Lupin is the only guy associated with that word. But Sholmes also found the phrase “I’ve been saved by your strength”. When it comes to power and strength, Van is the strongest amongst the guys. This resulted with both Lupin and Van accusing at each other for being the prime suspect.

Impey & Saint were the second to be interrogated. Here, the poor Impey was being ganged up by both Sholmes and Saint. The latter, in particular, tried to misled Impey into making a confession by pointing out how Impey likes to hit on Cardia on daily basis and in the letter there’s a phrase of “you make smile” that they believed accurately described the engineer. Impey, being the loveable idiot he is, got swept into their flow and dramatically almost confess his “crime” before he realized what’s going on, much to both Saint and Sholmes’ amusement (and mine). Lol XD

Fran & Finnis were the last pair to be interrogated. Finnis has reservations with being interrogated since he was the one who hired Sholmes in the first place. Sholmes countered that as a detective, it’s normal to suspect the accuser or the founder first. Unlike the previous two interrogations, Fran and Finnis only recount how they found the letter while cleaning Cardia’s room. It’s very too bad that they didn’t do much in this interrogation. I had expected for comical outburst, especially from Finnis’ part due to his siscon. (^v^)

After hearing the whole story, Sholmes decide to find proof by directly inspecting Cardia’s room. After the inspection, Sholmes revealed that Cardia has written many other letters addressed to everyone she loved that expressed her gratitude. The letter that Fran and Finnis found was an incomplete letter that is still in the middle of writing. Everyone was touched by this and felt bad for finding the letter. Finnis decided to write back a letter for her without her knowing so she’ll be surprised when she found it, and the rest also agreed to his idea and decided how to address the recipient, Cardia, as: to you who I love. Aww…they’re SO SWEET! (^////^)

Out of all the Code:Realize Drama CDs that I have and found, this one is my personal favorite. It mixed comedy and drama properly. The main star of this Drama CD is Finnis, who entertained me with his sister complex. I like Finnis even more after hearing this Drama CD. And, even though Cardia didn’t appear, to know that she wrote many gratitude letters while addressing her friends as the one whom she loves is undoubtedly cute, showing another reason why Cardia is one of the best otome game protagonists of all times. In my opinion at least. (^w^)

The letdown of this Drama CD are: First is Finnis & Fran interrogation, lacking compared to the other two interrogations as I mentioned before. And second is the absent of Delly. I’d like to hear his reaction too, that would’ve been interesting.


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