Now, I admit, this fight would be pretty fun to watch… if I cared for what was happening anymore. It is visually appealing at times, but it just ends up feeling pretty hollow as with 90% of this series due to the build up being rather poor and underwhelming. But I’ve been saying this for the past several episodes so I’ll just leave it at that.

The battle rages on as Negamon evolves into a bigger state and starts reaching into the real world. While it looks terrifying, it’s not showing us just what it’s doing in the real world and what the repercussions of getting close to them are. One can assume that it was erasing things, but from what it showed us, it was just there? It was weird, it didn’t give me the same sense of urgency like with Nidhoggmon and Millenniumon. Though at this point, I felt pretty indifferent to everything that was happening. I feel like I would have cared more if there was more connection with the human world. The two were heavily connected in the early parts of the series, but then it kind of got forgotten in a sense. In the original series, we felt more of an urgency to protect the real world because we actually got to get to know the parents of the kids and their circumstances.

Also, we never got to see Taichi and Hikari’s mom’s reaction to Hikari just being gone??? Like, I’m sure she would be FREAKED OUT that BOTH her children are now missing??? Does she not care??? Nor does Hikari and Taichi seem to care about the potential distress they could have put their mother in??? My gosh, the more I think about it, the more problems I’m finding with this series…

This fight literally felt like just a combination of the Nidhoggmon and Millenniumon fights. Nothing about it felt particularly individual about the fight and the situations just didn’t interest me at all since I’ve seen this all before. Angels came out to help the fighting along with the “less important kids” being taken hostage and slowly being broken down, like with Millenniumon. All the eyes and red dots along the body just like Nidhoggmon and Eyesmon. Another recycled situation that just makes the writing feel incredibly lazy. Though I will admit I am quite biased to the design choice for Negamon as I do really like anything that remotely looks like Pride from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood lol. And I do actually appreciate its fighting style of actually attacking physically rather than JUST laser beams. Which is always a welcomed change.

Because of Taichi and Yamato’s bravery, it inspires the others to keep fighting along with the people back in the real world. Also can we just talk about how do all of those people even know someone’s fighting against that thing??? There were small snippets of them flash here and there, but not really enough to show that they were fighting. This isn’t like the movie where it was showing what was going on on the internet where people can watch. It definitely feels like they were trying to spark the same feeling from that moment but I just don’t buy it.

Literally the only thing that sparked my interest in this episode was the darkness within Seraphimon and Ophanimon were addressed. While I feel like they could have been utilized more, I did like to see that they were helping them since I am a sucker of past antagonistic characters come back to help the protagonists to fight a mutual enemy. Even if their help was a little vague. But I will admit it was a nice little surprise amongst the plethora of indifference I experienced in this episode.

Now, the Omegamon evolution would have been SUPER epic with the crests of Light and Hope gathering everyone’s… hope, if not for the fact… we already saw him earlier in the series. If only they didn’t have him appear so early on, this evolution would have felt more satisfying. It almost felt as if we saw a spoiler thus the impact was lessened because we already knew about it.

This episode was lackluster as always considering I do not care for the events due to the lack of build up. Omegamon is here holding the hope of everyone in both worlds despite certain things not making any sense. In any case, onto the final battle in the extra episode they had the audacity to give us. I feel so numb to this series now, I don’t even have it in me to be mad or exasperated anymore.


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