This episode was an absolute RIOT. I honestly had to pause the episode so many times through out because I was just dying of laughter. This definitely felt similar to the vacation episode back in season 1, where it acts as a buffer in between arcs. It’s pretty clear that this essentially just the calm before the storm. However, I will not turn down an opportunity to see these dummies cause so much chaos together because it always such a joy.

We are treated to our favorite idol trifecta being invited out as essentially a packaged deal to this Friend’s Day 24-hour charity program. And right from the get go are just thrown into utter chaos when the producers of Friends Day has all of them gathered in a house to make a theme song in 24 hours. This whole thing just felt incredibly silly and I couldn’t help but laugh at the sheer absurdity of having all twelve of these freaking dummies gathered under one roof and causing all sorts of chaos. But I think the one that made me laugh the most during this even was Tenn. Especially when the poor guy couldn’t drop his “angel” image since the cameras were on them 24/7. When he turned around all sparkly to address Riku’s question, I legit died. I was like: This boy is gonna die. Especially since he’s surrounded by so many instigators of chaos and he can only smile at them and be “the perfect little angel.” Also it just felt weird to see him so bubbly and sweet lol. And him just sparkling every time he turned around Red Light Green Light was just.. Tenn please lol. But the part I think had me just howling with laughter was when he was assigned to be background music. For some reason, my brain just malfunctioned and I forgot what BGM was. When I found out what it stood for, it just made the scene all the more funny. You could tell the guy was already reaching his limit lol.

Because these losers couldn’t help themselves, they ended up causing a lot of trouble for their managers who had to ask the camera crew to cut so many of their conversations out. And when Okazaki begged for a bunch of cuts for Re:vale, I lost it at that one guy who was like “I used to like Re:vale” with the straightest face. Drunk conversations can be very amusing… but then it becomes a problem when they start talking about things that shouldn’t be made public XD. They’re all so dumb, I love them. Tsumugi even had to ninja into the house and confiscate all the booze and replaced it with tumeric. The managers have to deal with so much with their chaotic boys lol.

Also Sogo drunkenly laughing at Ryu talking was so stupidly adorable. Drunk Sogo is both adorable and a menace lol.

While Iori tried to get the all on track by focusing on making the theme song since they were down to 21 hours now, it literally feels impossible to get all 12 of these dumb boys on the same page as they kept derailing the conversation. And I absolutely died at the part where Iori is like “Can any of you hear me over there?” and you just see his pointer. The comedic timing and calm delivery just ended me. I like how he didn’t even scold Tamaki for getting distracted and just pointed him out as a product of them going off topic lol. I live for comedically distressed Iori lol.

Unfortunately for Iori, the producers thought his idea was boring and just gave them means to continue being chaotic and pushing the theme song creating process aside… again. At first it looked like they were going to do another round of chaotic King’s Game, but it looks like they were just drawing lots to decide who was doing what. Was slightly disappointed because I’m sure a King’s Game between all of these boys would be nothing but wonderfully chaotic. But all of the groups formed for different chores were just as chaotic so I’ll let it slide. Especially since each group was probably the absolute worst at what they were assigned. Well, everyone except for Background Music lol.

But poor Tamaki. I actually felt really bad for him getting so spooked the entire time.

Also, why the heck was there a GHOST involved???? And apparently Riku can talk to ghosts??? And everyone is okay with this??? What is this plot line???? While I don’t like it when supernatural elements get introduced into realistic settings, I do admit I laughed really hard when the ghost went into the bathroom and spooked Iori and Gaku. I dunno, the whole thing with the ghost and Riku being able to communicate with it just felt really weird and came too out of left field for me to properly enjoy. I’m just sitting here like: WHY????

While I didn’t particularly enjoy the supernatural element introduced into this episode, I do like that it gave Background Music a reason to carry out his duty. As soon as Riku commented that the ghost wanted someone to sing one of Zero’s songs, I was like: Time for BGM to do his job. And man, it felt extremely foreboding how everyone started commenting how Tenn sounded good solo. Especially back in season 2, Kujou brought up how Tenn will shine brightest on his own and be the one to surpass Zero.

Despite the hilarity that ensued in this episode, I still couldn’t shake this feeling of worry in the back of my mind. We all know this is just the calm chaos before the storm considering what happened to Trigger hasn’t happened yet. Despite my laughter and tears, I still felt apprehensive and just couldn’t drop my guard. Not to mention, with the knowledge of what we know is going to happen, Riku’s words of how there may never be another day like this where Idolish7, Trigger and Re:vale are gathered together felt incredibly foreboding. This may be the last time we see our wonderful trifecta of idols be so happy and carefree like this fore a while…

Speaking of foreboding… Re:vale has finally patched things up between them officially with Yuki apologizing to Momo for being too harsh with him and that he actually does really care about him. And it was really cute how Okazaki was silently rooting for him. Ugh, the more I watch Okazaki, the more I love him. He’s just so cute and supportive. Though I did snort at his comment of being able to say it to a “person” this time lolololol. However, some dark clouds are looming overhead. With how Momo settled things with Ryo, Ryo seems to be taking steps to make things harder on him from this point on. Especially with pulling out everyone from Tsukumo that helped with Friends Day in the past. This was definitely something that Momo was working to avoid since he knew how much power Ryo had, which is why he was trying to curry favor with him. However, with how Ryo was, it probably was inevitable that this would happen. But man, the soundtrack that accompanied the moment of realization was so eerie. It definitely did its job for the scene.

I am also progressively getting more and more worried about Iori’s mindset. While I noted that he and Kujou were essentially foils for one another with how they want to make their idols the very best that no one ever was, it was also brought to my attention that how he never wanted to let Idolish7 die was actually quite similar to how Kujou must have initially felt about Zero. What’s more worrying was that his way of thinking was also starting to mirror that of Yaotome Sr. Both had hoped that the bigger group would drop out so that their group could take the spotlight instead and that WORRIES me. I know Iori means well, but when his mindset starts to mirror that of rather shady people, I’m concerned for where Iori is headed. He’s still displaying his bad habit of not telling others what he’s thinking, which ultimately got him in trouble during the performance where he missed his cue all the way back in season 1. If this keeps happening, he may end up causing more trouble than good, especially if it conflicts with everyone else’s feelings. He needs someone to help set him straight. Someone, help this boy! He’s starting to veer onto a dark path! DX

This episode was definitely a well needed breather after the Yamato drama and seeing what unfolded in the first Re:vale’s backstory. However, I’m pretty sure everyone watching this episode couldn’t shake off the feeling of something bad just looming over the horizon. Though I still enjoyed the hilarity and chaos that ensued in this episode where the dumb boys can be… well, dumb boys lol. It was almost like those fun Vibrato episodes where we just watched the boys do cute and fun things together. But with some foreboding things hanging overhead for what is to come. This was an absolute joy of an episode, even though there are things that made me VERY concerned. Glances over at Iori


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  1. I found it weird too that they suddenly put supernatural element but what surprise me more is how everyone were chill about the fact that Riku can see ghosts

    1. Shadow

      For real. I was literally like: Why is everyone okay with this???? Is this normal????

  2. Bunnytama

    I think that the reason why riku can see ghosts is because, a believe says that people who are closer to death, have more affinity with ghosts

    1. Shadow

      DANG. That went so dark XD.

    2. Berry

      I’ve actually heard that too, and that just makes me so sad for Riku. T_T

    3. Eva

      Way to throw us into the sea of feels again! XD

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