We finally get to see the inbetweens during the bits and pieces we saw of this flashback back in season 2 from how Momo came into contact with Banri and Yuki and just what Banri and Momo were thinking during this time. And while this episode felt a bit faster paced, it still did a decent job getting everything it wanted to across.

There is a lot to unpack in that letter scene. First there’s Momo who was probably at one of the lowest points of his life. For an athlete, an injury is probably one of the worst things that could happen to them. Not to mention that Momo seemed to be on the path to being a professional. So it makes sense that he would have been incredibly down if not soul crushed by the entire thing. And if it weren’t for Yuki’s song, who knows where Momo’s emotional and mental state would have been left. But it didn’t end there. Momo’s feelings of gratitude probably touched Yuki to the point of giving him what he longed for from someone who had heard his music. And this was the song that was probably closest to Yuki as well with his whole thing of wishing he could tinker with it forever. There were a lot of feelings that were put into this song and for it to actually save someone would have brought anyone to tears if someone sent a message like that to them. But I also think it says a lot that Yuki of all people actually cried. This had to be the most genuine and heart-warming praise Yuki had ever received for one of his songs.

Momo’s words even inspired Yuki to try harder with his music since Banri pointed out that Yuki didn’t seem to know what he was striving to do in the first place. Though from how he phrased things during his break down scene last episode, I kind of figured he wanted to be able to touch people emotionally through his songs. And now that he’s had a taste of how his music could potentially help someone, I don’t blame the guy for wanting to put even more into his music if it meant it could touch someone in that way. Yuki doesn’t know how to properly interact with someone or convey his feelings in a way where it could be easily understood. But with music, Yuki can allow his feelings to reach others, allowing him to connect with others in that way. It’s a good first step and he also seems to actually be a little more sociable during this part of the flashback. With him actually smiling and joking around with Banri now. They legit seem more like friends now than they did in the previous episode.

Also can I just say how cute it is that Momo put a peach sticker on his letter? Way to be on brand lol.

It was hilarious how Banri and Yuki’s first impression of Momo was when he came on stage and beat the crap out of guys trying to mess with them. And then proceeded to call him “Mad Dog” in their heads after that mess lol. Their faces upon witnessing the violence was priceless. But man, Momo sure has Sogo running for his money for his fanboy crown with how much of a fanboy he is when interacting with Banri and Yuki initially. We also get to see Momo’s true name: Momose Sunohara. Is it important? Not really. But it’s a nice little detail especially since we didn’t know his and Yuki’s actual names until now.

It’s sad to see that Banri and Yuki’s passions started to fall out of step with one another. While Yuki’s passion for music grew, Banri began finding more joy in the behind the scenes work. Momo’s letter essentially became the symbol for Yuki’s start of his new music journey and the symbol for the end of Banri’s music journey. While Yuki found new inspiration to continue pursuing music, Banri felt satisfied with what he had accomplished. And while the fans didn’t catch on to this, Kujou seemed to. We already knew from last season that Kujou had tried to recruit Re:vale before or more specifically Yuki. Even back then, Kujou wanted to create an idol that would surpass Zero and saw great potential in Yuki. Even going as far as to tell Banri that he was holding Yuki back. I’m sure that must have hurt to hear someone say that, but I think Banri knew that he was right to an extent since their levels of passions were matching up anymore. However, that doesn’t mean he would let Yuki go with Kujou considering he was being shady as he usually is. Especially since Kujou would try and mold Yuki in how HE sees a great idol would be, not what Yuki himself would want. Which would probably stunt Yuki’s passions as an idol rather than flourish.

Considering that he most likely tried to drop a light on him. Even if it was never proven to be him, it most likely was him. Especially when he tried and force Yuki to come under his agency in return for helping Banri. While I don’t necessarily agree with Banri just dropping off the map from Yuki’s perspective, especially with how much Banri meant to him and helped him. I at least understand why he did it so that Yuki wouldn’t feel indebted to follow Kujou because of the accident. And while it was good that Banri prevented Yuki from going with Kujou, I feel like he put too much stock into Yuki being able to pull forward without him. Thankfully Momo was there for him, but Banri’s actions could have caused Yuki to just give up on all hope. So I’m a bit torn on Banri’s decisions, even if Yuki ended up all right in the end. Also Kujou looks TERRIBLE with long hair.

It also explains Banri’s concern for the guys in i7 during their outdoor concert during the storm. Since he knows first hand how easily it is for people to get hurt during even a minor malfunction.

Thankfully good boy Okazaki made a much better impression than Kujou. Being from a new and small agency, Re:vale probably could relate to them more since they also started from the ground up. Which would prove successful later on considering Re:vale seems to be flourishing under Okazaki Productions and have good relations with them.

Man, during that confrontation between Momo and Yuki, I love how Troyca depicted Yuki’s emotions. They did an excellent job in showing just how hurt, angry and powerless he felt at that moment. Not to mention how Troyca continues to just kill it with visual storytelling and symbolism by having Yuki constantly in the dark during this time and Momo in the light. And when Yuki finally relented and opened the door, he allowed the light to finally shine on him and the initially dark room he had holed himself up in was being brightly lit. Momo was his light, the one who was able to bring the light back into his life. Makes sense that these two were the ones to ultimately bring Yamato into the light as well.

When Momo was talking about why he didn’t want Re:vale to end, I didn’t realize it stemmed beyond him liking their group. And while it may seem a bit selfish, if the ones who inspired him were to fall, where would that leave him? He had his dream crumble before his eyes and he didn’t want Re:vale to suffer the same fate. He was desperate to keep the ones who inspired him to keep moving forward from collapsing, begging him on his hands and knees to not give up. And just like his words in his letter, the words he spoke to Yuki in that moment struck a cord with him. Thus the rebirth of a new Re:vale.

We come back to the present with Momo still trying to talk things out with Ryo. But it looks like he had gotten bored and started playing with the fossil kit Momo got for him. The man obviously stopped trying to understand what Momo was trying to get across to him. He even tried to twist Momo’s feelings about Banri into getting him to work for him again. However, this time Momo didn’t budge. It is interesting to see that Momo still holds complicated feelings with Banri after all this time. On one hand, he’s afraid that Banri might come back and reclaim his place as the original Re:vale. And then on the other, he wants to be able to see Banri come back to music one day. However, I’m sure that both of those things aren’t going to happen considering Banri is content with where he is currently. His feelings are contradictory, but sometimes those types of feelings happen all the time. You want one thing, but you also want the opposite.

In the end, Momo finally gives up trying to reason with Ryo because it was just a losing battle from the start. And I have to commend Momo for finally cutting ties with him and walking away, never intending to come back. Which could also put Re:vale in a difficult situation with Tsukumo Productions since Momo was the one who was handling relations with them. However, dealing with a psychopath like Ryo just isn’t worth the time and energy. Especially since he couldn’t understand anything Momo was trying to convey. Though I couldn’t help but feel extremely wary over the fact that Ryo comments how he doesn’t like idols before stomping his fossil into pieces. Why you delving into the world of idols then, my dude???

But oh my gosh… Yuki really came ready with a bat LOL. He really was prepared to get violent if it called for it. This guy lolololol. I love you Yuki XD. Clearly, Momo has been underestimating how much Yuki cares about him. This man was about to go in there with a bat if it meant saving him from Ryo. Not to mention, he mentioned earlier on in the series that he’s never put in so much work for someone before. Not even Banri. And I did mistake him cleaning Yamato’s dad’s cars for Banri. He was actually doing it for Momo. These two essentially saved each other when they were at their lowest. There’s no way that the bond they forged with each other would break so easily.  I’m glad that their falling out didn’t last too long and they were able to patch things up fairly quickly once they finally got on the same wavelength. Thankfully in the end, Yuki didn’t try to forcefully pin Momo down to prevent him from seeing Ryo. Instead, he waited patiently and was willing to jump in if he needed help. What a guy. It was also really sweet of him to offer to sing Your Incomplete Selves with Momo one day. To which I’m guessing it will be remade into the song t (w) o… since I noticed it had a similar melody in the game. But I could be completely wrong on that.

Speaking of falling out of step, it seems as if Riku and Iori may be experiencing a bit of a disconnect on their views on Idolish7’s future. After hearing Banri’s side of the story, Riku seems to be more accepting of Idolish7 ending eventually while Iori refuses to let them end. Which is an interesting switch up because typically, Iori is the one being logical while Riku acts and speaks from an emotional standpoint. However, in this case, Iori believing Idolish7 to never end is incredibly unrealistic and optimistic. At face value, it does seem like Riku is giving up too early, but it’s honestly something that happens to all groups. There is not one group that stays together and at the top of the game forever.

And while Iori’s expectations of Idolish7 going on forever is too idealistic, I think there’s something more to it. We’ve been seeing some change going on in Iori lately and this sentiment could be linking back to him feeling anxious about being left behind. As I said in the previous post, Iori previously didn’t have a passion. He didn’t feel attached to anything in particular where he could give it his all and enjoy himself. That is until becoming a part of Idolish7. He found his dream within this group and in turn doesn’t want to ever give it up. Because if Idolish7 ends, what else does Iori have to turn to? I think his view of the situation is representing his age. He can’t quite see beyond Idolish7 in his life even though I’m sure he has a lot of potential for other things down the line. Like being a manager. However, if you’ve looked up the lyrics to his character song, he states that he’s seen himself in a monochrome world until joining Idolish7. His solo song breaks my heart. Not to mention his song is literally about his dream for the future. So it probably has a lot to do with this current character arc of his.

This episode did feel a little rushed, but I feel like keeping it to only two episodes was the right move. If it went on to three episodes, it would start to feel as if it was overstaying its welcome. I’m glad that we got to see both Banri and Momo’s sides of the backstory and it feels like I’ve come to understand them a little better as characters while also making me like Yuki a lot more. It’s hard to say how this will ultimately fit with this season’s narrative, but I have faith that Idolish7 will deliver in it being incredibly meaningful in one way or another… wait. Oh my gosh… sudden endings… This is totally a lead up to when Trigger falls. Gosh dang it… EVERYTHING IS CONNECTING. Yes, I literally had this epiphany while writing this. The main theme of this episode is literally not letting a dream end…WHELP. Idolish7 you’ve done it again without me realizing it.


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