WOW. What an episode!! There’s so much to unpack! Shall we begin?

With Yukimaru safe on board the knights’ ship, everyone decides that heading for a port named Chaouen. Since everyone is now a fugitive for not heading back to Goblin Island, they need to be careful about where they show their faces.

The group makes it safely to Chaouen and Yukimaru is seen to by a doctor. Thankfully the doctor is able to stop Yukimaru’s bleeding and our badass samurai will eventually make a full recovery.

Shitan’s behavior this episode was a real pissoff. Initially I thought that he was jealous of Fena taking care of Yukimaru, but as the episode progressed he unloaded everything he’d been keeping bottled up onto his comrades.

We already knew that Shitan is protective of Yukimaru. The guy literally took up the bow to protect Yukimaru from behind. So on some level I imagine that part of Shitan is jealous that, with Fena back in the picture, Yukimaru’s full attention is on Fena. Yukimaru’s less concerned with Shitan protecting him because Yukimaru will protect Fena. If Shitan wants to continue protecting Yukimaru then he’ll have to come to terms with knowing he’ll be saving Fena’s life by proxy if he saves Yukimaru, therefore Shitan can’t hate Fena because hesitating in the future might result in Yukimaru get hurt (or worse).

Second is Shitan’s frustration from feeling like that for the second time in ten years, Yukimaru is seriously injured because of Fena. In a flashback sequence we see that Shitan was present on Goblin Island when Yukimaru was brought to the island from the Hope. Yukimaru was the only survivor and he was very badly injured.

Yukimaru recovered and started a new life on Goblin Island. It turned out he’s a studious fighter who learned fast and quickly surpassed Shitan. We learn that yeah Shitan took up the bow to protect Yukimaru, but initially Shitan chose to use one of Makaba’s “damaged” bows because the bow was considered a reject – just like Shitan felt he was.

Pointing out the obvious, Yukimaru was only hurt the first time because Abel was on the Hope killing everyone because he’s a twisted psychopath. That’s not Fena’s fault. She didn’t ask for her father to die, to be cast off by Yukimaru, or anything else that followed afterwards. She was just a child and was helpless in that whole situation.

Third is Shitan’s devout belief that Fena is indeed a witch. This sentiment is blind though because even if it’s true, the Goblin Knights have only Yukihisa’s word to go by. He’s the one who told Shitan that Fena was a witch. But why does Yukihisa think that? Is there any proof?

We learn that Yukihisa is so convinced that Fena is a witch that part of Shitan’s orders are to kill Fena if he has proof that she’s bewitched Yukimaru and put him under her spell. Obviously Yukimaru loves her so his devotion to her is due to that, not because Fena’s a witch.

Yukihisa also makes a reference to someone we now know is Abel: a man so taken by Fena’s mother’s charms that she drove him insane. Gotta appreciate how Yukihisa thinks every man’s downfall is due to a female, not because they’re, say, psychotic or stupid.   /eyeroll

I felt so bad for Fena when she overheard Shitan call her a witch. Even if she is one, it’s not like she can help who she is. She didn’t ask to be born. She didn’t ask to be involved with Eden, or lose her father over said mysterious place. Furthermore, Shitan chalking every kind action from his friends towards Fena is also extremely stupid and frustrating, and it does them all a great disservice. Treating the knights like they’re slaved to Fena because “she’s a witch” takes away their free will and would mean that no one could ever do or say anything nice to Fena lest they be accused of being “under her spell.” Shitan’s being dumb.

I know Fena and Shitan eventually more or less make up on the cliffside, but I still don’t fully trust him. I suspect Fena doesn’t either, or at least I hope she doesn’t. This is someone who sold the knights out to their boss and to Kei, and potentially put Fena at risk.

But the best part of this episode? That freaking talk between Yukimaru and Fena, of course. As I was watching the episode I thought to myself, this is the first episode where we see Yukimaru vulnerable. His guard is down, his mask is off. First when he’s injured and then again during his talk with Fena. No furrowed eyebrows, no lips pulled taut, no harsh words. Only a smack to Fena’s head (and there’s a good reason for it).

Even though Yukimaru didn’t say the words “I love you” to Fena, he basically freaking did. All men should love their partners like Yukimaru loves Fena. The guy said he’ll follow her and protect her wherever she does; whether she stops to rest or travels with the knights, he will always be by her side. And did you catch the loving look on his face when he awoke to see Fena sleeping on his legs? That’s literally the MOST open he has been all goddamn season. Turns out the guy’s normal after all.  ;3

I also noted that this episode was the first time Yukimaru willingly touched Fena and didn’t lose his cool. You know, the guy who blushed when Shitan asked if he loved Fena and dashed 20 feet away when she simply touched his hand. /gasp  Whaddaya know!  (Am I the only one who notices and thinks about this stuff? Yes? Ok I’ll be in my corner fangirling…)

Now, I imagine there’s going to be a showdown with Yukihisa and/or Kei at some point. There has to be because all of the knights are now fugitives. So maybe Fena can’t travel with the knights for forever. But for awhile – until they get to Eden, at least. Oh man Fena better not die at the end…

Fena’s face and collapse after Yukimaru’s beautiful vow and kiss on her hand was basically my degree of fangirling after that scene. xD  Hot damn was this week’s episode worth the wait!

Lastly, the most intriguing detail of the episode came at the veeeery end. If you pay close attention to the bird that lands on Abel’s balcony, we see that it has a message strapped to its leg. Who could Abel be communicating with?

This is my theory and I’m calling it now: Yukihisa is in secret communication with Abel about how and where to find Fena. Maybe everyone will be meeting up at the hidden coordinates from Fena’s clear stone: the Goblin Knights and Fena, Kei, Abel, and the band of female pirates. Showdown time! Fight to the death!

But seriously. If the Goblin Knights are supposed to be finding Eden, and Fena is supposedly the key (along with the coordinates), then she’ll stay with the knights and lead them to Eden. The pirates know the coordinates because they stole them from the Goblin Knights, and that means Abel likely knows them too if he got them from Grace and her girls. Shitan also reported the coordinates to Yukihisa after everyone swam clear from the cave, so Yukihisa knows how to get to Eden, which will also mean that Kei knows too. And if Yukihisa’s talking to Abel then Abel will know the coordinates thanks to Yukihisa – if he didn’t already get them from the pirates. It’s all so twisted but it would make sense.

Yukimaru dropped a line about having promised Franz that he would take Fena to Eden, so one way or another Yukimaru and Fena are going to Eden. I’m so curious about what will happen once the knights make it to Eden! Maybe Fena’s gonna break out some bomb-ass new power and do away with Abel once and for all?

After the beautiful music in this episode, I really, really hope there’s a soundtrack made available for the public to buy. I think I said that already but this episode makes me want a copy that much more badly. Fingers crossed!

P.S – Hope you enjoy the extra pictures in this week’s gallery! The animation in Kaizoku Oujo is SO GODDAMN AMAZING and the scene between Yukimaru and Fena had me fangirling so much that I just couldn’t keep the gallery capped at 20 images this week. ;D  (Shitan standing at the bow of the ship at night! Those sunsets! Fena and Yukimaru standing on the cliff overlooking the town! OMGGG  /dies )