Did they really have to translate those lyrics that way? They couldn’t have gone with “kitty-cat” instead to make the song way less weird?! Damn it, and it was such a beautiful scene too. Dx

Duke and Alice’s love for each other grows stronger every day, but their future may not be as concrete as we wish it could be. First of all, it was really nice to see Alice’s mother finally and she was adorable. She had a bubbly personality and was loved by many, and Alice seemed to be extremely close to her. In fact we got a lot of flashbacks this episode, which was pretty nice, though the episode did feel a little disjointed as it bounced back and forth from different things a little too much.

Especially with the little Cuff and Zain story in the beginning. It was really cute and all, but it didn’t really have to do with anything else and maybe wasted a little bit of time. Viola does make a good point, though.

I think the one part I liked the most was getting Rob’s perspective of the whole situation with the Duke. Rob is an integral part of the group but we haven’t really seen his side of things, so it’s great to see that in the beginning he was actually apprehensive of his task of caring for the Duke. Not because he was afraid of his curse, but simply because he didn’t know how to raise a child. Which is completely understandable, and even more so when this particular child has a terrifying curse. I never really thought of it until I saw the flashback, but Rob is basically like a parent for the Duke. The Duke was sent away from his home at such a young age with no contact from his own parents whatsoever, the only person he had at his side was Rob. Rob was there to see him grow from a child to a teenager, seeing his childlike innocence forming into rebellion and suicidal depression, and anxiety. It’s not an easy job for anyone, but Duke can basically call Rob his father at this point because he’s been there for him throughout this whole thing. And I’m so glad the show really brought that into attention because it may not be something you’d really think about since the show is always focusing on the romance and relationship between Duke and Alice. The whole father/son thing felt even more obvious when Duke excitedly ran over to Rob to show him the scarf and mittens Alice had knitted for him. It was exactly like a child showing their parent something cool or random, and there was an innocence to it that was so cute and sweet. And Duke looking out for Rob to not smoke so much, looking after him and all that. I thought it was a great addition to the already wonderful bonds these characters have.

While Duke and Alice love each other, there is a truth that the Duke may not see. The heir of a prominent family falling in love with their maid is a plot issue we’ve seen before, but when the characters have been developed as well as these two I still enjoy it! It really is sad that Alice knows they will inevitably separate if he were to ever break his curse and return to his family, but knowing her place she doesn’t want to come in between him and his family. Probably because she loved her mother so much and appreciates family bonds, she doesn’t want the Duke to break his when he has his family there for him. If his mother will really take him back, I don’t really know but we’ll see. And even if such a sad separation is to happen, at least the Duke will be happy not to be cursed anymore. It really is such a crummy situation, something that pains Alice.

I think it’s interesting that the Duke says he’ll make peace with his mother when he breaks the curse and returns home. I was really interested in how he would answer Alice’s question of how he felt about his mother since that was something I was dying to know. I’m surprised there isn’t at least a little bit of resentment towards her, though not having strong feelings about her either way isn’t exactly positive either. She still did abandon her son to live with Rob in a mansion, separated from pretty much everyone. He lived a lonely and miserable life until Alice arrived, but the only reason Alice entered his life was because of Rob, not because of his mother. She’s never reached out to him this entire time, not to ask how he was doing or anything. Sure you can say she did once with sending Duke’s old “friend” over to the mansion in episode one but honestly? It’s messed up that she’s never shown herself in front of him ever since, sad as well. Again I say like I do each week, but I’m dying to get to know the mother. There’s only two episodes left, just please give us something!

The connection between Duke and Alice’s families shows itself again when Rob mentioned Alice’s feelings were like fate, and we saw Sharon and someone in the same clothes as Duke together. I do remember in the earlier episodes where they mentioned that Sharon had shared a dance with Duke’s grandfather, so I’m assuming that’s him with her. Now…were they romantic? Or were they just friends? It can go either way but ehhhh if it was romantic between them then it sort of makes Alice and Duke’s relationship a little weird. 😐 Please don’t make it weird…

This was a very good, though a little disjointed, episode. There’s so many things I still want to know, so little time we have left. I’m so invested, I need to know more about these two families! Also I hope to see the witches again, and the next episode’s title makes me think we will.


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