Finally, Sonny Boy feels like it’s returning to something resembling a plot.

The star of this week’s episode is an unnamed girl who’s a friend of Nozomi’s. Because I can’t find mention of her name anywhere, I’m going to call her Girl. Interestingly enough, the two girls can still communicate with their smartphones. The signal travels all through space-time to connect the two phones. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, I just feel like it’s an odd mechanic to leave in considering the students are drifting between worlds through space-time. ^^;  I guess with everything else that’s happened in Sonny Boy why not, ne?

Anyways, Girl has the superpower of being able to read people’s thoughts. When the other students were disclosing what their powers were, she lied and said that her power was to make a coin stick to her forehead. Girl lied because she knows that if she reveals her real superpower then people would likely want to stop being around her for fear of her knowing all their secrets.

Aside from her superpower, Girl’s other big secret is that she has a crush on Asakaze. Yes she is aware that Asakaze has fallen for Nozomi, but Girl continues to pine after him anyways. Girl’s interactions with Asakaze are bittersweet because she knows that he’s sometimes not a nice person, plus she can hear his thoughts and feelings about Nozomi, but she continues to fantasize about the day Asakaze will turn to her for comfort anyways.

So there’s a couple of love triangles at play here. We have Asakaze-Nozomi-Nagara plus Asakaze-Nozomi-Girl. Asakaze’s thoughts reveal to Girl that he suspects she likes him, but he rebuffs her because he has feelings for Nozomi.

The character known as The Voice (is he also God?) summons Ms. Aki and Asakaze to ask the latter to kill War. I think this was a flashback sequence but Sonny Boy doesn’t always differentiate between present and flashbacks very well, so I’m a little unsure. The Voice wants War to die so that “death” will be created in the world. No one’s been able to do this yet, but I’m assuming this is why Ms. Aki’s been building Asakaze up, telling him that he’s superior to everyone else and that he can do things no one else can: She and The Voice want Asakaze to kill War.

So Asakaze’s going to go with Ms. Aki to the world where War is, and he asks Girl to go with him. Knowing that Asakaze wants to see Nozomi again, Girl asks Nozomi to meet her at a bustling train station. From there Girl and Nozomi travel to meet up with Asakaze (with Nozomi only joining the grouop because Girl coerces her to), and they join Ms. Aki to travel together to War’s world. 

When the quartet arrive they set off to find War. War’s world is barren and desolate, looking to be comprised of nothing but rocks and dead trees. There is a gorge cut through the world so large that I can’t accurately describe it. There’s a thin line of something red at the bottom (water? Blood?), but the bottom of the gorge is so far away that it’s impossible to tell what the red really is.

The situation takes a sudden turn when Ms. Aki reveals to everyone that she knows of Girl’s ability to read people’s minds. Nozomi is not fazed by this revelation but Asakaze is horrified, realizing in an instant that Girl knows about his feelings for Nozomi.

Asakaze and Nozomi have an argument with Girl watching from the the sidelines. Nozomi reveals that she could never date Asakaze because she doesn’t respect him. She points out that Asakaze’s gotten full of himself and decided his own worth based on what others have said about him. This jab causes Asakaze to instantly deflate and he admits that Nozomi is a far stronger person than he is because he couldn’t acknowledge himself as a person, only his superpower. But he’s turning over a new leaf – no more of that shit.

It seems a little odd to me that Asakaze’s entire personality up until this point is suddenly transformed from one short conversation with his love interest. It feels rather anticlimactic. So does that mean Asakaze’s no longer going to be helping Ms. Aki or allowing himself to be brainwashed by her large chest?

Nozomi says that she’ll be leaving the world they’re in, but she’ll help him defeat War first because she knows he’s the only person who can finish this task assigned to him.

Nozomi has a line about accepting her own fate even if means she ends up dead, and this has some potential foreshadowing for near the end of the episode. I won’t spoil it here but suffice to say I didn’t see the twist coming at all!

Meanwhile as Girl and Nozomi are traveling with Asakaze and Ms. Aki, Nagara has remained on the island with Yamabiko, Mizuho and her cats. They’re trying to figure out the details of how the cats’ copying ability works, and also if it’s due to Mizuho’s superpower that everyone is still unable to return home.

There are a few things I didn’t understand about this episode. Was the empty shell of a man on War’s world actually War himself? If yes, why did he look empty and like wind was rushing by his body? How did Asakaze use his power to make the guy disappear? Did Asakaze become unable to use his superpower at will because of the conversation he had with Nozomi, and like acknowledging himself beyond the definition of his superpower means he can’t use it anymore? What does the random gun symbolize? Ugh I hate metaphorical stuff sometimes because I’m slow and don’t always pick up on it.  /pout

Sonny Boy’s still a trip but with only two episodes left, I’m mostly just concerned with a) what’s going to happen between Nagara and Nozomi, and b) whether the students are going to be able to return home. If there’s some bullshit cliffhanger ending, I’m going to be really choked. ಠ_ಠ