After standing on the incomplete bridge built meant to connect the City to Satellite for god knows how long, (I mean the sun freaking rose by the time we got back to them) Godwin finally gave Yusei some information on the Dark Signers. But frankly speaking, most of what he said is old news and was not particularly helpful whatsoever. He liked to preach about Yusei being the one to connect the two cities again, to which Yusei counters with what we were all thinking, ‘Cut the crap and just do it yourself!’, but to nobody’s surprise, Godwin already has the most predictable excuses. He refuses to evacuate the citizens of Satellite because if there are no targets there, the Dark Signers will then attack the City. Man that left such a bad taste in my mouth. From the very first episode, we know how much the citizens of Satellite have been discriminated and given absolutely no support. The worst part about this is probably the fact Godwin already knew their impending doom was coming, and yet he claims setting up the Fortune Cup to awaken the Signers is the best he could do. Yeah, sure, whatever dude.

So since Godwin is a discriminatory piece of shit who would rather sacrifice Satellite for the greater good of protecting the City, Yusei has no choice but to deal with the Dark Signers as quickly as he can. The biggest problem as he mentioned, is that the fifth Crimson Signer has yet to reveal themselves, and without knowing when they will finally show up, there is certainly a reason for him to be concerned. They simply cannot afford to wait.

However there was a very important bit of information in conversation, which revealed a bit of how Satellite fell into ruin in the first place. It tragedy happened 17 Years ago, when the very first version of Moment was built deep below the Kaiba Corporation in Satellite. The purpose of Moment was to produces positive energy for prosperity, however due impatience, the Moment Investigation and Development Sections (MIDS) turned on the first version when its control system was still incomplete. The result of that decision was a catastrophic one, as instead of spinning “positive”, it spun “negative”, resulting the destruction of Satellite, leaving behind an impoverished city of ruins we see today.

Curiously, Godwin claimed the Original Moment spun negative because it was reacting to the weakened seal on Dark Signers and the Gates to the Underworld. This was considered the first warning that the Dark Signers were coming back, and the 5000 years battle is fated to take place in their lifetime. That’s why Godwin set up the Fortune Cup, to awaken the suspected Signers so that they can carry out their role to guard and seal the Gates to the underworld. Should they fail, the world will become Hell itself.

And speaking ominous forebodings, we saw how Rua was having a prophetic nightmare of five dragons  (one of them looking awfully like her brother’s Power Tool Dragon- albeit, not quite the same but I digress,) battling the Dark Signers’ monsters. Of course Fairy Dragon is being dragged off into trouble. (And a quick reminder: Rua has yet to obtain Fairy Dragon’s card, as it is still in possession of another.)

With the impending doom of Satellite, we are introduced to a new character, Crow. He is another one of Yusei’s and Jack’s childhood friends from Satellite. He certainly came off as a cocky character when dealing with the cops, brazenly running through the sensors and cheekily thanking them for bringing his ride over to secure his escape after his heist. However once he is done with the job, we can see he has a softer side of him, revealing the precious goods (cards of course) he steals are for the children to keep them out of trouble. It is his protecting them as, as he is constantly reminding them to be good and steer clear of attracting unwanted attention from security, or else they will end up looking like him with Criminal Markers all over his face.

Crow has also shown us that like Yusei, he built his D-Wheel himself, which explains the nifty security feature he had installed on it and the signature wings. We got to see him duel twice, once solo and a tag-duel with Yusei against the cops to show off their bonds and Blackfeathers deck along with Crow’s trusty ace: Blackfeather Armor Wing.

Meanwhile Jack’s side, to nobody’s surprise, Mikage and Ushio were able to track him down fairly quickly, as they showed up at Carly’s door, Mikage accusing her for kidnapping the guy. Sheesh. That’s what she got out of the footage of the duel between Possessed!Ushio and Jack/Carly? Lady, please. Needless to say, I thought it was hilarious how Carly was so entertained by the development, making her own assumption that Mikage is Jack’s girlfriend and that she has found herself in a love triangle. While Mikage is certainly not in a relationship with Jack by any means, it’s been made clear that she does have feelings for him. Unfortunately for her, Jack doesn’t seem to notice or pay any mind to it, much less interested in being involved with her. He isn’t exactly wrong when he says that they don’t know him. I highly doubt he had spoken much of anything about his past growing up in Satellite, especially since at one point, it was something wanted to leave behind.

The reason why I say “one-point” because we quickly come to learn Jack regrets his actions. After having lost everything, he has come to realize how foolish he was to have thrown everything away, and forget who he was in the process. We saw how he sought out a tower in hopes to see Satellite from the City, but unfortunately he couldn’t.

But while Jack still has his inflated ego to work on, the fact he acknowledging his foolishness is a big step in the right direction. And now that the truth of his origins have been exposed, Jack has the chance to begin anew as his true self. He was given hope and validation that he can start over, first through a child who recognized him while they were at the theme park. The boy didn’t care that everyone called Jack a liar, he is his biggest fan and will continue to root for him to reclaim the King’s title once more. (Through this, we actually got to see Jack’s soft side, as even though he didn’t smile, he did give a kid a sweet headpat). The second was Carly, who spoke as a second voice, giving him a nudge of encouragement that since he finally realized what keeps him going, he should start over again. And honestly Carly summed it up perfectly: “The old Jack died in his battle against Yusei, the real Jack Atlas starts his life now.”

And you have to give Carly credit when it’s due. She is a smart girl, so when Jack refused to cooperate with her when she is trying to help him out, she decided to play his embarrassment card, which did the trick. After successfully getting him to agree, she helped him again, first getting him a disguise so that he wouldn’t attract attention to himself, and then guiding him through the city. Even though Jack has been living there for two years, you can see how much he was coddled by Godwin and Mikage, given that he didn’t realize he needed to get a ticket to use the monorail. Additionally, while Carly was trying to find a way to open him up so she could interview him, she soon realized just how much Jack was hurting. So even though it will get her into trouble for work, she didn’t push him for an interview. It does appear though that Jack has warmed up to her a little bit as he seeing that he comfortable enough with hanging out with her some more.

That’s all for this month. The next YGO 5D’s Entry: Wednesday, October 20th! See you then!


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