Finally, the return of Isekai Shokudou! True to its name, the restaurant from another world immediately served another eye-catching menu that the guests enjoyed. Of course, I have prepared my own foods to enjoy while watching this episode.

The episode already opened with delicious food porn even though the foods were still in progress, it’s already looked yummy! The guest of the week is an adventurer named Hilda who ended up at the restaurant when she was in the middle of her goblin hunt quest. Like all first-timer, she’s obviously shocked upon finding the restaurant. Not only that, she found many of the foods in the menu were enough to order with her pocket money (it only cost a few coppers) while in her hometown it costs gold coins to buy. Furthermore, she loves cheese, but never once she tried it as a dessert.

Adding to her shock was seeing Tatsugoro and Artorius in flesh, eating at the restaurant. To be able to eat at the same place as those famous people and enjoyed the same luxury was an incredible experience for the adventurer. Hilda’s expression and thought were exactly the same as I am whenever I tried delicious foods. And the opening menu for the first episode is none other than my favorite dessert, Souffle Cheesecake! Those softness! Those sweetness! I could never forget that lovely taste, when the cheese melted in my mouth! If only I have a bottomless stomach, I could eat as much as I want! (^w^)

Once the shop closed, our Master Chef served his two workers Fried Rice and Curry Rice for their hard work. I’m very picky when it comes to fried rice and I can only eat mild curry rice. Nevertheless, I wish I could just go into the restaurant and have a bite of those foods myself! My stomach was aching from just watching all those foods! When serving his workers, Master made a slip of tongue, revealing that he learned to make fried rice when he worked part-time at a Chinese restaurant for two years in high-school, but of course neither Aletta nor Kuro understood and just stopped the subject as they’re more eager to eat (who wouldn’t after seeing such yummy food?). As usual, Aletta, in particular, was very detailed in describing how the food taste. Seriously, is she trying to make me drool? XD

Back home, seeing Sarah fell asleep on her desk, Aletta decided to prepare breakfast for her the next day, which consisted of bread with melted cheese and corn pattage. Sarah who wasn’t even fond of sweet foods couldn’t beat the tastiness of corn pattage and happily devour them along with her bread that added more taste to it. Once tasting delicious food, of course you’d want more, and Sarah was no exception. She was ready to have another serving of corn pattage, only to stop herself when she saw how Aletta was on the verge of disappointment for having her favorite food eaten.

Being the kind older sis she is, Sarah gave in and let Aletta have the last of the corn pattage. In return, Aletta gave her favorite cutlet meat sandwich after seeing how she was in reverie thinking of eating her sandwich right at that moment rather than waiting for lunch. Seeing Aletta and Sarah like this brought smile to my face. Like many people said: Foods will taste better when you eat it with someone else, especially with the ones you love.

The first episode was enough to make my stomach felt full from seeing so much food porn. Both the opening and ending songs and visuals were to my liking as well. It’s very fitting for the atmosphere of the show. After watching and reading serious stories lately, a simple fantasy story where everyone just relax, enjoying their meals is a perfect refresher for me.


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  1. zztop

    There’s actually another series out there very similar to Isekai Shokudou, called Isekai Izakaya Nobu. The premise is the same, except that the restaurant is an izakaya selling beer and Japanese-style pub food, the owners are a young male chef and waitress, and the fantasy world is low-fantasy (medieval humans only).

    Nobu got an anime too, but unfortunately only as a series of shorts tied to a live action food-tourism TV series (it was produced by a Japanese-govt-backed tourism initiative).

    1. Kazanova

      Yeah, I already followed the manga since last year. Of course, similarly, reading the manga made my foods more enjoyable! Especially when it showed my favorite Japanese foods. (^_^)

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