After Rengoku’s episode, we’re now getting into where the movie actually starts. And I think there were some cuts because some scenes just happen and I don’t remember them being so sudden, like the part with them falling asleep. I could have sworn there was a scene that led up to that? Also the very beginning scene from the movie was taken out and that was a good few minutes. I wonder how much more they’ll cut, because I’m not sure it’ll span to 6 more episodes but we’ll see. Anyways, pretty much everything else in the episode was taken from the movie so this was all familiar for me.

We see our ragtag of boys as they hop on the train and find Rengoku, very loudly eating his bento boxes from the grandmother and granddaughter. Again, that makes me happy. Also watching this I feel like they added some extra “Umai!” there. The umai was so important that they just had to add more and emphasize how delicious those bento were. They did look pretty tasty. Either way, they meet with Rengoku and tell him about their mission to help him, and while Tanjiro doesn’t get any answers about the Hinokami Kagura, he at least gets along with Rengoku easily. Actually, ALL of them get along with him and it’s my favorite thing from this arc. After dealing with a demon in the train basically on his own, the boys basically fall in love with him and the Big Bro Rengoku part was so funny. Also I just think it’s cute that Inosuke got just as happy and excited as the others considering he only cared about his own strength, so it says a lot that he looks up to Rengoku so much so quickly. I’ll have a lot to say about Inosuke later on in fact. Also as always I just have to marvel at the animation looking simply amazing. Watching this in the theaters was fun for that alone. It’ll be fun to watch all the actions scenes again.

With Muzan giving him this last chance, Enmu is making his move. Everyone on the train, as well as our main characters, fall into a deep slumber thanks to him and the conductor that helped him. The kids that got a lot of focus at the end of the first episode show up, and frankly it’s so sad to see these kids having to help him. Enmu mentions going after their spiritual core, and with the kids tying themselves to them they have a job to do.

Aww man…Tanjiro’s dream is just going to kill me again. With Enmu’s dream power, it makes sense that he would put then in a dream where they can be happy. And for Tanjiro, of course it’s a dream where he’s with his family. Ugh, the moment he ran to hug his siblings while crying messes me up every time and yet this isn’t even the most emotional part. And Tanjiro’s actual body crying as well! T~T As usual, the family feels are gonna get me bad.

Not much else to say about this episode. This was a set up for things to come with the deep slumber, Enmu’s ability, and the boys meeting up with Rengoku. A decent start before the action begins. It’ll be fun to see what new cuts they included in this version, and while there are certain moments that I hope they can kind of expand upon, I know there’s only so much time. If it’s in the most crucial scenes, then that’s fine by me. I feel like it’ll mostly be for the actions scenes though. Oh well.


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  1. Kazanova

    I’ve heard there’ll be additional scenes, but never a mention about any scene from the movie being cut in the series version. It’s too bad in a way. Nevertheless, I’m still happy to watch Infinity Train Arc as a series, and with a cool opening at that!

    1. Berry

      I’m not sure if I’m remembering things right since it’s been months since I’ve seen the movie (and my memory is poop). So, don’t take everything I say as fact lol
      And yes, the opening is great!

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